What Animal Eats Frogs?

Animal Eats Frogs

Well, the answer to that question is a lot of animals! Frogs are often hunted by many different types of predators. We can start by looking at Humans, cats, dogs, snakes, raccoons, and birds. Frogs are high on their eating list because they make easy prey for all of these animals. It appears that anything …

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Do I Have To Tell My Landlord I Have An Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional Support Animal

There are many laws in place that protect the rights of people with disabilities. One such law is the Fair Housing Act, which protects a person from being discriminated against because of their disability status. With this protection, your landlord cannot refuse you housing because you have an emotional support animal. But what if they …

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What Animal Has the Strongest Sense of Smell?


Animal senses are a huge part of the ecosystem. There are some animals that will go to incredible lengths to stay away from those with strong smells. A strong sense of smell may not be as important as some other senses, but there is one animal who can afford to be picky about his food …

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Which Of These Animals Has Only One Ear?

Animals Has Only One Ear

An animal with a single ear is unlikely because it would not be able to hear due to the single ear. However, there are reports of some animals having a third and fourth ear that might make up for the lack of an extra ear. Many people believe that there is no such animal as …

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List Of 10 Animals That Can’t Swim

Animals That Cant Swim

Animals like dolphins, seals, and gazelles are able to swim for long distances at high speeds. This ability comes from a series of adaptations that allows them to stay afloat with a minimal streamlining in their body. How these animals maintain their buoyancy is the focus of this section. Animals have created some interesting adaptations …

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Are Insects Animals


The latest research on animals has led many to conclude that insects are not animals. New research on the development of animal embryos has revealed that insects, such as ants, ladybugs, and moths, do not develop into complete animals like mammals and birds do. This means they are not considered by scientists to be animals …

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List Of 11 Prey Animals (With Details)

Prey Animals

“Prey animals are animals that are hunted by predators.” Many prey animals have a color, pattern, or distinctive feature that helps them hide from predators. Some may even camouflage themselves to blend in with their environment. Prey animals are not always the target of hunters. Some hunt other prey, such as fish or birds, for …

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