Why Does My Cat Wag Her Tail And Purr At The Same Time When I Pet Her?

Why Does My Cat Wag Her Tail And Purr At The Same Time When I Pet Her

Cats make very special companions. They’re cute, furry, smart, protective, and of course good at confronting or driving out rodents, snakes, and other invaders that may want to enter your home. Asides from all these, cats are some of the easiest pets to keep at home. They naturally have good instincts, so don’t need much …

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What Is It Like Having A Lynx As A Pet?

What Is It Like Having A Lynx As A Pet

Lynxes are medium-sized wild cats that are quite unique for their powerful, high jumps and their lovely, beautiful nature. Because of how cute these cats are, they are sometimes kept as pets. It’s quite nice and alluring to see a picture of a lynx parent posing for a picture or playing with their pet lynx …

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Can You Rent A Pet Cat? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Can You Rent A Pet Cat

Cats make very adorable pets, and they’re also cheaper to afford and maintain than most pets. Some people keep cats simply for their cute and lovable nature, while others keep them for their rodent-hunting abilities. However, adopting and raising a cat with all its troubles can be overwhelming at times. This is one reason why …

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How Long Can A Pet Cat Hold A Grudge?

Pet Cat Hold A Grudge

If you’ve never experienced your pet cat getting mad at you, then it’s either you’re very lucky or it’s only a matter of time before this reality hits you. Cats are known to be cute and loving, but these creatures can also be very cunning and sinister at times. You’ve probably seen a picture or …

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Do Cats Attack Rabbits?

Cats Attack Rabbits

As predatory animals, cats do attack rabbits. This is most likely to happen if it involves a feral feline and a wild rabbit. For cats, attacking rabbits is a mere expression of their survival instincts. If we talk about cats and rabbits living under one roof as human pets, the attacks can be play-based or …

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