Best Dogs For Hiking (Top 10)

Best Dogs For Hiking

Hiking can be a very fun exercise. Yet as exhilarating as it can be, it’s also a very dangerous sport. Asides from the dangerous terrains you may encounter in a hiking expedition, there’s also the risk of encountering dangers like wild animals, snakes, and so on.  This is why most folks who go on hiking …

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Best Emotional Support Dog (ESA) Registry Service In The US (Top 3 Picks)

ESA Registry Service In The US

Whether it’s helping a blind person cross a busy road, providing companionship to a lonely individual, or providing some form of support to a mentally disabled person, emotional support animals can be lifesavers at times. The most common animals used as ESAs (Emotional Support Animals) are dogs. Although these animals need no special training, they …

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Best Medication For Hyper Dogs (With Possible Side Effects)

Medication For Hyper Dogs

Dogs can be a little overprotective of their owners at times, but still, no one wants a dog that rushes to pounce on every visitor that comes to their home.  Hyper dogs can be very energetic and fun to play with, but they can equally be a constant source of mischief and trouble. Their high …

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Best Tasting Dog Foods For Human Consumption

Tasting Dog Foods For Human Consumption

A dog is a man’s best friend. They can be so loyal to the point that they would not eat food given to them by anyone else other than their owner. Well-trained dogs can eat whatever their owners eat, but some picky eaters may not want to taste a new dog food or even touch …

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How To Throw Off A Dog’s Scent (What Works, And What Doesn’t)

Dogs Scent

Dogs are masters at sniffing things out. Whether it’s a human scent, drugs, food, or other animals, dogs can detect and track it. Nature blessed these creatures with exceptional noses so they are master detectives when it comes to scents, such that almost nothing can escape their nostrils. Dogs can pick up a scent several …

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