Can Rabbits Eat Oranges?

Well, since rabbits are mostly vegetarian, they can eat oranges. Whoever is feeding the bunnies should ensure that the peels are removed. With every nibble of orange fruit, your rabbit is opened to goodness. The only thing you should have in mind is this: feed the oranges moderately.

Oranges are somewhat nutritionally beneficial and will serve your rabbit just nicely. For instance, the fruits have pectin, a special fiber that deals with colon toxins. Also, the fiber has some form of control over the cholesterol in the rabbit’s bloodstream. Vitamin C, which is the nutrient most associated with oranges, has antioxidant properties that give the rabbit strong immunity.

On the flip side, oranges have high sugar content. You might have heard this before, but sugar is the sweetest, most bitter nutrient. It tastes good, it feels good, but it does no good, you know, for the most part. You wouldn’t want your rabbit to have too much sugar in its system, now, would you?

Apart from the sugar, oranges have citric acid. Since the acid has some mildly corrosive effects, the rabbit is likely to develop mouth ulcers and stomach discomfort.

Don’t listen to the ugly things which people say about feeding rabbit oranges. Just remember to feed the fruits moderately. I am talking about a quarter of the fruit (mini-size) a day. Regardless of how you choose to serve the oranges, ensure that you provide the rabbit with a proper diet.

Can Rabbits Eat…?
Orange peelsMaybe
Orange seedsOkay
Dried orangeKinda

The Why And Zee

All good pet parents raise genuine concerns over their rabbits’ wellbeing, such as the subject of this read: oranges. We have already identified that it is safe for rabbits to eat oranges. Also, we know that the serving should only be a bit, and most of the diet should be fresh hay. 

With oranges and any other fruits, stick to between 1 and 2 teaspoons for every 5 pounds of your rabbit’s weight. If you choose not to give the oranges as a diet add-on, use them as treats.

Oranges, Rabbits, And The Rest

Before we even proceed, we need to know what type of feeders rabbits are. Are rabbits vegetarian, carnivorous, or herbivorous? In this read, it is captured that rabbits are herbivorous. This implies that the only type of diet that they need is a plant-based one. So, you should not think of presenting the dog with any meat-like food.

Do Rabbits Even Like The Taste Of Oranges?

Rabbits love the taste of those too-sweet oranges because of their sugar content. Actually, an entire orange has about 14g of sugar – about three and a half teaspoons. Rabbits will not stop themselves because the sugar in the oranges has a more natural taste. Also, it is something that the bunny may eat outside there.

Although rabbits will appreciate it if you stick out an orange piece, don’t do it regularly.

In Any Way, Are Oranges Unsuitable For Rabbits?

The only time oranges become bad for rabbits is when they are fed occasionally. Too many oranges mean that the rabbit will have a lot of vitamin C in its system.

If you know the ins and out of the rabbit’s digestion, you know they can make their own vitamin C. So, stuffing the rabbit’s mouth with pieces of oranges may be sweet, but it does not have any nutritional benefits.

So, avoid oranges whenever you can, and if you’re so obsessed about feeding them, make it a rare treat. If your rabbit is used to the sweet taste of orange, it may look away when you present fresh blades of hay.

The only negative thing about oranges is the SUGAR. Since you have no idea about the rabbit’s reactions, limit the servings to only small orange pieces. This will help you to monitor an adverse reaction if it happens.

What About Orange Peels? Should Rabbits Eat Them?

So far, we know that rabbit owners can feed small orange pieces to their dogs but only as occasional treats. But before we even get to the fruit, we need to go past the peel. Should rabbits even put it near their mouths, let alone eat it? Well, there is a difference in opinions.

Some vets and animal nutrition experts think orange peels are just fine if fed to rabbits. Across the Internet, however, many rabbit parents advise against it. Their reason exactly? They believe that because most oranges are not organically farmed, the peels are laced with pesticides. If the pesticides get ingested by the rabbit, they say, it could experience a lot of discomfort and GI issues. I think that that is a great point.

So, for you to be safe, you can avoid giving the rabbit the peels completely. If you trust that the oranges have been farmed organically, feed the peels while they are still supple.

Rabbits Eating Oranges: The Mandarin Kind?

If you don’t know, mandarin oranges are tangerines. Like the regular oranges, those are safe for the rabbit to eat. However, you should not feed tangerines too much because they are full of sugar.

Anyone going the tangerine way should give the rabbit small doses only.

Rabbits Eating Oranges: The Dried Kind

Dried-up oranges are nothing new – they are the regular oranges minus all the water content. When the fruit is dried, it will shrink, and as compared to the succulent one, it is better.

Since most of the sugar is in the fruit sap, you will be feeding the orange fewer calories and sugar. I’m talking about the fruit that you dried yourself, not what they sell at stores.

If you buy dried oranges, you won’t be making any difference. This is because manufacturers use sweeteners and sugar to improve the taste. When there is a plus in the taste, there is a minus in the health value.

Rabbits Eating Oranges: The Leaves

If you’re a gardener and are growing oranges, you may have asked yourself this question – can I or can’t I feed my rabbits with orange leaves? Well, the answer is you can. If you’re getting the leaves and branches from the tree, ensure that you didn’t use pesticides on them. Pesticides could have devastating effects on the dogs.

Can Rabbit Kits Eat Oranges?

A rabbit kit is a young one. Since rabbits are mammals of the Lagomorpha order, they first feed on their mother’s milk until weaning is over. If the kit is older, you can introduce solid food in small amounts – that includes oranges.

The Richmond-based HRS (House Rabbit Society) advises rabbit owners to wait for three months to pass before adding veggies to the bunny’s diet. For oranges and other fruits, the non-profit organization suggests that they should be fed when the rabbit is not less than seven months old. The rationale behind that advice is to make certain that the rabbit sticks to the more nutritious foods and doesn’t get hooked to the sugar in the sweet treats.

Daily Orange Consumption For Rabbits – Is It Possible?

It is possible, I mean, isn’t it a matter of just tossing oranges every day into the rabbit’s cage? But no – it shouldn’t be encouraged for sweet reasons, if you know what I mean.

The orange treat should be served once or twice every week. The bulk of the rabbit’s diet should consist of leafy greens, hay, and nutritional pellets.

Aside From Oranges, Are There Alternatives?

As we have picked out throughout the entire read, oranges are full of vitamin C and sugar. And well, those two nutritional components are not essential for the rabbit. So, if you need other healthier and more beneficial options to consider, try giving celery, broccoli, or even cabbage to the rabbit.

Final Words

Can they eat oranges? Of course, they can! But as already identified, the orange feeding needs to be limited. Do not replace entire meals with oranges; instead, give them as treats.

Actually, the HAS (the Humane Society of America) and the HRS (the House Rabbit Society) advise that fruits be used in training as motivational treats.

Take this home; if you give many orange treats, especially when the rabbit is young, it may stop eating its main diet. And that – that is something you don’t want.

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