Are Spiked Collars Safe For Dogs?

Well, before I share my opinion, let me tell you a little something about dog collars. On the market, they exist in two types, and both of them are referred to as spiked collars.

The first type is a collar with spikes that face outwards, and we can call them spikes-out collars. If you’re a fan of rock music and gothic art, you probably know about them. These spikes-out collars are SAFE for dogs. If you browse history’s pages, you will pick out that they were used in war, hunting, and guard dogs for protection. These days, the use of spikes-out collars does not serve the same ‘tough’ functions. People only get spikes-out collars for their dogs to make a fashion statement.

The other type is popularly known as the prong collar. When worn over the dog’s neck, it gives a tightening and gripping sensation – but don’t be scandalized by that. The collars are used for behavioral correction, and they have a minimal chance of injuring the dog. Actually, they are used on aggressive dogs, which would otherwise be lurking around and posing a danger to others and themselves.

If you look at the image of a prong collar, you may think it is the scariest thing to have on your dog’s neck. But no – you only need to use it properly, and it will not harm your dog. 

Since we’ve established that spiked collars are safe for dogs to a certain degree, we should look at the nitty-gritty details. The article will tell you the ins and out of the spiked dog collars and answer the questions around the subject. 

A Spiked Dog Collar: Ins And Outs

Before you move any further, take a look at this table that summarizes everything:

Spiked Dog Collars
Why You Need ThemWhat to Consider
To fix ID tagsFor the dog to rock a lookFor safety purposesAdjustabilityDurabilityComfortFunctionalityThickness  

Spiked Dog Collars: Why Do You Even Need Them?

As you have already picked out on the kicker, both types of collars have some utility value attached to them. This section will focus on the spikes-out collar and tell you three of its primary purposes. Read on:

To fix ID Tags

ID tags are essential in identifying a dog. The spiked dog collar will be the right place for you to attach the tag without falling off. When you take the canine to the vet for vaccination or a checkup, the spiked collar will help it in standing out.

Also, if your dog gets crammed with others, you will have a better chance of identifying it with little hassle. Suppose the dog were to get lost, the tag will assist you and other people in finding it. That’s why you need to have your contact information labeled on the back of the tag.

For Your Dog To Rock A Look (Oh, The Rhyme!)

When you first see the spiked collar, gothic or rock-and-roll lifestyle may come to mind. This implies that the item has a fashionable connotation. When you have your dog walking around with an eye-catching collar, people will stop and stare for a while because it will be marvelous to look at.

And there is no problem getting the collar for that reason only. I’m pretty sure you love accessorizing yourself, and you wouldn’t mind if your dog wore a stunning look.

This means that as you go shopping, you should look for a spiked collar with the best design and color. Depending on the specific dog breed, ensure that the collar you choose is stunning and practical. Since many collars are built with PU (synthetic) leather, they are easy to wash and thus more comfortable to maintain.

For Safety Purposes

History has it that safety is the main reason for fitting a spiked collar on a dog’s neck. Each spiked (spikes-out) collar has perfectly-positioned, pointed studs that are mostly metal. Because many dog predators like attacking from the neck, the collar helps to stop those efforts.

The collar has a more safety value for small dogs like the Maltese than for big ones like the Rottweiler, the Shiba Inu, the Siberian Husky, and the Great Dane. However, it doesn’t mean that big dogs shouldn’t be wearing it.

Before Making The Choice, Consider The Following Features

If you browse the market, you will pick out that the collars are available in various sizes and colors. But above those variations, you need to get the best one for your furry canine friend. Here are the features to look at before you make a choice and then the purchase:

Is The Collar Adjustable?

Collars are not tailor-made for specific dog necks, and so you need to check their size. If the collar does not fit the dog when you slip it one-time, it should be adjusted. Before you make your pick, ensure you know the size of your dog’s neck. As you approach the aisle full of dog collars, you should go for a spiked collar which is a size bigger than your dog’s neck.

Is The Collar Durable?

The longevity of a collar should make it attractive to you. Your dog will probably go playing while collared, so you need a collar that will be easy to wash.

With durability and washable-ness, the focus item should be the material. The spiked dog collar you pick should be made of high-grade material that will withstand the effects of wear and tear. Ensure that you make an excellent choice as this is a long-term investment you will make for your dog.

Is The Collar Comfortable?

Imagine walking around with a necklace that doesn’t make you feel relaxed. Or a belt. Or even a shoe. It is quite unsettling to keep up with an uncomfortable thing, so you wouldn’t want your dog to feel the same. If the pup spends a lot of time collared and leashed, you need to choose an item with soft, bearable material. Also, the dog should not be allergic to the material used to make the collar because that will make it feel not very good. Imagine sneezing all day just because you want to look cool; Nah-ah, not my dog, and indeed, not yours!

Is The Collar Functional?

If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t compromise, it’s style. While you may choose a collar based on its adjustability, durability, and comfortability, you should get something that has an appealing look. There’s no need to get an item that makes your dog look less than it is. Go with power and punch!

Is The Collar Thick?

Many people do not give thickness the attention it deserves, and yet, it is a significant feature. To make the best choice in terms of thickness and size, use your dog’s breed as a focal point. For example, if the dog is of a large breed, do not get a narrowly thin collar as it won’t cover its neck enough.

Why Spiked Collars Are Important (Boiling Things Down)

As established throughout and up to this point, a spiked dog collar is an aesthetically pleasing accessory. It is essential in terms of protecting your dog regardless of the breed.

Above all, spiked collars are essential because of their functionality, and I’ll put that to perspective. If your dog is aggressive, a spiked collar and a leash will help you keep it out of trouble. If you let your dog loose, it may cause damages that will get you in and out of court.

Also, you can prevent your furry canine friend from getting hurt by pulling its leash (which is tied to the collar). Stray and unleashed dogs are everywhere; you always need to protect your dog and the best tool to first get is a spiked collar. Here are further pointers about the collar:

An ID Tag Space

The collar should have some space for you to attach an ID tag. Obviously, the tag should have essential info about it and you if it is lost.

Leash Attachment

It would be great to have a collar with some room for you to attach the leash. It can be a ring that locks your leash, meaning that it won’t be pulling the collar back hard. With a leash attachment, you won’t need to take off the collar whenever you want to exercise the dog.

LED Lights

You may need more light during the nighttime, and that’s where the lights come in. If the spiked collar is lighted up, you won’t lose track of the dog’s movement. If you can’t find a spiked dog collar with LED lights, buy them separately and take the fixing job up as a DIY.

Don’t Be Awed By The Looks Too much

There’s more to a spiked dog collar than fashion. So, let it not be the only reason you get the collar. Go for quality, especially in terms of material.

Look For Guarantee

Whoever is selling the collar should give you a 100% guarantee that it will not fail. That will provide you with a chance to try out the item and return it if you’re not satisfied. 

Final Words

If you get a prong collar and decide to use it in the best way, you and your dog have everything to gain and nothing to lose. The item is both safe and effective, and it gives both of you a chance to connect differently. It also improves the success of dog training because it gives you, the handler, some form of control.

Remember that you want your dog to look sharp and attractive wherever it is. So, ensure that you go for a stylish item that is not only awe-inspiring but also functional. I recommend that you get a spiked collar that can fit a leash and an ID tag. If you can, spend extra on the LED lights, and they’ll work out just fine – I promise. Engage me below, will you?

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