Best Emotional Support Dog (ESA) Registry Service In The US (Top 3 Picks)

Whether it’s helping a blind person cross a busy road, providing companionship to a lonely individual, or providing some form of support to a mentally disabled person, emotional support animals can be lifesavers at times. The most common animals used as ESAs (Emotional Support Animals) are dogs.

Although these animals need no special training, they can significantly improve the mental health of their owners by providing comfort, companionship, and support. They may help suppress feelings of panic, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. 

However, a dog (or any other animal) may never be considered an Emotional Support Animal until it meets the necessary conditions, and there is paperwork to prove it. 

One of those conditions is that its owner must be disabled in some way and that the emotional support animal is crucial in curbing the side effects or symptoms of the disability. 

However, even when these conditions are met, and emotional support dog may never be allowed access alongside its owner unless there is paperwork from a very credible source (health care provider), proving that such an animal has been registered and certified to act as an ESA for that individual.

There are many companies that offer this service, but here are a few that are regarded as top dogs in this line of service. 

Emotional Support Dog Registry Service (Top 3 Picks)

Emotional Support Dog Registry Service


With over 7500 positive 5-star reviews, it’s no wonder why this company sits at the top of all other ESA registry services in the US and Canada. 

The company isn’t just a renowned telehealth provider but also possesses skilled mental health professionals able to render animal-assisted therapy. 

One significant advantage that CertaPet has over most other registries is that they offer both Emotional Support Dog letters and PSD (Psychiatric Service Dog) letters. PSD letters are recommended for individuals suffering from PTSD or anxiety, and lately, these PSD letters are becoming the required document for traveling with an ESA. 

As if that weren’t enough bonus, this company’s prescreening and therapy session is completely free and lasts only about 5 minutes. No other emotional support dog registry service can give you this offer. 

If you are deemed eligible for the letter, the CertaPet support team will guide you through the remaining processes, connect you to a mental health professional who’ll provide you with a custom treatment plan, and then officially give you the ESA letter. 


1. User-friendly and not too expensive

2. Simple and quick process

3. Very reputable company with high ratings

4. Free screening test


1. $35 consultation fee must be subtracted from any refund


Another reputable dog registry service in the US is Pettable. With a streamlined and detailed website, users always get an amazing experience during their ESA registration process. 

Pettable therapists are compassionate, helpful, and great at listening to the needs of the patients to learn their mental health difficulties that prompted the need for an emotional support dog. 

In terms of speed and compliance with federal laws and regulations, you have nothing to worry about because Pettable doesn’t just offer a quick application process, but also delivers ESA letters that are valid and acceptable in every state. With this, you are guaranteed that no landlord or airline will deny you access or reject your letter. 


1. Amazing customer support with swift assistance

2. Patient and helpful therapists and specialists

3. Streamlined, detailed website

4. Allows for 100% refund 


1. It May be pricey for some folks

2. Too much marketing and promotional emails, as reported by users of this service

US Service Animals

US Service Animals is strongly recommended for its legal support. Their ESA letters are not just valid and recognized, but also strongly backed up legally, well documented, and legal in all the 50 states in the US.

Getting an ESA letter from US Service Animals is relatively cost-effective, and their specialists are friendly, relatable, patient, and well-learned. You also don’t have to wait too long after the registration process to get your Emotional Support Letter for your dog, as the company has a quick turnaround time. 


1. Straightforward process

2. Quality specialists with superb customer service

3. Confidential & secure ESA registration and letter

4. Impeccable legal support


1. Slow registration process

2. No money-back guarantee

Other Worthy Mentions

Other Worthy Mentions

Here are 2 Emotional Support Dog Registries worthy of mentioning due to their unique features.

Emotional Pet Support


1. Offers friendly and professional customer service 

2. 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchase

3. Detailed and confidential application process. 


1. Easy and efficient process

2. Speedy approval (Same day)

3. Approved ESA letters throughout all the 50 states in the US


1. The entire assessment is done online (no phone or video calls). This raises the question of its legitimacy and genuineness. 

Support Pets


1. Presence of qualified mental health specialists

2. Their ESA letters are approved in all states

3. Provides affordable letters

4. Very fast service


1. The services of Support Pets are very cheap compared to most other Emotional Support Dog registry services

2. Speedy service


1. Inferior customer service

2. The company isn’t very reputable (since it wasn’t too long ago it was established) and also possesses the little experience and legal expertise.

Different Emotional Support Dog Registry Service Companies And Their Unique Perks

Company Perks
CertaPetOverall Best
PettableBest customer service
US Service AnimalsBest legal support
Emotional Pet SupportBest for quick approval (same day approval)

Most affordable

Final Notes

Having an Emotional Support Dog without having the ESA letter is like not having an ESA at all in the eyes of the law. Try not to get your letter from just any company. Some companies may give you a letter that isn’t valid or accepted in some states in the US. So to avoid complications, always use a service whose ESA is valid in every state. 

Also, consider how soon you want the letter (some companies are faster than others at processing and delivery times), as well as the cash you have at hand. 

If you consider all these things and put two and two together, you’ll definitely know which option is best for you.

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