Top 8 Reasons Why Dogs Are Favourite Pets

If you’re being honest, you’d agree that dogs are the most popular pet of all animals. Anywhere you go in the world, you’ll find dog lovers: people who love to cuddle and pet dogs. Some folks even go as far as kissing their dogs. When we talk of pets, dogs are the first animals that come to mind. Why so much love for dogs, you may ask? Well, there are many reasons.

Why do people love petting dogs so much? What’s the reason?

People pet dogs for so many reasons: dogs are one of the cutest animals out there, and they are also very loyal, friendly, and loving. Anyone who appreciates the adorable nature of dogs would want to cuddle or pet them, and these animals, too, respond very well to the gesture. So it’s a win-win for both dogs and humans.

Here are some more reasons why people pet dogs.

1. It reduces stress

Petting a dog is, without a doubt, one good way to relieve yourself after a long day at work or a busy day at home: the fact that dogs respond all the better to it makes it even more pleasurable. Research has proved that interacting (cuddling, scratching, or any other form of petting) with your pets helps reduce stress. Simple cuddle sessions with a dog can cause significant changes in oxytocin and beta-endorphins in a human (increasing the feeling of pleasure and reducing stress)

Ever wondered why Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are the best remedy for people with an emotional disorder? Why aren’t apps or robots used instead? Well, There’s a special calming feeling that comes to a person when they stroke or pet a good animal. And just so you know, dogs make the best pets and are the best ESAs.

2. It feels good

Petting an animal can make a person feel happier and better, especially when the animal loves them so much. A dog can be a man’s closest companion in some cases, and there’s nothing as pleasurable as having a good bonding or playtime with your companion. Dogs are one of the best animals ever to cuddle or pet. The thick and soft fur, the soft skin, makes a unique physical sensation as you gently rub or cuddle them. You can’t get that same sensation from petting an alligator or snake.

3. It’s a sign of love

The same way you’re prompted to hug a guy or girl you love so much (or even kiss them), that’s the same way you’ll be prompted to pet an animal you love. An animal that loves you back would also not hesitate to reciprocate the love you’re showing. In the case of dogs, they’ll happily jump on you, lick you, wag and make sweet sounds, etc.

Why do people love petting dogs so much? What's the reason?

4. Dogs love unconditionally

You can easily fall out with an old friend and bear grudges. Humans are quite good at bearing grudges for long, but the reverse is the case for dogs. Even after being punished or scolded, it will take a dog little or no time to forgive you and come running back to your arms when you call.

5. Dogs love easily.

For instance, it can take a man several weeks, months, or even years to win over a lady’s heart; meanwhile, a simple, nutritious meal given to a poor, hungry dog can make it love you for life. Surely no one experiences such pure love from an animal and wouldn’t want to pet it at any slight opportunity.

Also, dogs don’t hesitate to show love. From licking to hugging, facing off danger, and warding off intruders, dogs would do anything for the one they love.

6. Dogs Love Being Petted

From wagging its tail to licking your hands, face, and anywhere they can, dogs are undoubtedly the animals that enjoy petting the most. If you were to have several dogs at home, for instance, and you pet one of them in the presence of others, the rest will quickly gather around you with wagging tails, expecting the same treatment.

The truth is that dogs enjoy petting just as humans do. It releases sweet chemicals in their brain (just as it does with us) and helps them relax. Plus, when petting or scratching a dog, you hit some sweet spots that the dog can never reach on its own (for instance, under the belly or the back of the head and neck.

7. Dogs are very friendly

“A man’s best friend” is the title dogs have rightly earned. They are very friendly by nature and love to interact with humans. Scientists have even proven that dogs have a genetic disposition to be sociable and friendly to humans. To a pet dog, you are his dad/mom, and your family is his pack. Their very friendly nature earns them the number one spot in the hearts of humans, so they deserve to be petted all day.

Dogs are very friendly

8. They’re quite adorable

If you walk along the road and you see someone holding a very beautiful, fluffy, energetic dog, your first thought would be to cuddle and pet it. Some people would even want to adopt a similar breed so they can keep and cuddle it whenever they want. Dogs are really cute animals. Their big bright eyes, large heads, soft fur, and floppy ears all make them. The fact that they can make facial expressions to show their emotions even makes them more appealing.

Signs That A Dog Wants You To Pet It

  • Wagging its tail at you
  • Coming to you with a cute or blushing facial expression with its ears lowered
  • Hugging you in excitement
  • Licking you
  • Coming to lay down quietly beside you
  • Jumping all around you in an exciting way

Top 5 Spots To Pet A Dog

  1. Belly and chest region
  2. Lower back
  3. Behind the ears and top of the neck
  4. Under the chin
  5. Shoulders

What Are The Friendliest and Most Aggressive Dog Breeds?

Though dogs are generally very friendly, the truth is that certain breeds are more friendly than others. The most friendly ones can allow and enjoy petting anytime, even by a stranger. However, there are some really aggressive breeds that only the most trusted humans are allowed to pet them.

Signs That A Dog Wants You To Pet It

Here are the top 5 friendliest dog breeds and the top 5 aggressive dog breeds:

Labrador RetrieverRottweiler
Golden RetrieverDoberman Pinscher
BeaglePit Bull
Border CollieWolf-dog hybrid
Boston terrierChihuahua


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