What Does It Mean When Black Birds Gather?

A congregation or a gathering of blackbirds generally means that they are looking for protection and food. During migration, many birds relocate, but blackbirds find their migratory strength in numbers. They engage in high cooperation levels to find food – whether in a parking lot, a backyard, or a field. Also, they stay alert to see if any predators are lurking in the shadows. When they do, they alert all the other birds.

But this article is not sticking to that tone – that’s the bare minimum. Throughout the item, we will look at the spiritual aspect of the blackbirds. If you gravitate towards spiritual subjects, you will find this read very accommodating, thrilling, and interesting. We will crisscross through times and periods in history to get the full meaning of blackbirds among different cultures. After going through blackbird symbolism, we will see the meaning of crows specific to the subject. Let’s get dark, birdie, and spiritual.

Black Bird Symbolism: A Spiritual Touch

Depending on the culture of focus, the blackbird’s spirit is a messenger of bad news or a welcoming of a good omen. The wings of the blackbird (which are black) are associated with the Otherworld. Also, they give an impression of the haunting of human souls. This means that a flying blackbird can be a messenger of death. The color black is often associated with witches, mystics, and magic. Some spiritually-inclined persons say that listening to a blackbird song helps shamans travel to the different realms of spirituality. This unique ability to cross from world to world and retain full clarity is the potent bit of blackbird medicine.

The blackbird adult male is not truly or entirely black – he has a yellow bill and a black-brown body. On the other hand, the females have a speckled breast and are dusty brown. Having this in mind, the blackbird could be a symbol of shapeshifting.

Both female and male blackbirds have a belief that their nest is sacrosanct. So, you will find them fighting off any intruders with a lot of aggression. Actually, the male blackbird will head-butt any threats that he comes across. It will win most of the duels that it engages in, and its real predators are sparrow hawks, foxes, and cats.

If you are spiritual enough to listen to blackbirds, you will find that they have sympathetic vibrations that speak to us about finding our voices and communication. When March comes, the male blackbirds will start singing to create their territory. Their melodies are lovely, and the birds sing with a lot of enthusiasm. The songs that the birds sing have several messages. One of them is communicating with aggressors and predators to stay away. Another is a caution to other males not to invade their territory. The third one is a sheer mimicry of other tweets by birds, which is perhaps a protective cover and a bit of showmanship. When winter comes, you will find blackbirds singing to themselves. This can be taken that the birds are comforting themselves from the winter chills.

Being the winged creature it is, blackbirds have solid ties to the element of the earth. You will find the bird spending a considerable amount of time walking on the surface of the world, where it hops around, foraging and looking for food. In their nests, blackbirds are successful yoga masters as they stretch their legs, extend their backs and wings, and open the feathers around the tail area. Then, the winged creatures will start listening. If you work with blackbirds, the one thing you have to remember is that you shouldn’t jump out of the nest quickly – take your time, breathe, and stretch until you feel well.

The blackbird does not soar – it only takes planned and short flights on open and plain ground. Their flights have simplified focus – to get what they require and go on with their business effectively and swiftly. From a spiritual sense, humans should learn a lesson and move quickly when situations change. Here is a short table showing some of the key energies that many spiritual people associate with blackbirds:

Key Energies That Spring Out Of The Blackbird
TransformationMysteriesThe Occult

The Spirit Animal Of The Blackbird

If a blackbird wings and makes its way into your life, you need to question yourself deeply. The following two bullets list the questions that you should provide answers to:

1. What exactly is your soul’s song?

2. What proverbial singing calls to you, and with whom do you share your trills?

When a blackbird sings, it does not do so to find mates – it is, for the most spiritual part, an outward sign of personal identification. Another important message delivered by the blackbird questions your communication: have you been harsh or sweet while communicating with others? The answer to this query is essential because, as you know, words have great power. You can either soothe or pain people with them, so make sure that you pay keen attention to the words you pick.

The birds can guide anyone’s way toward the discovery and wise usage of magic. Blackbirds teach charms. As you take on your spiritual quest, you should know that the blackbirds will call you to work toward deeper and higher values.

If the blackbird involved only visits you for a short while, you should look around and see if something has gone amiss. The blackbird will hint at secrets. Some hidden secrets bear immense power, and others have the potential of doing great harm. You should have in mind that things may not be as they seem at the moment.

In any case and event, having the blackbird spirit is a good thing, and it can be a valued ally throughout your life. The birds are intelligent and elegant and always guard those that they choose to guide and mentor.

The Totem Animal Of The Blackbird

Those who choose to walk with blackbird totem animals always put out their tail feathers with a bit of swagger, and they always seem serious. These people enjoy bits of mystery, and they love keeping to themselves.

If you have a blackbird as your totem, it is likely that among your friends, you are the sensible one. You are super curious about every aspect of life and are incredibly attracted to explorations and adventures. Having a blackbird friend can be surprising, but you shouldn’t be. This is because they will probably know you more than anyone else and even better than you know yourself.

Blackbird people have an imposing aspect. They like shunning all kinds of negative energy and avoid toxic situations. With strong charisma and a powerful personality, the blackbird is a natural leader. It does not realize, but, for the most part, it is usually influencing situations.

The Power Animal Of The Blackbird

If the things you hold sacred seem to be in danger, you shouldn’t hesitate to call on the blackbird. This is true, especially if the items or issues have to do with the people you love. The blackbird will work well for those who have a feeling that there is something hidden in them. The power and energy of the spirit animal help to calm things down and bring them into focus. If there are any obstacles, the blackbird will not hesitate to help you sore around them and catapult you toward the truth.

If you feel like the world around you and your environment are changing ad shifting more than you can handle, try, and call on the blackbird as its spirit understands the power of transformation. He will assist you in adapting and warming up to the new situation with ease. The other life aspects that the power animal of the blackbird can help you include communication, divination, self-control, contacting the spirit realm, and overcoming fear.

Blackbird Symbolism Among Native Americans

The blackbird makes an appearance in the Plain Indians’ symbolism, where the blackbird is a servant of the Corn Mother. If blackbirds invade and eat all crops, they imply that the tribe has committed an abomination, which is very terrible. This would mean that the community would have to perform a special ritual in honor of the corn.

The blackbird acts as a guide into and through the underworld of the Hopi people. The great blackbird spirit is always traveling with other birds and the people.

More often than not, a blackbird will be seen flying alone, implying a sense of individuality. Using medicine from the blackbird can have aggressive reactions. The birds always sing their loudest when spring is coming. Among the Chumash and the Chickasaw, the blackbird animals are symbolic of the clans.

Blackbird Symbolism Among The Celts

Blackbird symbolism among the Celts is not spoken about in a specific way. However, the symbolism is consolidated with that of the crow, the raven, and other winged creatures whose feathers are black. Like other traditions and cultures, the bird’s color speaks of the Gods’ realms, the Spirits, and the Underworld.

The blackbird shines in the Rhiannon myths as it is among the three sacred birds of the Celtic Queen Goddess. All the three birds had the powerful ability to sing until they rose the dead and sent the people alive to their graves.

Some stories among the Celts imply that the birds can be in two places at the same time, that is, bi-location. Also, their songs seemed to be more beautiful than others. Actually, the winds used to pick the music of the blackbirds and take it to the humans, and the humans thought that the birds were nearby.

As an ancient culture, the Celtic tradition and its people had a strong connection with all birds. This is because the people believed that the birds help important prophetic messages: birds went from and to the Divine, bringing back and taking notes.

Blackbird Symbolism Among Christians And Jews

The bible does not spare the blackbird and portrays it in a bad light. Historical records have it that St. Benedict was put to the test by a blackbird, who was apparently the Devil in the shape of a winged creature. In the 12th Century, the Aberdeen bestiary blackbird presented many things that included temptation and carnal pleasures. The purity of will is only symbolized by a white blackbird.

In the fables told by rabbis, the blackbird represents he who had committed sin but has since chosen to change his ways, thus becoming the remarkable light in deep darkness.

Blackbirds And Appearances In Dreams

Many people have developed different theories to explain why a blackbird would appear in one’s dreams. One of the ideas suggests that their appearance is a warning to someone who has a secret agenda. The blackbird seems to come to warn you to keep your brilliance and knowledge to yourself. That is until you establish if things are upright and honest.

When a flock of blackbirds appears in your dream, they could be acting as a good omen – that things are changing for the better. So, it would be best if you embraced their appearance as a gift. If the blackbirds are singing, they bear joy and good news. On the other hand, the silent blackbirds whisper of untapped potential and ancient magic. In other cases, the bird may represent the trickster – who is a messenger from the spirit world coming to teach you a lesson through humor and humility.

More Specifically, The Spirituality Of Crows

For the better part of this very spiritual article, we have focused on blackbirds and their spirituality in a general sense. Now, we will look at crows and see how their souls connect with those of the universe.

Whenever an animal or a bird shows up repeatedly, people know that they need to pay attention and focus on the creatures. This is because the winged beings come into our lives to give us messages from beyond. Also, animal guides come to reassure a person that they are on the right track. If you see crows flying around often, therefore, you should know that the universe is attempting to tell you something.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Crows

So, if you see the black-feathered crows, here are the meanings that you can pick out from them:

1. Change Is On The Way

The crow shows a great connection with both negative and positive symbolism. When the bird appears, its trickster will try and make you know that things are and will always be ever-changing. Keep overcoming any stumbling blocks that you meet.

2. Some Considerable Transformation Could Be Coming

The crow is full of magic and mysticism, and it can help you in the oncoming transformation. You are on the verge of a great manifestation, and now, you need the right energy to process – whether it is in your personal life, wealth, and health. The spirit animal will give positive thoughts that will guide you to and through the monumental times in your life.

3. A Creative Breakthrough Is Coming Your Way

A creative surge that is robust and powerful is boiling under your skin. The problem, however, is that you can’t bring it to the surface. When the crow shows up, it can be coming with some insight into your creative block. Its medicine will assist you in reaching your real and authentic power.

4. In Your Life, There Is An Element Of Imbalance

Pause life and kick back for a while. You can evaluate your life and take notes. The crow is a sound symbol of the dark-light balance. If you pay attention to crows, you will see that with changes in sunlight intensity, the feathers change in color shades.

The point here is that you are required to find some grounds in all your life’s aspects. When you see a crow, it should register in your mind that there is darkness in light and brightness in the dark – just like the Chinese concept of yin and yang.

5. Your Persistence And Tenacity Will Be Rewarded

Crows are persistent, and so, they never give up easily. If they have set their eyes on something, the crows will pursue it until they get what they need. If you see a crow when you are pursuing a goal with genuine hard work, pat yourself in the back and know that you will shift into a position of confidence.

Research Findings On How Humans And Crows Relate

Reliable research has it that there are several similarities between the behavior of crows and those of humans. Like us, crows organize themselves in small groups of family. More often, they like to gather with larger crow groups. On top of that, they are well adapted to some habitats. In the suburbs, you are likely to find crows in the parking lots and farm areas in the countryside. They have a keen ability to search for food. They are very inventive and will use the resources they need to grab a meal.

Looking back at history, it is right to say that humans and birds engage in a lot of food competition. Actually, many farmers found the crow to be so much of a nuisance that they developed a way to frighten them by creating the scarecrow. If you look at the wars and plaques that have rocked human history, you will find that crows have been scavenging on the remains of dead humans. In many horror books and movies, they are subjects because of exhibiting such ‘dark’ behaviors.

Myths About Crows And Debunking Them

1. Crows Are Not Intellectually Powerful As They Have Poor Memories

Compared to other birds, you will find that crows have excellent memories. Like squirrels and dogs, the crow will hide their food to come back to it later. Even though they will move up to three times, the birds do not forget where they hid their food.

2. Crows Make Cat-Like Sounds

While cats usually meow, crows caw. Their call is very distinct, and some people get to think that the sounds are cries of distress or agony, like when a cat is feeling threatened.

3. Crows Are And Will Always Have Black Feathers

Compared to their adult parents, youngsters look very different – they have brownish features with a pair of beautiful bluish eyes. Adult crows have everything black – legs, beak, and eyes. Also, their features have purplish, greenish, and bluish gleams. These colors may not be seen very well unless the crow’s feathers are being shone on by the sun’s rays.

4. The Crow Gets Easily Scared

The reason why this myth is held is that humans and crows do not get along so well. This is because the crow’s largest predators are humans. So, the crows are scared, but only about us because we are a bad image. They are not fearless, especially when it comes to other animals and fellow birds. Actually, they are known to chase after dogs and even eagles.

5. Crows Operate Independently

These birds stay with their partners for their entire lives. Both the female and the male have parental instincts, and so, both the partners will sit in the eggs to prepare them for hatching.

Crow Facts, The Weird Kind

1. Crows Like To Visit Their Dead Friends

When one of them dies, the larger flock of crows will gather around the carcass of the dead bird. It is thought that the crows do this to learn survival in the place of their friend’s death. Even if the area had a lot of food, the birds would not return if their friend or family dies there.

2. They Make Many Different Calls

‘Caws’ are the sounds that crows are well known to make. However, they produce different sounds depending on their specific location. Also, they have unique calls for relatives and friends; they use the calls to signal them when they find food or when a dangerous situation arises.

3. Crows Are Obedient When It Comes To Traffic Lights

Although they are not the only smart birds, crows seem to have wrapped their head around traffic light dynamics.  Before a crow swoops down onto a highway to grab a piece of food, it will wait for the lights to turn red. Then, it will fly away only when the lights have become green.

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