Why Dogs Dig In The Dirt

Why Dogs Dig in The Dirt

Dogs dig in the earth because there is a wildness in them, although they got domesticated a long time ago. This wildness drives them to behave like predators in the jungle – a place that they are not part of anymore. You can tie this trait to how wolves – the dog’s ancestor – operates. …

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What Is A Dogo Breed?

Dogo breed

The Dogo breed of dogs is a sporting and working breed of the canines that have two known types – Argentino and Canario. However, the more popular of the two is the Dogo Argentino. It was the successful work of Dr. Antonio Martinez, who was a surgeon and a medical doctor in the early 20th …

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Will A Male Dog Keep Trying To Mate?

Will a Male Dog Keep Trying to Mate?

Expertly speaking, my answer to this question is yes. If the female allows, the dog can get it on with her for at least five times a day to a maximum of eight. If she doesn’t, well, the male will keep trying for about zero times. However, the affirmative response above is a half-truth. Why? …

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