Coolest Looking Dogs (the list)?

Before anything else, I must say this – all dogs are cool. However, people have different opinions because there are so many dogs all over the world and so many breeds. This section will focus on the coolest, most unique, and most beautiful dog breeds. Let’s take off!

Cool And Unique

I am sure you’ve thought about this, you know, the coolest dogs in the world. Maybe you’ve agreed with yourself that the best ones are the Retrievers (Golden and Labrador). Those are among the most popular dogs globally, but there’s more in the canine world.

This section is going to open you up to the coolest, most unique dogs ever. The underlying thing is that all dogs have their beauty and uniqueness. This list tries to bring the rarest breeds together, meaning that you might not meet them all out there in the streets. Take each one at a time!

1. The Catahoula Leopard Dog

In the past (and even to date), members of this breed were used for hunting pigs. This means that they have a particular level of independence, fierceness, and discipline. As family dogs, they are very protective and will meet strangers head-on if they feel like they have to.

The one thing that makes the Catahoula Leopard Dog an unmissable sight is its coat – it has many patterns and colors. Also, their eyes are piercing such that if you engage them in a moment of eye contact, you will feel like the dog knows your soul.

And if that is not all, the dogs are a fascination because they have cracked eyes. This is a situation where each eye has its own color. That’s really cool, isn’t it?

The other detail that I cannot leave out is their webbed feet (yes, like those of a duck). The feet make them one of the best swimmer dogs.

2. The Bedlington Terrier

All Terriers are unique – they are cool in some way, shape, or form. However, the Bedlington Terrier is separately unique. When you see the Bedlington Terrier for the first time, you may be confused – even stupefied. It looks like a lamb, a llama, and a dog – all at the same time. But no, it is just a Terrier.

Since it was bred, the dog has been used for hunting down vermin but is now off the job. It now works as a good show dog and can fit in families very well. And you shouldn’t be fooled but its lamb-like looks; it bears a certain level of stubbornness that you may need to tame.

You should also know that the Bedlington Terrier likes attention. I think it knows that it has a unique character and striking appearance, and with that, it keeps asking for your attention and time.

3. The Afghan Hound

If you browse through the books of canine history, you will realize that the Afghan Hounds are among the oldest dog breeds globally. As their name suggests, they came from Afghanistan before Christianity. During those times, the hound was appreciated and valued for its intelligence, speed, and endurance.

However, the one thing that makes this dog cool and unique is its silky, thick coat, whose image is a total show of magnificence. If you look at the dog, you will agree that it looks like a runway model.

The only catch to owning an Afghan Hound dog is that, like the Shiba Inu and the Maltese, it is highly independent. It is not the clingy type of dog that will ask for your attention all the time. Be ready to meet the diva in the Afghan hound every time you see it.

4. The Mudi

When you see the Mudi dog for the first time, be prepared to be astonished. For one, it has a curly and fantastically wavy coat that bears grey and black colors. That ought to get your attention.

It is an excelling herding dog that is energetic and cheerful, and no, it is not moody like its name suggests. As a capable and intelligent dog, the Mudi can take care of a large flock without sweating or bowing out.

The only unfortunate thing is that the Mudi is one of the rarest dog breeds. If you want to bump into it, you need to go to Hungary, which is its country of their nativity. It will be hard to find the dog outside Hungary because the breed does not have many dogs – just a few thousands.

5. The Lagotto Romagnolo

The name is quite exotic, don’t you think? This dog also goes by the name Italian Water Dog, and it rightfully deserves a position on this list of the coolest looking dogs. The coat of the Lagotto Romagnolo is curly and amazingly water-resistant. Once you see the dog, your hands will start to itch so much just because of wanting to cuddle the canine.

Despite having a curly coat, the Lagotto Romagnolo does not shed much. And like the Catahoula Leopard Dog, this Italian beauty is a natural, excellent swimmer that will dive into the water to take on prey or retrieve something.

6. The Puli

If you meet the Puli, you will pick out that its coat looks like dreadlocks. So, ensure that you’re out to get a canine companion and not a mop for your floor (*chuckle*). Before it becomes completely formed, the coat may take up to 48 months (four years).

You will also be awed by the fact that although the Puli looks large, it actually isn’t. It is around 30 pounds, and it is only the mop-like coat that makes it seem bigger than that.

Although the Puli’s coat is attractively distinctive, it needs a little too much care. Even the pro groomers find it challenging to ensure that the coat shines all the time.

7. The Bergamasco

This is yet another pooch whose coat is impressively unique (like that of the Puli). A joke is told that if you have this dog, you have no business getting a rug. When the dog stretches itself on the floor, you will be stupefied by its decorative looks.

This dog’s coat comes in three hair types which form flocks/mats. The one amazing this is that the flock needs about five years to reach the floor, meaning that it may grow throughout the dog’s entire life. Like the Lagotto Romagnolo, the Bergamasco’s coat does not shed, and it will be okay if given the minimum care.

8. The Borzoi

Native to Russia, these dogs were used in hunting. Also, they were used as friends and companions of the royals – the czars and their families. When you first see the dog, it will look very strange – big noses, long legs, and thin bodies. The dog looks like a badly-drawn canine, and its ‘concept’ is more like that of the peculiar Great Dane, Scooby-Doo.

Looks aside, the dog itself is graceful and dignified – these qualities get it listed here as one of the coolest looking dogs. The other noteworthy detail is that it stands at between 28 and 32 inches.

Because of their sighthound nature, they are wired to pursue any little moving thing like mice or squirrels. They may also be inclined to showing independent characters and particular stubbornness.

9. The Xoloitzcuintli (The Mexican Hairless Dog)

I am sure that you failed at pronouncing the name. If you did well, thank your Mexican gods. You can know it as the Mexican hairless dog, and as the name suggests, it lacks a fluffy coat. If you know about the Sphinx cat, you can equal that feline with his canine – that’s one reason why the dog is cool.

People who are allergic to dog hair and don’t want the stress of grooming can get this one.

10. The Pharaoh Hound

Like the Afghan runway model, this is a member of the oldest-dog club. These hounds are noted in the Egyptian hieroglyphics, meaning that they date back to ancient times in Egypt. However, they are not from Egypt – they are from Malta.

As avid hunters of rabbits, the Pharaoh hounds are beautiful sighthounds. The one thing that makes the Pharaoh hounds unique is their blushing ability. Yes, you read that just right.

When these dogs get excited, they experience a red, rosy change of color in their ears, nose, and cheeks. Also, they love smiling, and they couple that up with big, beautiful ears.

Graceful, Beautiful: The Charmer Themselves

If you ask a true, wise dog lover, they will tell you that all dogs are charming in their ways. For example, while other people think that bulldogs are ugly and look depressed, others see them as cute and lovely. But this list does not bring pit bulls to your attention.

Although a consensus has not (and can never) be reached, some breeds are considered the most beautiful. I say that agreement can never be reached because beauty is such a subjective quality that makes even the most reasonable minds disagree. To mitigate the risk of bias in such an issue, you will first go through characteristics common to beautiful breeds. After that, you will take on the most beautiful dogs. Some, like the Afghan hound, have been left out because they got captured in the other section.

You may agree with some of the selected breeds and disagree with others – and that’s not bad. If you’ve got any breeds you think are missing, you can talk to me in the comment section. Let’s see the features of beautiful dogs.

The Features

When someone says that a dog is cool or beautiful, they are usually pointing at a specific thing. But, there are common variables that people look at when they find something visually appealing, and those variations include:

1. Luxuriously Long Coats

This should be the most common detail that physically separates beautiful dogs from others. Other dog owners will aww, aha, and ooh when they see dogs with beautiful coats. Dog enthusiasts will agree that there’s just something about shiny, long, and thick hair coats.

2. An Interesting Pattern Or Color Combination

Color is one thing that influences beauty, and we know that dog coats come in different colors. Some colors make dogs stand out among the rest, you know, the ones that catch natural, unfiltered sunlight well. They include coat colors of some striped, brindle (calico breeds), blotched, and single-color dogs.

3. Spectacular Eyes

Dog lovers find these issues a bit wedgy. While some of them love blue eyes or find steely-and cold grey eyes a fascinating thing, others like yellow, brown, and other warmer colors. Other people like dogs that have different eye colors and others find that feature scary.

4. Body Lines That Run With Grace

Body shape has been a fascinating thing – many women like men with specific body shapes and the other way round. This preferential attitude is then transferred to our love for dogs, making us see some breeds as cool ones just because of their outlook. For example, someone will say that the Dogo Argentino is beautiful because of its muscular body. Still, someone else will disagree and say that they like aerodynamic shapes, such as the ones bore by whippets and greyhounds.

The Dogs Themselves: Canine Beauty

1. The Samoyed

Many dogs lack pretty coats or let’s say that they don’t have coats prettier than the one worn by the Samoyed. Its coat is dense, fluffy, and long – it was an adaptation taken up for survival in Siberia, which is their place of nativity. This coat does not usually work well in hot places and will need to be groomed regularly.

The people who live in cold places like Alaska and can budget for grooming will find these dogs loving and beautiful companions. Because they were bred to be work dogs, Samoyeds need to be kept very busy. They are receptive dogs that will accommodate everyone they meet, even strangers.

2. The Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds make it to this list because of their fluffy, multicolored coats. Although they shed heavily and need maintenance reasonably, they won’t need a lot of grooming attention.

Before you get an Australian Shepherd, ensure that you’re ready to deal with a high-energy canine. Do not leave this dog on its own because it will wreak a lot of havoc.

3. The Pomeranian

If you look at the Pomeranian, you can’t fail to smile – unless you’ve got issues with your facial muscles (no pun intended). These dogs are intensely pretty, and their coats are both attractive and dense, but maintenance needs are not that high. The other thing that makes them endearing is their personalities.

Actually, a Pomeranian dog is intelligent and learns obedience training compared to the other smaller breeders. They are very cautious of their environment and will find it difficult to relate with strangers. While the Pomeranians may be good with families, be advised to watch them closely if they are around kids.

4. The Chow Chow

This is the only dog on the list which looks like a lion. This is because the Chow Chows have mane-like fur around their heads. Their eyes are forever squinting, making them one of the cutest dogs.

Chows like to stay away from people; they don’t appreciate cuddling a lot and prefer to keep to themselves. If you let them outside, they won’t mind exploring and could get lost in their wandering. For anyone interested in getting a dog but does not have much time for it, the Chow Chow is for you to take.

5. The Poodle

When you look at the Poodle, it may come out as cute rather than beautiful. Again, beauty is subjective, and you can have it anyhow you want. Their coats are fabulous, and for someone who likes to explore grooming, you will love that the coat of a Poodle can be coiffed in many ways.

Although they have cartoonish appearances, Poodles are one of the most intelligent dogs globally. They can smell well and perform excellently in agility trails. They also love to swim and are used in therapy too. The standard types of Poodles are used as guard dogs from time to time.

6. The Saluki

Anyone who gets the opportunity to see a standing Saluki will like the view – the dog is quite attractive. However, that’s not everything – the dog bears a lot of energy in it, and it is quite fast. It is very happy when running in a park or around a big open field.

Actually, the physical features that make the dog attractive – an elegant tail, a long snout, and a lithe body – help it live its fast-paced life. The dogs are endearing and will want to snuggle with you from time to time, but there is a catch. It may be tricky to train them, and they will need to stay indoors as they have a spirit of exploration.

7. The Maltese

This dog is among the most elegant – it wears a white coat that flows and pulses when the dog steps. The dog couples that physical trait with its sweet personality to bring out a very endearing character. It has a beautiful face that you will find quite adorable.

While a Maltese dog may look cute and innocent to you, it is quite rugged and has a lot of bravery despite its tininess. The dogs are adventurous and smart to train. But, the only catch is that you will need to groom it frequently. Read more about the Maltese here.

8. The Irish Setter

Irish setters are one thing – beautiful – and no other. Their coats – which range from strawberry blonder and mahogany to red – are silky and flowing. The dogs have outgoing and fun personalities, which makes them very popular pets.

Also, they have great enthusiasm, friendliness, and sweetness. If you have them as your dogs, you need to help them stay out of trouble.

9. The Weimaraner

This breed is quite striking, and many people know it as the silver ghost, probably because of its grey coat. The Weimaraner’s look may make people feel cold, but the dog is nothing but warm. Its eyes are sympathetically warm, and they melt people’s hearts down.

If you pay attention to their frame, they will seem like a Labrador, only a more nuanced version. However and unlike Labradors, Weimaraners are quite demanding, and fresh pet parents will not like the experience of having them as their first pets.

That aside, the dogs are easy to train, smart, and are sweetly memorable. Because they have an inclination to develop bad, destructive tendencies, it is best that get lots of exercises to take care of that energy. And finally, they need frequent grooming because they shed a lot, in spite of their coats being short.

10. The Papillon

The canines are cute in ridiculous ways – Papillons smile at anyone they meet. Their eyes are sweet and coats silky. The expressions they make will make you rise above all the issues that trouble you. The one thing that makes the dogs beautiful is their tufted eyes.

While the Papillon may not be the best lap dog, it needs to be engaged to say happy. They learn impressively because of their innate intelligence, and they perform excellently at agility trails.

11. The Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu has small ears, a round head, and a dense coat – the combination any dog needs to make it to this list. If you look at them, they seem like the most snuggle-tastic animals. Dog owners feel moved to praise, love, and scratch them just by their looks. Unfortunately, not many Shiba Inus like attention – it is unlikely that they will object.

They come in different colors: tan and black, red, and the most popular being cream because of the Doge, the meme dog. Although they shed a lot, they may not need much grooming.

As the loving animals they are, Shiba Inus love being alone and so, they won’t mind if you leave them alone the whole day. Click here to know more about the Shiba Inu.

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