Are Rabbits Social?

Rabbits are, although arguable, the most social animals in the world. While most of the others have spent more time in the wild, rabbits have managed to bond and spend time with their humans. The wild rabbits are more than social; they are territorial. So, if bunnies are social, what else are they?

If left without human warmth, rabbits can get depressed. So, any rabbit owner should always attend to their little one to avoid any kind of boredom. Also, the owners should not depend too much on toys.  Your pet bunny rabbit is like your baby, and you should see it like that.

Before we answer some questions related to rabbit, let’s start with a little table:

The Rabbit
Scientific NameOryctolagus cuniculusAdult SizeBetween 2 and 20 pounds
Life ExpectancyBetween 5 and 15 yearsSocial or NotYES

Now, let us answer other questions that are related to the rabbit’s personality.

Other Rabbit Questions Answered

1. What Are A Rabbit’s Temperament And Behavior?

As already identified, rabbits are friendly and social. Anyone who wishes to have a pet baby rabbit should be ready for a warm little creature. If rabbits are handled gently, they will always remain peaceful and tame. Rabbits are happy animals, and you will love how much they can entertain you.

Rabbits connect with their owners deeply. You will find some rabbit owners playing with their pets long into the afternoon and evening. Then, you will find others watching TV with the creatures.

In terms of behavior, rabbits perform exceptionally well. Like dogs and cats, rabbits have no problem with litter training. If taken through properly, rabbits know where to do their business. On top of litter training, rabbits can learn special tricks and behaviors.

If you look at those traits, you realize that rabbits are entirely dependent on human interaction. A rabbit will only excel if it has others of its kind or a human. If you’re a rabbit owner, ensure that the rabbit leaves its cage daily for exercise and playtime.

Like other members of the Lagomorpha order, the rabbit’s front teeth grow throughout their lives. So, the creatures should always be chewing on something. Provide the rabbits with blades of hay or chew toys to control the excess growth of their teeth.

Although rabbits have particular calmness, they should not be left with toddlers. Those young children may drop the bunnies while playing with them, making the rabbits get scared. And you don’t want to deal with a traumatized bunny.

2. Are Rabbits Good Pets?

Well, lovers of rabbits say that they are the best pets. If you’re looking for a pet away from cats and dogs, you should consider getting a bunny. While rabbits may not be as active as the two most popular pets, they have something about them that makes you feel fulfilled.

This section is going to give you reasons why rabbits are the best and why you should get a bunny pet:

1. Rabbits Bring An Air Of Quietness

I’m sure that you love the peace that comes with silence. When you get a rabbit, be prepared to have fun with it but with total quietness or just little noises.

And, it’s not that rabbits cannot make sounds; they do. However, you won’t hear them meowing or barking to get your attention. And rabbits are even quieter than mice, which love squeaking.

If you reside in a tight-knit neighborhood or an apartment building, don’t worry about someone knocking at your door complaining about rabbit noises. Anyone who enjoys a relaxed, peaceful lifestyle should get a rabbit or even two. You and the rabbit will fit in the same place without asking too much from each other.

Like humans, rabbits get angry. And when they do, the bunnies start thumping their hind legs. If you’re not used to the sounds, they can be a little loud to the point of scaring you. When the rabbit thumps, it could be that it is either angry with you or trying to warn you about impending danger.

Once you pick out the thumps, study the environment to ensure that everything is safe. Always make certain that the surroundings are calm and without stress. Also, do not present things that may scare the rabbit near the cage, such as vacuum cleaners or ladders. 

2. Rabbits Have No Muskiness Around Them

Some online sources say that rabbits are messy, smell, and undesirable, but there’s no truth to that. So, you needn’t have to worry about your house smelling like a rabbit since it won’t produce any odor.

Actually, rabbits love to groom themselves. They will maintain their meticulous cleanliness throughout the day to ensure they have their natural smell only. If you come across rabbit poop, you won’t find them smell stinging. However, a rabbit’s urine has a pungent smell because of its high ammonia content.

To maintain cleanliness around the rabbits, ensure that no rotting food stays in its cage. Also, always clean the enclosure together with the litter box. Once you do that, you won’t have to worry about your house getting smelly.

3. Rabbits Are Full Of Life

Once you get a pet bunny rabbit, be ready to stay with it for about ten years. Plus, the time could be more if the rabbit’s living conditions are always attended to. If your rabbit spends most of its time indoors, it is likely to live longer than an outdoor one.

Staying with a pet for a long time means that you will develop a great, long-lasting bond with it. You will enjoy a decade of love and companionship, and thus, your wellbeing will be cared for.

Although the rabbit may live longer, you need to play your part. So, ensure that the rabbit gets to the vet regularly for checkups. Throughout its entire lifetime, you need to make certain that it lives happily and peacefully.

4. Rabbits Are Cutely Peaceful And Overly Gentle

Out there in the wild, rabbits are prey animals. This means that they take a very gentle approach to life. At first, a rabbit will be timid and shy, but it will start getting comfier around people with time. Your rabbit will grow from shyness to confidence. You will see it coming up to you for treats or gentle scrubbing.

Since rabbits are very gentle, you shouldn’t expect them to jump up and down. While they can bite and scratch, they rarely will. So, there is no need to worry about any rough behavior.

However, do not be surprised when a rabbit becomes somewhat aggressive. When a rabbit has some serious concern or is afraid, it may start thumping its hind legs (mentioned earlier). The only way to take care of those concerns is by getting the rabbit neutered or spayed.

5. Rabbits Love Getting Petting

Although arguable, I can say that the best pets are particularly clingy and love being petted. Some dog breeds like the Maltese, the Siberian Husky, and the Shiba Inu are independent, and so, their humans won’t enjoy their companionship as much. With rabbits, you can give them all the massaging and all the petting. If you stop, the rabbit will try nudging your hands to ask for more since they love human warmth and crave it. When happiness kicks in, the rabbits will purr and grind their teeth.

If you get to take in a baby rabbit, you may notice some fidgeting and energy bursts. The little ones do not relax because of their innate curiosity. When the rabbit gets older, its energy boils down, and it will want your massaging and tons of rest.

6. What Health Issues Affect Rabbits?

Like all other pets, rabbits need specialized healthcare. The vet services are likely to be expensive since you will need a specialized vet, not a general one. While at the vet, the rabbit may need to be fixed (neutered or spayed) via surgery. As young ones, they will need different vaccinations. Some of the medical issues that rabbits are prone to include ear fleas and mites, overgrown toenails and teeth, and bacterial infections. Another significant issue is the inability to either pass or break down waste: abdominal stasis.

While some issues may need a vet’s attention, others will need care that you can give. For example, you can get a nail clipper to do the bunny’s toenails. For excess tooth growth, you can always ensure that you provide the rabbit with chewing items. Finally, fleas and mites are easier to treat because you can get prescriptions online.

Final Words

Are rabbits social animals? Yes, they are! Their gentleness makes it easier to bond and create a long-lasting friendship with them. Since rabbits are one of the most social pets, why don’t you check out their prices from different places here?

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