How To Get A New Pet In Sumdog

To get your very first pet on Sumdog, you will need to successfully complete the Diagnostic Test that comes initially in the game. This is not a backbreaking task; it is like taking candy from a baby. After the test, you will take a skill mastering journey. Every moment you get a skill mastered on Sumdog, the pet you have will learn and earn a new trick. Before you get any other pet, you will need to ensure that your pet has learned and mastered all of its tricks. And that’s how you get a new pet after another on Sumdog.

In And Around Sumdog Pets

The pet you choose once you complete mastering a skill cannot be returned. You have to stay with it. It would help if you started by first naming it and then playing with it. Each pet you get has the capability of performing around ten tricks. At the time when this was written, Sumdog had ten pets that are at your disposal – you need to earn them and then play with them, focusing on all of their ten tricks. In total, the pet part will have a sum of 100 engagements – that is – ten pets by ten tricks. That should be engaging for any teacher, parent, or child who loves pets and educational development.

Mastering skills on Sumdog is easy – you need to use the meerkat icon, which is next to your skill chooser. Remember, this is the one and only precursor for getting your pet to learn a new trick. Once they do, you get a chance to get more pets. This means that the Sumdog House has a lot of fun and education to offer your child.

PS: It is not wrong to engage on a 3+ platform – no one will punish you for it. Let your 37-year-old self get it and enjoy it.

To see the tricks that a pet can perform, the only thing you need to do is to click on it.  The tricks will appear in colors – those that are colored are the ones that your pet has already mastered. On the other hand, those that are grey are the tricks that your pet is yet to learn.

To get your pet to perform a trick, click any of the colored buttons. In the Sumdog House, it is possible to play and have fun with each and every pet of yours. When you click on the pet you want to play with, you will see a displayed set of arrows. These arrows will help you change the pet that is being shown. 

Pets Aside – What Exactly Is Sumdog? A Sort-A Review 

Sumdog is an online service that is incredible to the core. For kids and adults who find math a hard nut to crack, this is the place to soften everything. The platform teaches math by combine concepts with very-interesting video games. Within the app o software, you will find so many activities that give children the impetus to learn math concepts and get better through practice:

On Sumdog, children access useful materials from subjects across the board. I’m talking not only about math but also spelling, reading, and writing – and that’s not all.

Sumdog has been made for kids, but it is not restricted to their usage only. For parents and teachers who want to be up-to-date with educational developments, this is it. On Sumdog, teachers have an opportunity to create an unpaid account. Then, they can add all their students to the account. As the students continue to engage on the platform, the teacher gets a chance to monitor their progress. Among others, teachers get opened up to the children’s:

1. Scores

2. Number of correct answers

3. Number of wrong answers

4. Points of weakness

These details help the teacher to attend to the children’s problems well. On the platform, teachers can create assessments, quizzes, or activities for their children. These can be done at home, and the teacher can track their progress from a remote location. 

For parents who want to get updated on how their children are progressing, Sumdog has a chance for them to sign up for free. And it’s not all that serious for the parents – Sumdog also has interesting games that parents can play there.

Student-Specific (Or Adaptive) Learning  

The most remarkable thing about Sumdog is its ability to offer what educationists call adaptive learning. This means that as the child engages on the platform, the challenges get boiled down or built up around their individual aptitude.

The questions that are offered get aligned to the curriculum, and they depend on the level of the child. A child needs to get skilled at their current level. Then, Sumdog levels up the child in that fashion. Levels are engaging in that they offer so much practice time for the children. As mentioned earlier, the Diagnostics test gets done by the child to help in calculating the ability of the child. Then, the in-platform engagements start.

Closure Of The Achievement Gap

Sumdog works its way around helping each child achieve their potential. By closing the achievement gap, Sumdog engages children so that each of their individual needs gets addressed. As motivation, children get coins with every problem they solve. It is also possible for students of one teacher to compete with those of another. This provides them with a competitive environment that is much needed to guide students through concepts. At the heart of the game lies the virtual pets, which are a sweetly-looking reward to keep the children happy and learning at the same time.

Sumdog’s Style Is Curriculum-Based 

This tool is like an injection to the teaching process that adapts well to a teacher’s planning. All the games and activities are based on critical standards and pointers from the curriculum.     

So, What’s This Diagnostics Testing Thing Like? 

This fantastic feature is of great interest to the progress of your child. If your child is using Sumdog for the first time, they will take the test. Sumdog will then place the student at the appropriate level depending on the responses given by the child.

What is more awing is that it is not a severe test or the textbook kind of examination. Sumdog takes advantage of the impressiveness of games and uses them to test the ability of the child.

Using Sumdog

At the end of this part, you (teacher) will know how to work your way around the platform. Children can play Sumdog almost immediately after landing on the platform’s website. They just need to select a skill and the activity or game to get playing. Once they do, they can practice and learn there.

Assuming that you are a teacher reading this, follow the steps given here. It will be easy to wrap your head around all the business:

1. First, Sign Up To The Platform 

It is absolutely free to join. What you take up and do is click on the official website. Once you are there, click on the relevant sign-up button. You will be needed to enter some details before completing the process.

Of the required details is the school. Sumdog’s database has a record of many schools so that you may find yours there. If not, there is no need to worry. You will enter the details of the school, such as its name and address.

2. Then, Add All The Students

After you capture the details of your school, your students will come next. Sumdog asks that you provide the following information of your students:

a) First name

b) Last name

c) Grade – this is the most crucial detail, so make sure that you enter it correctly.

If you need to see all the students who belong to a specific class, click (or select) the level in the future. This will get you opened up to the students’ progress.

3. Now, Students Can Log In To Their Accounts 

Once you added a student to your school, Sumdog created their account using their details. These are the username, school code, and password. These details are the ones that students will use to login to their accounts. Then, they can start learning and practicing on the platform.    

4. Start The Engagements – Learning And Practicing   

Since you have the students’ details, help the students to do the logging in business. Then, they will get opened up to using the platform.

Remember, you can view the entirety of their progress on your dashboard. You will know how many questions each student has attempted, the scores got, the answers got right, and those gotten wrong.

Payment Business

Sumdog has both free and paid versions. And as usual, the free version is limited, and the paid one is limitless. For you to get the paid version, you will be required by Sumdog to give a quote. Of the many, some of the perks of having a paid Sumdog account are creating assessments and activities for your students.

Final Words On Sumdog

If Sumdog isn’t the perfect way to get a child student motivated, then I don’t know what is. Your child gets the drive to learn and practice reading, writing, and maths. The game-based approach makes learning enjoyable and breaks the classroom monotony.

While getting excited because of the game, a child student gets engaged and maximizes their potential. For parents and teachers, this is a better way of monitoring the progress of your child or your student.

Breaking Down The Pupil Experience

The pupil screen is very detailed, and this section will open you up to some of the specifics in and around it. Once the pupil logs in, you will see some buttons and items on the screen. Each of these components has been expounded in this tabled section.   

No.Screen ItemPurpose
1.A log-out button that may appear purpleIt helps the student quit the app when they are done. 
2.Subject label with a start, maybe blue It shows the subject that is being taken care of at the moment.
3The training button, maybe a shade of green in colorIt helps the child to choose games that they will practice. Again, they can access the timetables and past skill revision items.
4.Choose skills, maybe in a  not-so-deep shade of blue If there is any specific skill that a child wants to practice, they can pick it from here. 
5.The Games button, maybe in a deep-beige colorThis icon helps the children to scroll across the games.
6.The Play World button – appears in a green colorIt helps the pupil choose their playing opponent. A pupil can choose between facing a robot or anyone who is logged in.
7.Play HouseIn the house, a pupil can spend the coins earned from answering correctly. They can either buy their avatar clothes or choose to decorate their home. Usually, the house gets opened outside school hours. As a teacher, you can choose to keep the place open during school hours to make the class livelier.     

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