How To Sell Puppies On Craigslist?

Apparently, the selling of puppies is not allowed on Craigslist. The only thing you can do is rehome them and charge a small fee for that. By asking that question, I assume you know the business that goes in and around It is an aged online forum that enables users to place ads about anything.

As established, you can only post ads about rehoming your pet. Posting a ‘pet sale’ would breach the policy of the platform. Since the site has thousands of visits every day, the rehoming ad you post is likely to attract many people who can be adopters of your pet. However, it would be best to screen all the candidates you get at the end of the day. This will ensure that your furry, fancy and fantastic friend gets the right place to live. Let us now look at the moves you make when you want to ‘sell’ your puppy on Craigslist.

A Brief On Craigslist-Rehoming-Puppy Business

If you have interacted with the platform, you know that it is free for users to post ads there. It doesn’t matter whether you have an account or not – you just need to have a valid email address. The ad you prepare should be on the section of the website labeled as ‘community.’ It should also be in your city of residence or the one closest to you. Do not forget to give some pictures. Stating the rehoming fee will discourage malicious people – hoarders, dogfighting experts, and animal abusers – from getting back to you on your ad. On Craigslist, you can get a response via phone or email. Develop a set of questions that you will ask potential candidates. If you find that some adopters are giving sketchy, vague, and ambiguous answers, rule all of them out.

Once you are successful with the ad, try and visit the potential adopter’s home. If they disagree, this could be a red flag, and you should call off all engagements. If they agree, get someone to go with you to their home. While you are there, ask if the management policy allows owning pets in that specific building.

When your potential adopter checks all boxes, let the pet get to him. You can offer a proper explanation of the routine you have been using on the pup. That will help them to make the pup’s transition to the home more comfortable and manageable. To make things formal, you can get the adopter to sign a clear contract. Ensure that you keep checking with the owner to see if the pet is doing okay. Then, you can pull your ad down from Craigslist.

Selling Puppies Online – The Guide Itself

You should know that now more than ever, selling puppies is not straightforward. You may need to get some marketing involved, vetting requirements, paperwork, and deposits. Then, you may need to be an excellent salesperson to reach potential buyers persuaded to buy the puppies. They need to know that the little loved ones they will get are worth their money.

While the selling of puppies online can be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to – thanks to this guide. In this section, we have expounded on how you can go about the online selling business. This read has useful tricks and tips that can help you prepare and organize your puppies to change ownership. Read on.

The Best Online Spaces To Sell Your Puppies Online

Craigslist classified ads are not the only avenues you can use to get the puppies going. If you use pet sites and social media, word will go round quickly, and you might get a buyer sooner than expected. Here are the many platforms you can take advantage of:

1. Social Media Sites

If you are a breeder or a pet owner who needs to get a pet moving, Instagram and Facebook are the right places to start. If you have an account with a good following, you can widen your audience by sharing information about your puppies. You can actually use the platforms to start an early discussion, that is before the pups are even born. Pet enthusiasts will find it beautiful to engage with you on the same subject.


You can visit the platform and get your litter listed. Posting an ad on the forum is free, but the platform charges a bridging fee before you contact the buyers. You are given options to list how long the ad will stay up and whichever methods buyers will use to pay you. Depending on your overall need and the running time of your advertisement, there will be a variation on the plan you get.

3. (Hoobly Classifieds)

This website has dog classifieds, and it is in those spaces that you can post your litter. The only thing to do before posting the ad is signing up and registering. You will find it an easy platform to use since many sellers and breeders use it.


Like the other websites mentioned, this one allows you to post classified ads. Before you write an advertisement for your litter, you need to sign up. If you are reading this article from the UK, this is one site that you can use. People in the US don’t need to worry, though; it is slowly branching out there.


This site is beneficial when it comes to finding reputable breeders. Once you sign up, you can either get a free or a paid service. Also, they give options for annual to basic plans which have price variations.

6. American Kennel Club

The AKC Marketplace is an excellent platform for AKC breeders to sell their puppies. Getting a chance on this platform is a delightful thing; you will get to ride on AKC’s authenticity. Future pet owners who come across your pets will have peace of mind since the legitimacy and health of your puppy will be guaranteed.


For licensed breeders, this platform will work well. To save on any costs, the platform will allow you to make your advertisements for free. To make some profit for the site, they mark up the litter’s price.

Writing The Perfect, Polished, And Praiseworthy Ad

Out there today, there are very few breeders and sellers. Of that number, there is a chance that a couple of them have the same breed of puppies you want to sell. So, it would help if you looked for something that made your litter cut above the rest. To spark interest in potential buyers, you need to do a lot of presentations. Also, you need to ensure that all questions of curiosity are answered. Here are some of the areas or things you need to look at as you prepare an ad to sell puppies online.

Pictures Of The Outlook

When a seller is online looking for a particular breed, an ad with pictures is likely to draw their attention more than anything else. No buyer will like seeing puppies in an unfamiliar environment. Also, blurry photos will not be attractive to them. If the pictures you present do not have the wow and aww factors, you will likely be bypassed by another full-of-aww seller.

So, it would help if you extraordinarily did things. As you go about the photography business, you need to take pictures of the pups. If the parents are alive, you can also include them. This will help the buyer see what the litter will grow into. You should pursue an aesthetical impression at all times.

Descriptions That Communicate

While many people like to give backstories of the pup in long-form, be advised to do a concise description. You should take that time, space, and opportunity to answer the questions that people may ask. Buying anything – even pets – does not engage buyers for a long time. So, do not make your potential buyer get exhausted. Have it in mind that not many people have long attention spans. Ensure that you give details of the essential things – breed type, pedigree details, et cetera – without being overwhelming.

The one thing that can make you win a potential buyer over is individual personality. Take your time and describe the entire litter using key traits. You can take advantage of unique adjectives such as headstrong or laid-back. Pups of the same litter won’t have the same characteristics, so get various exotically familiar words to describe them. Things like registration (if the puppies have papers) are also essential to note. If you give powerful, expressive, and relevantly detailed information, you stand a chance of attracting a buyer.

Parental Information

Potential buyers will want to know the pedigree of the pups. So, mentioning and describing the parents of these animals is essential. When buyers know about the dogs’ personality and temperament, it will be easier for them to predict how the pups they buy could turn out when they grow up.

Contact Details

Missing out on this would be a bummer, considering that you got all the other things right. The primary contact method is the phone, so capture your number there. Also, add your email number. These will make the advert have a CTA for the buyer – contacting you will be the perfect call to action, right?

Guarantees In Terms Of Health

For every pup you have, you can offer or give health assurances. These kinds of guarantees show the buyer that your pet is free of any problems or diseases, meaning that they are vet checked. The buyer will get a good impression of you – they will know that you have taken the proper, required measures to ensure that the puppy is okay. Also, this helps the buyers to know if there are any immediate or foreseeable issues.

Dealing With Undeserving Buyers

If you have the right advertisement in whatever space, you should get buyers within days or a few weeks. Many will make inquiries and show interest, but only a few will be deserving. You need to be careful about the buyer you pick because they will control the rest of your litter’s life. When someone inquires about the pups, you need to identify warning signs. This will help you to make the most responsible choice for your puppy.

Owners Eith Little Experience 

This is not meant to demonize the upcoming pet parents. In fact, this is not a bloody red flag. The problem with amateur owners is that they may find it challenging to raise a puppy. The pictures you uploaded might have been the only attractive things to them.

You shouldn’t look away from a genuinely inexperienced buyer. They should actually mention to you that they have little knowledge. If you know their expectations, you will identify their level of understanding. Bring all the facts and figures to their attention to helping them finalize their puppy-adopting decision. Ensure that you ask about their lifestyles. This will help you to verify whether the novice owner is ideal for your particular breed of puppies. Offer them proper guidance before you close the deal.

Flippers And Profiteers

Flippers buy puppies to resell them – they merely profiteer and act as middlemen. This may not be the thing you want happening. The selling bears a lot of emotions, and the best-case scenario is having a pup sold to someone who will keep it.

Noticing a flipper is a little complicated, especially if they are actively hiding it. More often than not, flippers ask for you to lower the price, and their vibe will always be pushy. The flipper will pay little or no attention to the puppy itself and will want to close the deal as soon as possible.

Another strategy they use is getting to your emotions. They may talk about how much they want an ESA and can’t get it but are glad to have come across the advertisement. If you ask to visit their home, they may give you many reasons why that can’t happen. Remember that their sole goal is to get the pup and go. When you avoid flippers, you will save the future of the dog and your peace.

People Who Waste Time

Some people aren’t sure what they want but spend a lot of time looking for it. When you advertise in multiple forums, many people will call or email you. Most of these people will only ask a few questions before they mysteriously disappear as they appeared.

Unsuitable And Non-Accommodating Lifestyles

A breeder or a seller needs to know the shape and form of the lifestyles of the potential buyers. You need to know if they won’t move the pet back and forth. Rehoming dogs usually happens against the backdrop of the business of busyness. If a pet owner cannot provide space and time to engage with a pet, their lifestyles are unsuitable and non-accommodating.

When a buyer talks to you about their living situation, you should pick out if they can live with the pup. In the future, the dog may want fitness walks every day. Housing type, for example, is another thing that affects the situation. If the breed you are selling doesn’t fare well in apartments, a buyer who lives in an apartment wouldn’t be the best person to sell the pup to.

How You Can Get the Best Places For Your Puppies

1. Placing Ads Of Yet-To-Come Litters

Whether you are a reputable breeder or a pet owner, you will know if a litter of pups is on its way. Once you do, you can roll out messages saying that good things are coming. As you share the adverts, you can use pictures of their parents or the pregnant mother. Dog lovers wanting to add to their family may approach you and book a pup early.

2. Deposit Payments Before The Gestation Period Elapses

A dog lover who wants a pup with specific markings or particular sex can pay a portion of what you will sell the puppy at. This will be like a reservation fee, and the people who pay will pay for what they want. If you choose to go the way of deposits, know what the regulations in your jurisdiction allow as a deposit fee. Many breeders out there ask for anything between $200 and $500. The specific price will depend on the total cost set by the breeder.

3. Making Visit To The Prospective Buyer’s Home

Requesting a home visit can immensely put your heart at rest. This will give the ideal ambiance of the place your puppy is going to be living in. You can look at the year’s space and make observations on children and other family members and how they interact with pets.

As you do that, do not spend the entire period picking out mistakes. It would help if you offered the buyer proper education to tell him how they can improve.

4. Vet Options And Reference

When the buyer knows competent care, you will know that your puppy is in good hands. If the buyer can verify that they have taken care of current or previous pets, you will get a lot of peace. Information such as neuter, spays, and vaccinations should communicate to you that the prospective owner is willing and responsible to make the life of your puppy worthwhile.

5. Go For Contracting 

After going through the prudent steps that you’ve set, you can add an extra protection layer. This is a critical thing you need to do. For breeders, making the buyer sign a contract should tell them this: ‘If you find that you are not worthy, you must give back the pup to me.’

Since this is a little too much to ask and more on the offense, your prospective buyer may disagree. You need to explain to them patiently and clearly that you care for the puppy as much as they do. He or she should consider you as a distant relative. The document will ensure that the pup does not end up in a shelter. Also, the buyer will stay reassured that he can return the puppy without many questions. Ensure that all the terms of the pup’s return are clear. Be transparent if you don’t grant any refunds, whether partial or full.

Getting The Puppy To Its New Home

At this point, it will be assumed that you have reached an agreement with the buyer. You have already located the ideal, loving homes for the pups. Now, you need to ensure that the exchange is done without hassles. Breeders and buyers prefer that the buyer comes to pick the furry little one. Others will not mind setting up an exchange meeting or dropping the puppy at its new home.

Shipping And Meeting Dynamics

As you sell your puppy online, you need to decide whether you will involve shipping. While some of the buyers maybe a few hours away, others may be on the other side of the coast. This will bring up the issue of traveling. Remember that shipping will only involve the animal’s transportation and not yours.

There is likely to be a charge of anything between $120 to $300 to ship a puppy. The party that purchases the pup caters to the shipping costs. On the other hand, you will need to adequately and appropriately prepare the dog. As a seller or a breeder, it all goes down to your comfortability levels. If you are okay with the pup traveling, you can go for shipping regardless of the location. If you are inclined to be with the puppy, you can just use your means and deliver the furry little one. 

If you decide to go to the buyer’s home to deliver it, the buyer won’t mind, and you will have all the peace of mind that the pup will get there safely. If you choose to meet the buyer at a midpoint, tell them to get a crate to place the puppy after they get it.

The Final Words

All the tricks and tips mentioned here will guarantee a smooth transition of power between you and the buyer. Applying most or all of them will get you a genuine and caring buyer who shares your sentiments about the puppies. When you make a successful sale, your professional status will get the strength and approval it needs.

It would help if you were transparent and organized as you sell puppies online. When the processes are straightforward and stress-free, the puppy will get placed appropriately. Your business is to make sure that the puppy goes to a compatible home and will be well-bred.

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