How Much Are Bunnies At Petsmart?

Well, there is no answer to this one since Petsmart does not sell rabbits directly.  Neither does it sell dogs, puppies, cats, or kittens. What Petsmart does is to host animals that they have picked from partners, such as animal shelters and rescue organizations. What is true is that Petsmart does have rabbits, and it is not a pet store per se. This also goes for Petco, which is another pet store chain that doesn’t sell pets. You will find rabbits in individual stores together with other small mammals. 

In this article and from this point onwards, we will focus on how you can get a new rabbit from different places and people. All the options will be exhausted. In the end, you will know the overall costs of having rabbits as pets. Then, you can prepare yourself well. Before the extensive section, here is a tabulated summary of the possible expenses of pet rabbits.

ItemPossible Cost
Getting a Pet at a Pet Store$25 – $80
Getting a Pet from a Rabbit Breeder$5 – $250
Getting a Pet at an Auction or a Show$250 – $1000
Getting a Pet at an Adoption Agency$5 – $15
Maintaining a Pet Rabbit Per Year $750 – $1000
Getting a Pet Rabbit Cage$30 –  $100
Getting Rabbit Toys $5 – $10
Getting a Rabbit Litter Box$5 – $15
Getting a Pet Rabbit Groomed $20 – $200

In And Around Pet Rabbit Costs

To get a new pet may not be very friendly for your pocket, and the pet being a rabbit makes no difference in the overall cost. Before a pet rabbit is brought home, you need to meet the many associated costs. Remember that you have to pay adoption fees and other rabbit care costs such as water and food. Also, there are medical and emergency fees that need attention. Of importance is that you get prepared and know everything in and around the costs of owning a rabbit. This will help you to know if you can afford the fees.

So, how much can a pet rabbit cost you? While they are a couple of costs and fees associated with owning a rabbit, the overall costs will be to the tune of $1000 a year. This does not include the upfront fees incurred when you get the rabbit for the first time.

1. Do All Breeds Of Rabbits Have The Same Cost?

The answer is no. Like other pets, there are pet breeds which are more expensive than others. The difference comes with popularity and pedigree. You should know that there are many rabbit species, and each of them has its specific differences. If you get a purebred rabbit from a breeder, you will likely buy it at a higher price than if you choose to adopt one from a shelter. If you decide to pick a breed in great demand, such as the Lionhead or the Holland Lops, expect to pay more money.

Forget about the specific breed of the rabbit you choose. The cost of the rabbit is likely to be impacted by the place where you get the rabbit. A breeder at his breeding spot and an auctioneer at a show may charge you something around $1000. If you go to a rescue or a shelter, you can get your pet for as little as $20.

2. The Cost Of A Pet Rabbit At Petco

Sadly, Petco stopped selling rabbits after it received pushbacks from PETA. It has not done any rabbit business since 2009. If you go to any outlet of the Petco chain, you will only find rabbits that have been taken from an adoption agency. The price of the rabbit is usually set by the adoption agency bringing them in. Every weekend, Petco hosts adoption events, and during that time, rabbits sometimes appear. To see what Petco has in store for you, visit their website. This will help you know the adoptable pets that are in your area. You will get into contact with the relevant adoption agencies.

Apart from rabbits, you can get hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, mice, and ferrets from Petco.

3. The Cost Of A Pet Rabbit At Petsmart

As mentioned in the starter, Petsmart no longer sells rabbits. It has been that way since 2007. They do not sell any rabbits because they were petitioned by their supporters and PETA too.

Like Petco, Petsmart hosts events to promote the sale of animals from adoption agencies and rescue homes. Petco does not set the prices, and the relevant bodies handle that part. The events usually run every weekend. The only caveat with Petsmart is that you cannot view any affiliate agencies and adoptions online. If you can, call the Petsmart in your area to see if they have any rabbits in their adoption events. You can get other pets such as rats, guinea pigs, mice, chinchillas, and gerbils apart from rabbits.

4. The Cost Of A Pet Rabbit At Other Stores That Sell Pets (Between $25 And $80)

Depending on the store, the age and breed of the animal, and the competition, rabbits will be sold for between $25 and $30 and $70 and $80. If you are going to get baby rabbits or rare breeds, you may be asked for more money. Be advised not to get your pet rabbit from a store since the animals there are not given good care. The rabbit you get may have a background of trauma and an unhealthy background, and this may cost you more money, energy, and time to deal with fixing the rabbit. It would help if you chose between rescuing rabbits on your own or getting them from a renowned breeder. These are better options than going to a pet store since the pet stores do not have any set standards.

5. The Cost Of A Pet Rabbit From A Pet Breeder (Between $5 And $250)

Depending on the situation, a rabbit breeder is likely to charge prices within a wide range. For example, if the breeder wants to get rid of their rabbits, you can get the pet for as little as between $5 and $10, especially if the sellout is on wholesale. This is parallel to the cost you would find if you went to a pet store.

On the flip side, you will find breeders charging hundreds of dollars for a rabbit with an impressive pedigree. Rabbits that are likely to become more than pets, for example, show rabbits, are likely to cost more than the bunnies, which will remain as pets.

Remember that most breeders are individuals and do not operate like companies. So, they charge whatever price they want. This should register in your mind that the prices will greatly vary from breeder to breeder. If the breeder is a mere street vendor, you will likely pay only a couple of dollars. Whichever breeder you choose, ensure that the conditions of inbreeding are excellent. If you love quality, ensure that the breeder you choose to promote treats their bunnies well and has a great reputation.

6. The Cost Of A Pet Rabbit At An Auction Or A Show (Between $250 And $1000)

Of the many options put on this list, this is the most expensive one. The rabbits that appear on shows or auctions possibly have the best pedigrees. So, he is sold to the highest bidder, just like anything else in an auction. If there is a competition about a particular rabbit, it will surely be more priced – even too priced.

If the rabbit in question is purebred, has show experience, or comes from a strong bloodline, they are likely to be very expensive – more expensive than others that have a lower pedigree.

When show rabbits are bred, the babies that they produce are always very expensive. The babies are sold during animal events. If you go to such shows, you may pay an incredible figure of about $250. At an auction, you should expect to pay thousands of dollars to win a pedigreed or a performance rabbit.

7. The Cost Of A Pet Rabbit From An Adoption Center (Between $5 And $150)

The best and the cheapest way to get a rabbit is by adopting it. Basically, adoption will be less costly, probably less than what a desperate or very generous breeder will offer you. Also, you will get to allow a rabbit a new shot at life. As noted in the section title, adoptions can go to a surprising low of $5 in some places. Also, they can be as high as $150. Anything beyond that means that the prospective pet parent is being extorted. The figures at adoption agencies may change depending on things like vaccination and castration surgeries (spaying or neutering).

It would be brilliant if you adopted your rabbit from a rescue that had already subjected the animal to the necessary medical procedures. Apart from getting the rabbit, the rescues will offer you tonnes of advice. Also, they can sell you the resources you will need to start your parenting journey.

8. The Cost Of A Pet Rabbit Per Year (Between $750 And $1000)

To care for a rabbit, regardless of where you got it, is a huge task. While the spendings bracket stretches from $750 to $1000, it does not include the bills for emergency veterinarian care. You will be required to add more money to handle water, food, routine vet visits, litter, and insurance. Apart from the $750 – $1000, you will be required to buy toys and cages. You may also need to change these items from time to time, which is why the costs are so explosive.

9. The Cost Of A Pet Rabbit Cage (Between $30 And $100)

If you’ll go looking for a quality rabbit cage, expect to spend nothing less than $30. If you get anything cheaper than that, the item will surely have some caveats – it will either be weak or too small for your rabbit. This means that the cheaper the cage, the more miserable your rabbit’s life is going to live.

The best options are these: you can either build the cage yourself or buy a dog pen. If you choose to be a DIY handyman and execute the task, go for NIC grids as they are the best. It will cost you something between $50 and $100 to construct the entire cage. If you have more rabbits, the cage will be bigger, and thus, it will need more time to be completed.

As you construct it, you can choose to customize the shape and size of the cage. Also, you can build many levels. Whatever approach you take, ensure that you use rabbit-proof and sturdy materials. Also, ensure that the enclosure is spacious – at least 12 square feet.

10. The Cost Of Rabbit Toys (Between $5 And $10)

If you’re the creative kind of person, you may have nothing to spend on rabbit toys. Or rather, you may spend very little. Your rabbit will need toys to chew one, so get into a toy dollar store and get a ball. Also, you can comb around your backyard and see if you can find any sticks.

Since rabbit toys get ignored or chewed up, it wouldn’t make sense to spend a lot getting them.

11. The Cost Of A Rabbit Litter Box (Between $5 And $15)

These items are not very expensive, especially for rabbits, since they need a simple box that is open-top. If you have a baby rabbit, you can go for a cat’s litter box, and the cost will be between $5 and $15. If you can get a cement-mixing tray, it can work well for a large rabbit. You will also avoid the $8 to $10 cost that comes with getting a dog’s litter box.

12. The Cost Of Rabbit Grooming (Between $20 And $200)

If you would like to groom the rabbit yourself, you will only incur the initial cost of getting the grooming materials. However, it would be great if you did some research on nail and teeth trimming. To get a grooming brush and nail clippers, you will spend around $20. Strictly avoid teeth trimming at home – it should only be done in emergencies. If the situations of that kind ever come, you may be required to pay up to $200 to get your rabbit’s teeth trimmed by an expert.

Regular grooming is not that expensive – you will be charged about $15 by any groomer to get your rabbit’s nails trimmed. If you need a full groom, prepare to pay something between $40 and $50.

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