Top Money Making Dog Breeds

If you’re on this read, you should be a breeder, but that’s my best guess. You’re probably a dog lover. Whichever it is, the top money making dog breeds include the Saluki, the German Shepherd, the Otterhound, Rottweiler, Tibetan Mastiff, French Bulldog, Siberian Husky.

This article brings together the dogs that any reputable breeder who needs high profits should breed. But before we explore the money making dog breeds, we need to know the factors to consider. You wouldn’t want to start breeding dogs for profit without checking some boxes, now, would you?

The Dog To Breed: Making The Best Choice

Dog breeding is profitable, and you can make a lot of money breeding them. However, and like other business ventures, you need to make the best decision. After getting the parent dog, you can proceed and produce the puppies. Then, you can market them to a vet, get into business with PetSmart, or sell them online. Let’s see the factors to consider:

1. Your Passion And Personal Loves

If you’ve gotten to a point where you want to breed dogs for profit, you indeed have dogs you consider sweet and lovely. Or maybe, you have dog breeds you love the most. If you want to start making money through breeding, you should start from the point of love.

When you choose a breed you’re passionate about; it will be easier for you to learn about it. Remember that reputable breeders have details of the dogs they breed at their fingertips. If you love Siberian Huskies, for example, you will know about their independent nature. Then, you will look at ways of addressing that concern. If you look at the info in this read, you will pick out that breeders like to specialize, and that is what you should do too.

2. Prospective Pet Parent Needs

If you don’t have the emotions needed to start with passion, you can go all-economics about it. Many people become dog parents every day, and you need to know what they are looking for.

You can look at the in-demand dog breeds and breed them in a better way. To get dog breeds that have fame and prestige, you can use dog club registry information. Check out the data picked from AKC’s most popular breed’s page:

BreedYears Of RankingRank
Labrador Retriever2013 to 20191st
German Shepherd Dog2013 to 20192nd 
Golden Retriever2013 to 20193rd
French Bulldog2017 to 20194th
Bulldog2014 to 20165th
2014 to 20165th

From the table, you will agree that the Labrador Retriever is good money making breed. I mean, hasn’t it been 1st since 1991? Many people out there are already breeding it, but hey, you can jump into the scene and do something better. If the Lab doesn’t work out for you, you can try breeding others that are becoming more popular.

To get info on how the dog market looks, join social media platforms related to breeding for money making. You will get information on which options to look at and other specific details like pricing.

Also, you can read articles relating to breeding profitability. For example, go to your favorite search engine and ask something like, ‘Is breeding German Shepherds profitable?’ Depending on your location, you can always meet the needs and interests of prospective pet parents.

3. Longevity

This is not the first thing that comes to a prospective breeder, but it should. Although arguable, the dogs which can make you money are those with better, longer lifespans. Since the average lifespan is around 12 – 13, you should know the breeds to pick.

The reason why longevity is essential is that pet parents take home more than a canine – they bring in a family member. So, the new addition to the family should stay in it for as long as it can.

As someone looking for top money making dog breeds should know this: the smaller the dog, the longer it lives. For example, tiny dogs like the Maltese will live for up to 12 years. Others like the Great Dane average about eight years or so.

Another thing that affects longevity is the dog’s health situation. As you get your money making breeds, you need to look at the canines that are less susceptible to developing health issues. If the breeds you sell are prone to getting common health problems, you are less likely to have higher puppy sales.

The Money-Making Woofers Themselves

Now, let’s know which is which. This section brings you to the most profitable dog breeds. But before you go any further, here’s a little table that captures the figures, you know, the much we’re talking about:

Top Money Making Dog BreedPrice Range
SalukiBetween $2000 and $3000
Tibetan MastiffUp to $5000 
French BulldogBetween $1500 to $8000
OtterhoundUp to $1500
German ShepherdBetween $1500 to $7000
Siberian HuskyAround $1300
The RottweilerAverage of $5000

Now, let’s take the table down, dog by dog:

1. The Saluki

After Greyhounds, it would be okay, accurate, and acceptable to call Salukis one of the speediest dogs. If a Saluki is not on its owner’s feet, it will be running up and down. You can breed these dogs for hunting, races, and other dog-related competitions.

On top of the athleticism, Salukis are excellent with families. As captured, you are likely to make between $2000 and $3000 in selling a purebred puppy.

The reason why the Saluki is expensive is its immunity – it is not opened up to getting many diseases. However, a few of them may have hypotension and hypertension, heart cancer, and hyperthyroidism. To avoid these issues, ensure that the parents you involve in parenting the litter have clean bills of health.

2. The Tibetan Mastiff

Apart from being one of the costliest dogs, these giant dogs are supreme in the world of dogs. If you’ve ever come across a Tibetan Mastiff, you will pick out its intimidating and distant nature. You will agree that the dog has an imposing figure that gets it weighing over 100 pounds. With all those characters, you will get a Tibetan Mastiff pup with nothing less than $5000.

One of the reasons why the dog is expensive is its rareness. You’re unlikely to find this dog in some states, let alone homes. Also, their life expectancy is excellent, and their susceptibility to genetic diseases is low. Some disorders like CIDN and hypothyroidism won’t be a problem because the dog is auto-immune.

3. The French Bulldog

Many dog breeds in the world will agree that the cutest, smallest are French Bulldogs. If you choose to go the way of these Bullies, be prepare for the high care and maintenance costs that come. But after you put in the work and the money, you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank. I’m talking between $1500 and $8000 words for every puppy sold.

In terms of health, be ready to deal with issues like dwarfism and other abnormalities related to the dog’s structure. If you get two healthy French Bulldog parents, you will save yourself future health problems. So, start by bringing the best together, and when you do, you’ll have a money making dog breed.

4. The Otterhound

Like the Coonhounds (which hunt raccoons), the Otterhound hunts for otters. This means that among hunters, it is beloved to the core. You will be drawn by its demeanor – gentle and surrounded by particular shagginess. The one thing that stands out about this dog is it can swim – just like the Catahoula Leopard dog of the coolest looking dogs.

The only problem is the rareness of the dogs. Because their breeding is relatively low, not many litters exist. So, you may have to spend a fortune getting your first Otterhound couple.

5. The German Shepherd Dogs

As noted in the popularity table, German Shepherds are the second most popular dogs in the United States. Because of their fame and prestige, the price tag you should set on a purebred one is anything between $1500 and $7500.

While the GSD may be amazing in all senses, it is susceptible to developing health issues. The dog could develop chronic diarrhea, elbow and hip dysplasia, arthritis, and pain in the spinal cord.

As you go into the business, be aware that it may be saturated. However, let that not be a setback; try and make it one of your top money making dog breeds.

6. The Siberian Husky

Well, well, spitz. Yes – this is one of the dog breeds that look like wolves. And when you see the Siberian Husky for the first time, the one thing that will carry you away is its blue eyes – piercingly beautiful. Once you do the breeding, you’re likely to make about $1300.

While the price may be a little low (compared to the rest), you shouldn’t give up. The Siberian Husky faces the least health problems meaning that it lives longer. Also, it operates not only as a family animal but also as a hunter and worker.

When you make the Siberian Husky your top money making dog breed, be ready for low maintenance and breeding costs. You won’t have to be present during birth because these spitz-like dogs can deliver correctly on their own. To read more about the Siberian Husky, read here.

7. The Rottweiler

If you want to step into the breeding scene with a big foot, start with Rottweilers. They are a unique breed of dogs that won’t give strangers peace. These dogs are full of courage, and if left without training and socialization, they can become beasts. Be ready to sell a Rottweiler puppy for an average of $5000.

In the United States, this top money making dog breed ranks well. Like the Husky captured previously, the Rottweiler is not open to getting lots of diseases. More information about the Rottweiler is here.

Final Words

Before you start making money breeding dogs, ensure that the parents you choose are screened. As you try to secure the siring male and the birthing female, ensure that you see some documentation. This will help you bring together the best purebred puppies. In the end, you will make profits breeding them.

Making money out of breeding isn’t an easy thing. You will need to spend on training, food, and research. Before you start profiting, ensure that you have the proper education, licensing, and documentation.

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