What’s The Average Cost To Board Dogs Per Day?

For one night, a dog boarding kennel is likely to charge you anything between $30 and $50. This implies that many pet owners spend about $40. If you’re using the boarding kennel for a week, be ready to pay anything around $150. For a month, the prices are upwards of $500. Generally speaking, getting the best dog board option depends on what you want personally and what your area provides. The following presents the figure details:

The Cost Of Boarding A Dog
National Average$ 40
Minimum$ 25
Maximum$ 85
AverageBetween $30 and $50

It always happens, even to the best of pet parents. Sometimes, we need to go to work or be out of town, and no one is there to look after and take care of the dog. If you get an affordable dog boarding place whose staff is trained for the job, you can rest peacefully knowing that your dog will get the attention and care it needs. Stick around to learn more about dog boarding prices and every other essential detail.

Dog Boarding: All The Nitty-Gritty Details

Most dog board kennels give their customers special rates. For example, they could be talking about 5, 10, or 20-day stays and give you up to 50% off. The good thing is that whichever your budget is, you can’t fail to get a boarding kennel you can afford:

Rates Charged By Dog Boards
Length Of StayAverage ChargesHigh-End Charges
1 DayBetween $18 and 31From $84
1 NightBetween $25 and $55Between $55 and $95
Five daysBetween $100 and $135Between $375 and $475
1 WeekBetween $140 and $175Between $525 and $665
One monthBetween $458 and $720Between $950 and $2600

Dog Board Costs For A Day

Averagely speaking, you’re likely to be charged anything between $18 and $29 for a day of using dog boarding services. The charge is around $3.75 for every hour that the dog stays in the shelter.

For a day, you bring the dog in the morning before you go to work. The canine is then left to play with other dogs before he rests alone in a one-dog kennel during lunch. The money also caters to the food the dog eats there. In the evening (usually before 6), you need to have picked up the dog. If not, you may be surcharged for the ‘overtime.’ If you don’t get there early enough and find the doors closed, the kennel may decide to keep your dog overnight.

Dog Board Costs For A Night

To keep your dog in a boarding place overnight, be ready to spend around $40. However, you can get places as cheap as $29 or as expensive as $80, and this will all depend on the room’s size – the one that your dog will stay in. The high-end kennels will charge between $55 and $84 as they will provide a TV, a DVD player, and a raised bed.

Dog Board Costs For A Week

As the table captures, low-to-medium budget places charge between $140 and $175 every week. The high-end ones could cost you up to $665 depending on the amenities provided and the different ‘suites’ sizes.

Dog Board Costs For A Month

If you’re a little too busy and want to keep your dog in a kennel for a month, be ready to spend. Be prepared for anything between $458 and $2600 – from a typical kennel to a high-end, luxurious one. Sometimes, some shelters will give unique daycare bouquets and packages, something like $2000 or $4000 for half a year (6 months).

Dog Board Costs For A More Than One Dog

Because of the overwhelming dog population in the world, most people own multiple dogs. If you’re among them and want to leave the dogs for a night (or more) in a boarding facility, the costs may be subsidized. I’m talking about discounted rates of between 10 and 50 % for each extra dog. If you have small dogs like the Maltese, you’re more likely to enjoy discounts than if you have medium-to-large dogs like the Rottweiler and the Akita Inu.

Dog Board Costs With Package/Bouquet Deals

You will find the discounted offers priced as follows:

5 DaysBetween $100 and $200
10 DaysBetween $175 and $250
25 DaysBetween $375 and $650
30 DaysBetween $550 and $950

If you’re a pet parent who’s always on the move, going for packages is the best investment. It will help you save the costs that come with paying for a few days all the time.

Dog Board Costs By Type

Dog Kennels

Kennels have been our focus throughout the read. For every night, you are likely to pay anything between $25 and $55. A kennel is the basic and most common boarding facility which gives water, meals, playtime, and playmates, daily walks, and a crate with hard or soft bedding for the bed to relax.

Dog Hotels

The high-end hotels provided for dogs may cost you up to $95 a night. That price is not that high for nothing: the spaces include sizeable outdoor play areas, gourmet food, online webcams, and a swimming pool. Others charge you $20 on top of other upgrade services.

Let’s put all the info into perspective by an example. The Sparta Pet Palazzo is a dog boarding facility in Texas that offers the following on an every-night basis:

The Sparta Pet Palazzo (Charges)
Room SizePlusesCosts
Ten by 7TV, leather loveseat $75
16 by 13TV, webcam, private bed$85
20 by 20TV, leather sofa, webcam$95

Dog Daycares

For a day, doggy daycares may charge you between $18 and $29, or $15 to $16 for every 4 hours (half a day). The bouquets (or packages) offered are in the range of $4000 for every six months and $7000 for 12 months (average costs). So, instead of locking your dog inside as you make your way to Target or Walmart, you should leave it to doggy daycare. But, there are other alternatives.

Dog In-home Boarding

This is yet another option to consider as you look for dog boarding services. With this alternative, you get to leave your dog in the hands (or the house) of the professional sitter until you come back. These pros charge between $15 and $50 every day, depending on their qualification and experience.

As compared to the other options, this one is better because your dog will get the love and comfort of a private home. In boarding facilities and doggy daycares, your dog will be sleeping in a tightly-locked kennel or locked place with strangers each night. If you go for this option, many of the pet sitters you want to look at are registered with Pet Sitters International or the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Dog Sitting (At Your Home)

With this option, you are required to bring a professional into your home to watch the dog. You are likely to be charged something around $70 every night and an extra $5 for every additional dog. If you’re apprehensive about leaving your dog in strange places (such as kennels and daycares), you will love this option.

Also, you can choose to leave the dog at home. If you do, ensure that someone checks in on it every couple of hours for some warmth and toilet breaks. If you go for a professional, be ready to pay around $25 for every 30-minute visit made.

Many people may feel that giving a random stranger a pass into their homes may raise security concerns. However, it is a better option than leaving your dog with other dogs since it could feel intimidated.

Some services like Trusted House Sitters are unique in terms of operation. They may not charge you for sitting the dog. However, the professional involved may ask to stay in your place for the entire time you want your dog sat.

Vet And Hospitals

The rates that these establishments offer do not seem to be different or far from what the dog boarding facilities offer. The costs are between $35 and $45 every night if the canine does not have any health issues. If the dog is sickly or has any extreme behavioral problems, you may be charged anything between $39 and $55. Many vets, animal hospitals, and infirmaries will provide dog boarding services, but they always tweak the prices. This is because the space your dog uses can also be occupied by a sick pet (which they would charge more).

Many pet parents feel comfier and more relaxed when their dogs get special attention and supervision from experienced vet clinics or animal hospital staff. Are you one of them? I bet you are.

Extra Cost Associated With Dog Boarding

Dog Board And Train Costs

With dog board and train (boarding and training), you send your dog to school for a period, and there, they get exercise and a temporary home. If you’re taking the dog for four weeks, you may be charged something like $1600, or between $500 and $1000 every week.

In those institutions, dogs learn communication and commands like drop, come, sit, stay, and other tasks like walking without pulling.

Pet Spas (Boarding With A Touch Of Grooming)

In some cases, you can leave your dog for a boarding stay and get it groomed (especially if it sheds a lot). For the services, you may be charged anything between $15 and $50. Some of the care services offered include anal gland expression, shampooing, and nail clipping.

Some kennels will charge you extra for the services, while others will include them in the package you choose. The devil, as you may know, is always in the details so ensure that you know what you’re signing up for.

Doggy Daycare For Canines With Special Needs

Some kennels that offer dog boarding services will also provide exceptional care for asocial or medically needy dogs. The cost may be between $45 and $55 per night, but the nature of the dog’s condition may tweak the figure higher or lower.

The Questions Asked

What Is The Set Price For PetSmart’s Boarding Services?

To get the actual price or the most accurate estimates, you may need to call the PetSmart outlet in your area. However, the broad national range is between $30 and $55, and it can get affected by different factors. PetSmart may give you a discount (like an extra night) if you need the dog to stay for a couple of nights. Before making any PetSmart move, ensure that you browse online to check for reviews and comments about their services.

What Is The Set Price For A 5-Day Boarding For S Dog?

Kennels will charge you anything between $100 and $125 for five days of stay. With most boarding bouquets, the professional and caregivers include dog daycare. If you want the dog to get ‘cuddly’ attention or extra play, you may be asked to pay more.

How Do I Get My Dog Ready For The Board Services?

As you prepare your dog for its stay at the kennel, ensure that you:

1. Give the dog all its necessary vaccinations and are up to date. If there is any vaccination pending, ensure that the dog gets it about seven days before it goes for boarding.

2. Prepare a list of any specific and particular guidelines and instructions you might have for the caregivers. They could be details on food portions, feeding times, medical needs or underlying issues, the number of your to-go vet, and your contact details.

3. Get some of the pet’s food and bag it up. Then, label it to ensure that it does not end up in the bowl of another canine. If a dog boarding kennel insists that they offer dog food, ask about it and determine if it is fit for your dog.

4. Ensure that the leashes are packed up.

5. Get a clear, easy-to-read name tag for the dog and fix it around the canine’s neck. Ensure that it is tough enough and cannot fall off.

6. If your dog is taking any medication, include it in the bag.

7. Avoid dropping off the dog later in the day. Go to the kennel early enough because the dog will have ample to familiarize itself with its new, temporary friends.

8. The dog’s toys should be in the bag. Ensure that you include something that smells like you because the dog will miss you!

What Is The Required Vaccination Before I Get My Dog on Board (*chuckles*)?

Your dog will need proof of Bordetella (kennel cough), Distemper, and Parvo every year. Also, it should get the Rabies shot every 1 to 3 years.

If your dog is a puppy, you need to act delicately. If the little one just received its final Parvo/Distemper round, it needs to stay ten days before it goes to boarding. With Bordetella, the pup needs to wait for about fourteen days.

Generally speaking, a pup can get the kennel cough (Bordetella) vaccine between the 6th and 6th week of age. The booster shots need to wait until the dog is between 10 and 12 weeks old. For adults, the Bordetella booster vaccines should be given either once or twice a year.

Dog My Dog Need To Be Of Some Age To Go For Boarding?

Regardless of the dog breed, many of the certified dog kennels will only accept dogs between 12 and 16 weeks old (4 months). This is because the puppies coming in will need their first adult shot rounds at 12 weeks, then at about 16 weeks.

Is There Anything Different Between Dog Boarding And Sitting?

On paper, really, there are no significant differences between the two, but the devil is in the details, especially when it comes to the attention of care and length of stay.

You can liken dog boarding services to those offered by a hotel. With boarding, the dog stays with other dogs throughout the night in a place new to them.

On the flip side, dog sitting will involve a person coming to your home to take care of your dog. You can also take your canine to the sitter’s place, where you will stop by around 2- 3 times to check up on your furry carnivorous and mammalian friend.

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