Birds’ Names For Kids

Birds are the feathery, little winged creatures that we share this beautiful earth with. As part of nature, there are symbols of transcendence, immortality, beauty, and the line connecting heaven and earth. If you’re on this read, you must be looking for bird names to use for a baby that’s coming, or not. Not to worry – this article will bring you up to speed with many names of birds that you can use to name a male or a female child. Also, you can use them to call your pet bird.

Birds Names (A – Z Guides)

1. For A Male Kid 


What English calls a falcon, the Turks calls ‘Akos.’ Indeed, it is rare to find a baby boy named Akos, but why don’t you step out and be unique?


This is the Arabic variation of ‘falcon’. It can be a mighty name for a boy. Also, it is a reference for one of the brightest stars in the sky.  


This name refers to the phrase ‘eagle power.’ The Arnold that should come first in your mind is Schwarzenegger, and it would be an excellent pick if you’re looking for a name of repute.


This name can be boiled down to one phrase – eagle of the wood. It is of Scandinavian origin.


Like Corvus and Corbin, Bran is Celtic for Crow. Bran sounds more of a nickname that a formal name, such as that of Brandon.


This moniker is probably an older version of the word bird. On Google, Byrd will draw your attention to an English composer who lived during the Renaissance, William Byrd. Indeed, it sounds like a spectacular second name, seeing that it is associated with greatness. 


‘Callum’ is a name of both Gaelic and Scottish origin, and it means the same as Colm – dove. In the United Kingdom, many people are named Callum, including the English professional footballer who kicks for Newcastle United – Callum Wilson.    


Since it would be weird to name your male kid ‘dove,’ Colm is the Irish and masculine-like alternative. If you don’t love it, take it up as a nickname for Colman – they mean the same thing.     


Columba is a majestically sounding name that is an umbrella word referring to both doves and pigeons. If you’re looking for a classy but peaceful name, Columba will serve you nicely.    


Take a guess, what could this one be referring to? I’m sure you couldn’t have said ‘crow.’ It’s a not-so-flashy name that could get sandwiched between a first name and a surname.  


Corvus is the Latin reference for the bird we know as the crow. It is the Genus name of the crow family and was propagated by Carolus Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy. Corvus will serve well as a middle name. 


If you’re from Uganda or you know Uganda, the crane sits in the country’s coat of arms. It is a beautiful bird that has an attractive crown. Generally, the birds called cranes have long legs and necks. It can be a sweet middle name, with ‘Cray’ as the shortened form.    


This is the English version of Columba (somewhere above) meaning ‘dove.’ Culver looks and sounds powerful, and you may consider it for your baby boy. As a nickname, ‘Cully’ would be appropriate.


The eagle is, among many, a bird of prey. The bird’s name can serve the purpose of toughening the life of a growing young man. Many times, the name is associated with agility and patriotism. The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States, so picking it as a name is a decisive move.   


In Hebrew, the word meaning ‘bird’ is Efron. The more acceptable spelling of the name is ‘Ephron,’ and you will agree that is sounds pleasant. Zac Efron, the American actor, is the one known for bearing this moniker.   


You should know what a falcon is – a bird of prey. A boy who has shown signs of brashness or being brawny can get this as their middle name. Also, ‘falcon’ can be the right girl name – sleek and powerful.


During medieval times, one of the most popular sports was falconry or falcon training. This name, which means the same as the sport, got introduced during that time. William Faulkner, the winner of the 1949 Nobel Prize in Literature, bears the name. And, just so you don’t make mistakes, it is pronounced fork-ner, with a schwa at the end.  


This moniker comes from the word ‘fiach,’ which refers to the raven. The name is Irish by origin. You can call it the flip version of the name Raven, as Raven is mostly feminine. 


Finches are another group of tiny passerine birds, and the name sounds curt and unapologetic. It can be taken up as a middle name that the person may or may not use.


This name is Welsh, and it means ‘may hawk.’ King Arthur’s nephew bore the word, and you will find it between the pages of the legend.


The word ‘Griffon’ comes from a legendary creature. It can be an excellent alternative to Griffin. A nickname from Griffon could be, say, Griffy, or Griff.


Many times, this bird is referred to as a seagull and is one of the many aquatic birds. Having Celtic origins, this moniker forms salty images of the beach’s windswept air. We think it would be an appropriate middle name. 


Hawk has born names such as Hawkins, and it points back to the hunting bird that majestically cuts through the skies. When this name was taken up for babies, hunting used to be a thing for the nobles. Most times, the word is used less as a first name and more of a surname.


This name refers to some coastal and freshwater birds that have long, Flamingo-like legs. The name is a powerful one for a body, seeing that it has the ‘hero’ part. The other spelling of the word Heron is Herron.  


The sun god among the Egyptians is falcon-headed, and he goes by the name Horus. Apart from sounding like the name of the classical poet Horace, it can be a powerful injection into your son’s life. 


If you’re a Native American reading this, you know that it means ‘eagle.’ Although it sounds feminine, Hula is an excellent first name for parents looking for a unique H name.


This name that looks modern has been around for quite some time. It refers to a passerine bird and could be a cool-cool name for a boy kid.


If you were asked what ‘Jonah’ means in Sunday school, you would probably say ‘a fish.’ But no – in Hebrew, Jonah means ‘dove.’


This is the Irish reference for ‘blackbird.’ If you don’t like Logan (because it’s too popular) or Conan, this is a fresh alternative. A shortcut would be something like Loni (slightly feminine) or Lon (more masculine).  


This is a Polynesian reference for the bird of the night. Also, it means ‘man’ in Sanskrit. Saying it many times makes your tongue feel exotic, and that is a lovely feeling to experience. Manu Chandaria, a Kenyan business mogul, bears the name. Also, there is a famous musician – Manu Chao.


Merle evolved from the old French word ‘merula,’ which was a reference for a blackbird. When the world moved into the 18th century, this name became more and more popular. You should know that the surname ‘Muriel’ is also another source of the word Merle.


‘Merlin’ is a reference for a small bird of the falcon species. Also, it notes the fictitious character in the Arthurian legend, you know, the wizard played by Colin Morgan.


Nesta is derived from the word nest, a known habitat from hatching and breeding of chicks. It is a superb choice for a middle name. The famous Jamaican musical legend, Bob Marley, is formally known as Robert Nesta Marley. How about that!


Like Nesta, this one has ‘nest’ written all over it. Looking back at history, Nestor was a wise Greek legend who led his people to win the Trojan War. Apart from having an avian connotation, the name has a great story behind it!


Phoenix is not an actual bird. It is based on myths. The story told is that the bird usually gets born again, thus communicating a message of immortality. It sounds good on the tongue and would be an excellent first name for a dandy-like boy. 


Although this name has been used as a short form for Robert, it references a bird. The American Robin is one of the many migratory songbirds, and is a beautiful first name for a baby boy!   


If you’re looking so something that is culturally rich, Shahaf is your Hebrew pick. It is the same as ‘Gull’ – referring to the seagull.


You know the sparrow, another passerine bird that flies at a speed of 45 kilometers an hour. The main character of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series is Jack Sparrow, who Johnny Depp plays exceptionally. Although people have assigned it a male value, you can also use it to name a baby girl.    


Swifts are high-aerial birds that are similar to swallows (not sparrows) at face value. What about naming a boy in whom you’ve seen a burst of energy. The bird is the fastest flying in the avian world. The thought here is that Swift can be a mighty middle name.  


If you know birds of prey, you also have it in mind that talons are their powerfully sharp claws. This sharpness may be rather disturbing, but picking it as your boy’s middle name will give him a boost of confidence later in life. 


This V-word refers to a medium-sized passerine bird that is colored green and has a melodious voice. It may sound unusual, but our baby boy could carry a unique name in the county.   


Apart from being a municipality in Canada, ‘Whistler’ refers to a bird species found in Australia. It may be a funny one if picked as the first name, so I suggest that you hide it in the middle.


Wren refers to a family of passerine birds and is an excellent choice for the middle name. In 2013 in the U. S., it made the top 1000 baby-name list. In just a year, it climbed up to number 700, 300 spots up.


Meaning ‘wolf raven,’ you can name your baby boy this one if you want something bold and fierce. 

2. Birds Names – For A Female Kid 


This is the Armenia name for ‘dove.’ It sounds exotic, and your baby girl would get many compliments.


This French word refers to ‘larks.’ If you’re looking for something outstanding and powerful for your girl. 


This name is the one closest to avian, and it refers to the bird family. In 2014 in the United States, this name came up forth. Ava has a beautiful feeling behind it, and I bet that you get the o-la-la feeling when you say it or not.


Like Ava, Avis points to the avian direction. It may sound like Elvis but without the el. 


Aya is Hebrew for a bird. If you’re looking for something to replace Maya or Anya, this is it. 


In Native America, Chenoa means ‘white dove.’ If you’re looking for something unique and striking, this name is a great pick.


This name draws our attention to the tales of Odysseus, and the sorceress who entangled him during his wanderings. The name is like Aya and Deryn – they all mean ‘bird.’


As Aya is Hebrew, Deryn is Welsh for ‘bird.’ It is a name born in the 50s but is less popular. It is an excellent first or middle name.


This is an obvious one, and indisputably beautiful. Doesn’t it have soft undertones? It can be an inviting first name, and your girl will thank you when she grows big.


In Hebrew, this name (and Derora) refer to the sparrow. So, if you’re a birdie, your first child (a boy) can be Sparrow. The next (a girl) should be Drora.


Gannet is a reference for ‘goose’ and chance are that it sounds a little silly. But hey – how about updating Janet with it? It is a great spin and rare – making it the perfect choice.


This name is a particular type of falcon and is the most intriguing name on this vast list. You can sneak it into the middle position of the baby girl’s name. 


In Latin, the word refers to ‘seagull.’ It looks like a unique extension of Lara, and it would work well as a second name. 


While ‘lark’ sounds masculine, it is a name that is given to daughter all over. The term refers to passerine birds.


The Icelandic language calls birds ‘Loa’ – how cute and concise is that! Loa would be a great first name for a peaceful girl infant.


This name relates to the nightingale. If you want your baby to become a singer, why not inject this name into their birth certificate.


This name is a rare Latin one, and it means ‘nest.’ It would be a sweetly-sounding name if you pick it for your girl.


This is a common name in South America, and it refers to the bird called dove. It sounds elegant, and it would be a dazzling first name for a female kid.


This one is as Iranian as it is exotic. It is a reference for swallow, which are passerine birds. It may sound awkward, and if it does, fill it in as the middle name.


This name refers to the American flycatcher and is a common female name. It serves well as a first name. 


This one hits nicely because of its popularity. It would be an excellent first, second, or third name.


Rheas are among the few flightless and most unique birds, and their name is beautiful. If you’re familiar with Greek mythology, you may know that Rhea is the name of the woman who bore Zeus. Indeed, there is a beautiful feeling of saying the word.


This name refers to a beautiful bird that comes from Australia. It sounds like ‘Rose’ but with a power punch. If you can, take it up as a first name for your girl.


Of the starling family of birds is one called the Mayna. Sarika is Mayna, but in Sanskrit. It’s a beautiful name, princess-like, right? It would sound nice as a first name.


This is yet another of the passerine birds. The word may sound masculine, but it could inject a burst of energy in the name of your girl child. 


The swan is one of the most majestic and proud birds, and that is what you want to call your daughter. It will serve the girl well if it is her middle name.


This name comes from the color, and interestingly, a green-winged duck. Teal is a good middle name. Hopefully, kids in school won’t make quack noises when they see young Ms. Teal.


In the streets and villages of Japan, ‘tori’ is ‘bird.’ However, people may take it that the girl’s name is Victoria – Tori is one of the name’s short forms.

Birds Names For Kid Birds 

Now that you have looked at kid names, you should know what name to pick. In this section, you will explore words that are used for baby birds. Read on.

No.Bird’s NameSex
Male  BabyFemale Baby
7.GrouseSquealer, Cheeper
13.SwanFlapper, Cygnet

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