What Grooming Saloon Do You Prefer, Petco or Petsmart

What Grooming Saloon Do You Prefer

When we talk of anything concerning household pets, there are two names you’re sure to find in the mouths of every pet-lover or pet parent in the US; Petco and Petsmart. Whether it’s an animal purchase, pet food, grooming, training or camping, these two companies are well-grounded in serving pet owners.  However, though their services …

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What Is It Like To Have A Pet Bear?

What Is It Like To Have A Pet Bear

Having animals at home as pets can be so much fun, as these creatures sometimes do the funniest things and can keep you company in times when you’re lonely. Dogs and cats are the most common household pets, but time and time again, we see people domesticate wild animals like snakes, hyenas, alligators, tigers and …

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Can You Rent A Pet Cat? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Can You Rent A Pet Cat

Cats make very adorable pets, and they’re also cheaper to afford and maintain than most pets. Some people keep cats simply for their cute and lovable nature, while others keep them for their rodent-hunting abilities. However, adopting and raising a cat with all its troubles can be overwhelming at times. This is one reason why …

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How Long Can A Pet Cat Hold A Grudge?

Pet Cat Hold A Grudge

If you’ve never experienced your pet cat getting mad at you, then it’s either you’re very lucky or it’s only a matter of time before this reality hits you. Cats are known to be cute and loving, but these creatures can also be very cunning and sinister at times. You’ve probably seen a picture or …

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Top 10 Intelligent Animals (And Some Other Notable Mentions)

Intelligent Animals

Animal intelligence is one subject that has always brought controversies. From mammals to reptiles, birds, and even sea creatures, you find so many animals with impressive mental abilities. The variations of intelligence across various animals also make it difficult to know which animal to place above the other in the ranking.  For instance, some animals …

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What Land Animal Has The Longest Tail?

Longest Tail Animals

Animals come in different sizes and shapes. Different animals are unique in their different ways, and some animals are naturally gifted in certain things more than others. Some animals have better sight, some have stronger teeth, some more speed, and so on. So too, when it comes to tails, some animals have extremely long tails, …

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What Animals Have 8 Letter Words For Their Names?

8 Letter Animals With Details

There are well over 5 million known species of animals in the world, and about a thousand more unidentified species. Each of these species has its own special characteristics, habitats, and names. Animal names are mostly related to their features, class, species, or habitat. For instance, the Nile crocodile is found in the River Nile, …

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List Of Animals That Live In Trees (With Details)

List Of Animals That Live In Trees

Animals that live in trees are usually called arboreal. Arboreal simply means “living in trees”. All arboreal creatures have a reason for their tree-loving nature. Mostly, their food comes from the trees (fruits, leaves, insects, etc.). They also have natural features that aid them to climb, swing or navigate treetops easily.  For instance, three monkeys …

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What Animal Does Oxtail Come From

What Animal Does Oxtail Come From

Oxtail is a kind of bony, rich meat, used to prepare several delicacies all over the world. It is usually slow-cooked to make stew, or it is used as a base for soups. In Italy, Oxtail is the main ingredient of the Italian dish “Coda Alla Vaccinara”, a native delicacy loved by many. Oxtail is …

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Do Animal Cells Have A Cell Wall?

Animal Cells

Every living thing is composed of cells. Whether human beings, animals, or even plants, billions and trillions of cells come together to make up the whole. Cells are mainly of two types – Prokaryotic cells, and Eukaryotic cells.  Prokaryotic cells make up micro-organisms like bacteria, while Eukaryotic cells make up plants and animals. Although plants …

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