How can I acquire a pet crow?

How can I acquire a pet crow

Crows are one of the most intelligent birds (some would even argue that they are the most intelligent) on the planet. No other bird has been highly commended for its problem-solving and communication skills as crows have. These smart, unique birds can be found all over the United States, and in several other countries. Crows …

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What Does It Mean When Black Birds Gather?

Black Birds Gather

A congregation or a gathering of blackbirds generally means that they are looking for protection and food. During migration, many birds relocate, but blackbirds find their migratory strength in numbers. They engage in high cooperation levels to find food – whether in a parking lot, a backyard, or a field. Also, they stay alert to …

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Do Birds Eat Spiders?

Do Birds Eat Spiders

Well, if the bird is insectivorous, expect it to feed on spiders. These kinds of insectivorous birds include sparrows, wrens, crows, blackbirds, and bluebirds. Also, the blue tit, which is the European cousin to the chickadee, makes that list. The blue tit feeds its chicks with many spiders before the hatchlings are ready to leave …

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Birds’ Names For Kids

Birds’ names for kids

Birds are the feathery, little winged creatures that we share this beautiful earth with. As part of nature, there are symbols of transcendence, immortality, beauty, and the line connecting heaven and earth. If you’re on this read, you must be looking for bird names to use for a baby that’s coming, or not. Not to …

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Can Birds Have Fries?

Birds Have Fries

Birds can have fries – I mean – if you stick out a piece of chips near their beaks, they will break and down it. As a matter of fact, they love French fries so much, and you will find many of them flocking around a bag of these fatty snacks. But, birds shouldn’t be …

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Do Birds Snore?

Birds Snore

The most straightforward answer to this one is – maybe – all animals, including the winged creatures, can snore. However, you shouldn’t be expecting birds to produce the same buzzing like that of a human. Birds snore for different reasons, among them being their state of health and psychological makeup. A parrot owner notes that …

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Can Birds Cry?

birds cry

Yes, birds have the innate ability to cry. Many sources claim that birds don’t cry because it doesn’t happen as frequently as it does for humans. That assumption is false because birds have ducts in their eyes that secrets tears for eye hygiene. What is best to say is that birds choose not to cry, …

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