How To Get A Vet Prescription Online

To get a prescription (or diagnosis report) from a vet on the Internet, you need to find a reputable platform. The online healthcare space goes by the names of telemedicine and telehealth. In such rooms, you will get connected to a medical expert. Then, through any media (email, phone, video chat, or text), you will get a diagnosis, and the vet will give a prescription for your pet.

Traditionally, to order and get medication for your pet, you needed first to have proof of a prescription. It meant that a vet must have already checked your dog and directed that you buy this or that drug. To get a vet check meant that you needed to take a trip to the vet’s office. With the prescription, you were required to present it to a pet medicine store. There, they would seek to approve it, and once they did, the medicine would get delivered to you.

With telemedicine, however, things have changed big time. In this article, you will get opened up to all the information you need to know about online veterinary care.  

Top Vet Online Care Platforms

Let’s jump right into it! You and I know that telemedicine has transformed human healthcare and that with one phone call, you can get a diagnosis and a prescription. It is not until the other day that veterinary care pushed itself into telemedicine, much to the delight of many pet owners. 

From wherever you’re reading between these lines, this section will open you up to the top vet online care platforms. In those spaces, you can speak to a vet on behalf of your companion and get all the on-demand vet care services you need. Here are the platforms that you will look at:

1. VetLive, best for the most-extensive online services

2. PetCoach,  best for quicker-than-quick advice

3. YourFuzzy, best for pet owners in New York and Bay Area (San Francisco)

4. FirstVet, best for pet owners in the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian counties

5. Chewy, best pet pharmacy – your one-stop-shop for any and every pet medicine 

Now, why don’t we look at each of them in detail?

1. VetLive (Best For The Most-Extensive Online Services)

If there is an online vet platform that is reasonably priced, VetLive is the one. Apart from being fair to your pocket, it provides round-the-clock services, availing vets every time you need them. Other platforms will restrict their services to ‘business hours’ but VetLive won’t. The platform understands that emergency veterinary care may be sought, and that is why its doors are open all the time.

The site’s central goal is to make sure that pet owners get feedback as soon as they need it. Also, the site tries to help pet owners bypass the inconveniences that come with going for an office visit. You should know that all the vets on VetLive are experienced and licensed, guaranteeing you the exceptional service you so deserve. 

How you work your way around VetLive

First, create an account before you ask any questions. Minutes into your engagement on the platform should get you connected with a certified vet. Then, the two of you will engage in a live chat. The process is no different than the one you would have if you were engaging with a vet in person. An impressive detail you should know about the site is this: if you feel like your question has not been answered, the chat won’t cost you a dime. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If you are, stop being cheeky. You can check out their homepage and see what they can do for you. 

2. PetCoach (Best For Quicker-Than-Quick Advice)

Just like VetLive, PetCoach offers round-the-clock, on-demand care. For your pet, you can get any health and medical advice you want at the site. PetCoach has a structured forum where, as a pet owner, you can get free but non-vet advice on various health and behavioral issues of your pet. While the non-vet advice is free, you can subscribe ($9 a month) to get anything that you need to be done by a vet.

What makes PetCoach exceptional is that there are no restrictions in terms of the questions you can ask. Anyone visiting the site can seek advice from a vet or a non-vet expert about pet behavior, breed choosing, training, and grooming.

If you need to talk to a vet on PetCoach, the site will require you to fill out a form. Then it will guide you to follow up in the chat space.

How you work your way around PetCoach

At PetCoach, you can get help through any of the three primary ways, which are:

  1. Logging into the forums to engage with non-vet members
  2. Downloading the PetCoach app on your iOS or Android. There, you can chat with a veterinary expert live.
  3. Logging into the site and getting help there

The site includes a sweetly social item that changes over time. With these changes, your feed will contain information based on your interests. Unlike many other platforms, PetCoach rarely declines any pet insurance; it accepts the major types. If you feel like this is the one for you, check the forum out on their homepage and see what they can do for you.

4. YourFuzzy (Best For Pet Owners In NY And Bay Area)

The title shouldn’t scare you, and to be clear, most of the services that YourFuzzy vend work from anywhere. Perhaps, the most astonishing thing is the membership program they have. If you live in San Francisco and New York, getting a YourFuzzy subscription means that you’re viable for in-home veterinarian check-ups. Yes! YourFuzzy will send a vet your way, saving you the inconvenience of having to make an office visit.

What’s YourFuzzy all about? It’s where you go when you need products, healthcare information, and support to understand the behavior of your pet. Upon signup, you get limitless access to experts, veterinarians, and technicians – all within office hours. You can contact YourFuzzy for medicine refills and delivery, and the package will get to your doorstep as soon as possible. Also, if you need emergency services, the site is happy to help your furry animals.

How you work your way around YourFuzzy

Signing up for a yearly contract with the platform means that their variety of services will be at your disposal. A standard contract gets you two at-home vet visits. When you sign up for any contract, you will start receiving medicine to take care of fleas, heartworms, and ticks – all in the mail. Also, you can engage online with vets and techs. If you find this an attractive option to go for, visit their homepage, and have it in mind that the starting price is $50 per month.

5. FirstVet (Best For Pet Owners In The United Kingdom And The Scandinavian Countries)

This platform is yours to take if you’re European, and specifically, from the following nations: the UK, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Unlike others, the platform does not require you to make any subscription. The site offers low-priced consultation, which can help you deal with various but common pet illnesses.

Sometimes during a virtual meeting, expert vets can give prescriptions. If your case is particular, FirstVet will be happy to refer you to a specialist within your area.

How you work your way around FirstVet

As mentioned, you do not need to subscribe to get pet care services. On the site, you will be required to sign up and set your profile picture. If you want vet consultations within work hours, be ready to incur a charge of £20 or £30, depending on your geographical location. Looking at the costs, you see that you can save yourself a substantial amount of money by reaching out to FirstVet.

Before you get into the consultancy, you’ll need to fill in a description of your pet’s problem and couple that with photo and video evidence. This material will help your vet to do a pre-consultancy review, and then you will get ushered into a video chat. Here is their homepage if you need to go the FirstVet way.

5. Chewy (Best Pet Pharmacy – Your One-Stop-Shop For Any And Every Pet Medicine)

Say you’ve gotten a prescription from a vet, where do you go? Chewy, no questions asked! There are many pet medicine retailers online (including Amazon), but none is like Chewy. Most review platforms say that Chewy is the only true pet-centric megastore, and I concur with them. On the platform, there are at least 1000 brands of pet products, which means that there are probably 2500 pet products. Whoever your pet is, Chewy has something for them. Once you enter the vet prescription and pet description, you will get the medicine in at least a day. Also, there is free shipping for any purchases over $49.

How you work your way around Chewy

If you’ve ever bought anything on any eCommerce store, you will take on Chewy with little difficulty. Look up the prescription items, read their guides and reviews and if you like what you see, place them on the cart.

That said, you need to know of two outstanding features on Chewy:

1. Chewy offers round-the-clock services, where experts are available to guide you on the purchase decisions you want to make.

2. Also, online pharmacy has lots of pet drugs that you can get. Most of the drugs will need a prescription. Check out their homepage and get the drug or product you want.

Well, there you have it! With these platforms in mind, you can get a vet prescription online from the snugness of your couch. With the prescription, you can visit a pharmacy with a good reputation (such as Chewy) and get the medicine delivered to your doorstep. What you should do is upload the prescription. The store can review the document or call the vet who you consulted. Once that is done, your furry friend will have the care they need.

Top Vet Apps Available On IOS And Android 

Telemedicine has penetrated the world, and different healthcare companies have boiled down their services into mobile apps. On these apps, you can get exceptional services that equal the ones you would if you took your pet to the vet. This section will explore 20 vet apps that are available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

No.Name Of AppFree/PaidRatingReviewsDownloads
1. Merck Vet ManualFree4.610510K+
3.Veterinary Doctor: Free Offline App for VetFree3.811350K+ purchases4.0778100K+
5.Vet CalculatorFree4.61K+100K+
6.VitusVet: Pet Health Care AppFree4.816K+100K+
7.Airvet Free4.93K+10K+
9.Veterinary health recordIn-app purchases4.267110K+
10.myVCA Free4.2907100K+
11.Veterinary DictionaryFree3.5373100K+
13.Help for Vets Agrovet MarketFree4.56K+100K+
14.PetPage Free3.1374100K+
15.1-800-PetMeds Free4.813K+50K+
16.Pawprint: Pet Medical RecordsFree4.523710K+
17.PetDesk – Pet Health RemindersFree4.8149K+500K+
18.Banfield Pet HospitalFree4.729K+100K+
19.FirstVet Free4.976150K+
20. Vet Calculators Veterinary Free4.05610K+

Some of the apps listed in the table above are for vets, and I advise that you download them. With vet knowledge, you can work your way to become a non-professional expert, setting you aside as an educated pet parent. Also, the apps can give you the motivation you need to pursue a career in vet care.

If You Can’t Afford Vet Care, Read On

You should know that the vet medicine world does so much to make sure that they understand the prevailing conditions of our pets. As the world moves technologically, vet care methods get the improvement they need, and in the process, the prices of vet care get that upward tweak.

You may be juggling a couple of bills, and adding a vet care one may pin you down severely. You should know that some methods are creatively effective, and that will save you money and reduce vet care costs. Let me bring you in on the ways:

1. Pet Insurance – yes, you can get your pet covered. This insurance cover will handle the cost of major treatments and emergencies. Whichever the insurance plan you choose, make sure you know the exact benefits and see whether the cover will take care of all or most of your pet’s health needs.

2. Credit Line – there are many credit providers with high approvals that offer to finance beauty and health expenses, pet emergencies, and vet medical fees. Some of those platforms include CareCredit and Scratchpay.

3. Crowdfunding – if the pet bills are too much to handle, you can raise funds on crowdfunding platforms. You can approach many pet lovers and ask them to fund upcoming surgeries, vet bills, and any other required procedures. Pushing your agenda to social media sites will get donors helping in, thus giving your pet a chance to lead a healthy life.

4. Yard Sales – if you have clutter that you need to get rid of, organize a yard (or a garage) sale. You can ask neighbors to contribute the items that they no longer need generously. When you get the money, all the proceeds should go to your pet’s healthcare needs. Let everyone who is buying from your sale know that, and I’m sure by dusk, everything will have been purchased.    

5. Low-Cost Clinics – you need to downgrade and get services from a clinic that you can afford. Look up your local humane society; they will help you get the services you need, such as spaying and neutering.

6. Ask For Help – consider reaching out to the people you love because they love you back. Financial constraints are part of life, and many people will show interest in getting you the money you need. Then, you can get your furry little friend the help they require.

7. Savings Account – with the opportunity, set aside some little money for a pet emergency. When that particular rainy day comes, you will not struggle because you have something to offer your pet’s needs.

8. Search For Non-Profit Foundations – out there, beautiful organizations exist. They can help you take care of any emergency that comes up with your pet when your pocket gets dried up. Some are nationwide, while others are state-specific. Here are some of the examples:

a) Face Foundation

b) Angels for Animals

c) Help a Pet

d) Pet Fund

You can find many others online.

The saddening reality is that, as much as you are prepared, there is a possibility that an emergency will occur during a critical financial moment. The best way to prepare for a healthcare eventuality is by being on the same side as other pet lovers and compassionate people. Fundraising is the best way to take care of emergency pet needs.

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