What Animal Eats Frogs?

Animal Eats Frogs

Well, the answer to that question is a lot of animals! Frogs are often hunted by many different types of predators. We can start by looking at Humans, cats, dogs, snakes, raccoons, and birds. Frogs are high on their eating list because they make easy prey for all of these animals. It appears that anything …

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How Intelligent Are Snakes?

How Intelligent Are Snakes

Although little has been done to test the level of a snake’s intelligence, the indications are that snakes have incredible learning abilities. The slithering giants are excellent trackers – some of them have a unique knowledge of their territorial boundaries. While many may term that behavior as instinctual rather than intellectual, the discussions always boils …

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Do Snakes Have Ears?

Do Snakes Have Ears

If you’re asking about the humankind of ear, then no – snakes do not have ears. The point is that snakes do not have an ear you can see. However, that does not mean that they don’t hear; snakes do hear but not the same sounds as we do. Then again, it is wrong to …

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Do Snakes Travel In Pairs?

Do Snakes Travel In Pairs

Usually, snakes do not travel in pairs, which is contrary to popular belief. Also, snakes do not nest together. In southeast Texas, the only one time that you might see multiple snakes in a single place is during the post-hibernation mating season. You will find the couple coiling around each other in pieces of metal …

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Do Snakes Have Bones?

Do Snakes Have Bones

Of course – of course, snakes have bones. To confirm that answer, look at the classification unit that snakes fall under. Snakes are identified as reptiles, and reptiles fall under the significant category known as the vertebrates. You should know that the reason vertebrates are referred to that way is because they have a backbone. …

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Do Snakes Sleep?

Do Snakes Sleep

To answer the question in short – yes, snakes indeed do sleep. Among different people, the thought of snakes going to slumber proves blundering. Actually, it almost seems unnatural to put it in mind that snakes sleep in the same way as we do. We always sit around, look at our pet snakes, and wonder …

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What Is The Best Ball Python Substrate?

Best Ball Python Substrate

There are a couple of substrates that will serve your ball python’s enclosure well. However, the ideal one should be the one that the ball python will find appealing, comfortable, and safe. Ball pythons, as is agreed upon, require an environment with lower and ambient humidity levels. You will find safe substrates that are pocket …

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How Do Snakes Give Birth?

Snakes Give Birth

For those snakes that do give birth, the process is as impressive as it is gooey to watch. The ovoviviparous snakes (the ones that are livebearers) release the young ones from their egg sacs. You will see them get expelled like a pile of jelly-like goo. The disclaimer notice is that the sight is not …

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Do Snakes Lay Eggs?

Do Snakes Lay Eggs

This question is one that opens up an entire discussion about the reproduction style of snakes? Do they lay eggs? Yes, but there is a catch. And the but is that some snakes that lay eggs and others that don’t. What you can take away is that most snakes lay eggs. So, if most snakes …

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Which Plants Keep Snakes Away?

Which Plants Keep Snakes Away

There are many plant items out there that can get the job done, but here’s a couple of them – garlic, marigolds, skunk cabbage, lavender, mother-in-law’s tongue, and lemongrass. Others are tobacco, pink agapanthus, wormwood, witch hazel, vinegar, and the burnt leaves of rue, bay, and comfrey. Now, the list will be expounded, and each …

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