Bunnies Bite

Do Bunnies Bite?

Well, bunnies bite, and sometimes, the prick or the chaw can hurt and even bleed. Whether a bunny bite hurts or not depends on the intensity that the rabbit uses to lock its jaws. But, you have nothing to worry about. For the most part, these bites are usually soft and quiet (but not painless). …

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Bunnies Swim

Can Bunnies Swim?

I don’t know if this comes as a surprise, but yes – bunnies can swim. Actually, for many prey mammals, swimming is necessary for survival. However, it is rare to find pet rabbits swimming as many of them will prefer dry land. So, if you were planning on testing your rabbit’s swimming skills, don’t! If …

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Dwarf Bunny

Dwarf Bunny Lifespan

Averagely, the dwarf bunny lifespan is anything between 8 and 10 years, the highest bracket among all rabbit breeds. Actually, the tinier the bunny, the longer the lifespan. And to make the news better, giving good care to the rabbit can add a year or two to the average. Among the dwarf rabbit breeds, one …

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