Dog Boarding Kennel Services At PetSmart: Prices, Features and More.

Does PetSmart Offer Dog Boarding Kennel Services?

Yes. PetSmart offers dog boarding kennel services. However, their boarding facilities are officially known as PetsHotel. They offer certain unique features and services for pets, and they accommodate cats as well.

Key Takeaways

  • PetSmart PetsHotel features
  • PetsHotel prices
  • Top 6 things to look out for when choosing a boarding facility for a pet

Features Of PetSmart PetsHotel

Private Accommodation

PetSmart offers private suites in their PetsHotel. These suites are separated from the standard boarding rooms and offer peace and privacy. Rooms like these are suited to parents who don’t want to have their dog/cat troubled by other pets, or for parents who need a separate suite for the many pets they own. The suites are clean and even feature a TV that displays pet shows.

Standard room

The regular/standard PetsHotel room for pets is a large open-air court (more like an atrium) where dogs or cats can stay together. These rooms are always sanitized daily and feature soft bedding.

Dog and Cat Treats

It doesn’t matter whether you’re booking the hotel accommodation for a dog or a cat, rest assured that PetSmart will off your pup a treat (such as a tasty snack or steak). There’s also a special toy called “snack KONG.” This is basically a toy stuffed with tasty treats that your dog will have to tussle a bit to get those snacks out. This way, your dog gets sufficient playtime while also getting filled with goodies. There’s also “Kitty KONG” for cats. Note, however, that you’ll have to pay additional fees for these treats.

Dog & Cat Activities

PetSmart’s PetsHotel gives special privileges for dogs or cats in the hotel to play: play can be done individually or in a group. Group play sessions are supervised to ensure the animals are social and no animal gets bullied or injured. Private play sessions for dogs or cats employ the use of toys that’ll keep your pet entertained and exercised.

Features Of PetSmart PetsHotel

There’s also provision for a training class (this is mostly for dogs), by PetSmart’s accredited trainers.

Salon services

If your pet is in need of a shave, PetSmart has groomers that can give it a VIP shave in some selected grooming salons. This service will attract some extra charges.

How Much Does It Cost To Lodge My Dog At A PetsHotel

The cost of boarding your pet at a PetsHotel will depend on the length/duration of stay, and the specific features or services you’d like your pet to enjoy (such as grooming and treats). Here’s a summary of what prices to expect at PetsHotel.

Overnight stay31 – 41
Half Day (up to 6 hours)15
Day camp21
Kitty cottage13 – 20

Additional services like treats, medications, baths, and so on will attract additional charges of about 7 to 16 dollars each. These aren’t compulsory: You select and pay for the particular services you want your dog to enjoy. You can check out PetsHotel services Here.

Top 7 Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Boarding Facility For Your Dog

Playtime & space

The importance of playtime for any dog or cat cannot be overemphasized. Some facilities don’t create time for boarding pets to play, and so there’s little or no play space. Good pet boarding houses have outdoor or indoor playgrounds, as well as diverse toys and playthings. Play helps your pet feel less lonely, so it’s vital you confirm the boarding facility has enough room for play and also allocates special hours for it.

Boarding room size

Are the atriums well spaced or are they overcrowded with dogs? If there is one important thing you should avoid, it’s cramped and overcrowded boarding rooms. Your pet won’t feel comfortable and won’t be able to play effectively if there isn’t enough room for it. It’s always best to book a private room for your pet, especially when it

Nature of boarding facility

Do they keep dogs in cages or is it an open-spaced dog facility? I’m sure you can guess that facilities, where dogs are kept in cages, aren’t the best. Your dog can easily get infected by other animals if, for instance, there’s an animal with an infection in the cage. Also, your pet won’t get enough personal space; most caged boarding facilities are crowded. It’s always good to go for a well-spaced facility or one with many rooms for boarding dogs.


This is another important thing most boarding facilities and even dog parents overlook: Playgroups. If your dog isn’t put in the right playgroup, chances are that it may get bullied or injured by other older/more aggressive dogs. Before you board a pet, check that the facility keeps dogs of similar nature, breed, or size in groups. If they don’t, it’s a bad idea to board your dog there. Then again, quality boarding facilities will evaluate your dog and ask you questions right from when you walk through the door, as this helps them place your dog in the right group with similar playmates.

Staff attitude

The way they treat your dog in your presence is about the same way they’ll treat it when you’re gone. The first thing a staff of a proper, standard boarding facility will do, is evaluated. Staff should be inquisitive and cool towards customers and their dogs. If, however, a staff seems nonchalant and is only interested in getting the admission fees from you, it’s a red flag and a clear warning that they don’t care about the welfare of dogs admitted there.

Level of care given to dogs

Good pet boarding houses/facilities always have on-site workers and attendees to see to the welfare of pets in each room or atrium. This shows professionalism and regard for the animals in their care. PetSmart’s PetsHotel for instance gives medications to pets that fall sick or get injured in their care. It’s always good to do a background check on any company or boarding house (you can look up customer reviews) before you admit your pet there.

How Much Does It Cost To Lodge My Dog At A PetsHotel

Final words

Booking a space for your dog at PetsHotel is a sure way to relieve the burden of carrying your pet everywhere you go. Petsmart’s PetsHotels are always neat and well-furnished. However, PetSmart doesn’t offer some important services (like play and feeding) for free. If you want to save a few bucks, it’s best that you come along with some of your pet’s toys, food/snacks, and bedding from home. This way your pet can be comfortable, and you also save a few bucks.


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