PetSmart Adoption Fee For Dogs, Cats and Small Pets

How much is PetSmart adoption fee?

PetSmart adoption fees for pets can range anywhere between $30 and $200. Prices vary depending on the type of pet, the age of the pet (baby pets cost more than adults), the rescue or shelter involved, and additional costs PetSmart incurred in making the animal available for adoption.

Key takeaways:

  • Why adopt a pet?
  • How do I adopt a pet at PetSmart?
  • PetSmart adoption fee for Dogs
  • PetSmart adoption fee for cats
  • PetSmart adoption fee for animal pairs
  • PetSmart adoption fee for small pets
  • What do PetSmart adoption fees cover?
  • Pros and Cons of adopting a pet at PetSmart.

Why Adopt A Pet?

Some pet-lovers when they want a new pet prefer to buy one on online marketplaces (for instance classified ads sites) or simply get one from a neighbor or local breeder. Although getting a pet from any of these means may seem convenient, it isn’t the best.

For one, most pets sold online on pet marketplaces are either stolen, sick, or have behavioral issues. There’s no way you can check for any of these, and you’ll only find out after bringing ye animal home. Private breeders, on the other hand, may breed/train their animals in a specific way for a specific purpose, and sell them at crazy high prices. Adoption is the only way to ensure you’re getting a healthy, sanitized, vaccinated pet that wasn’t stolen or bred for a particular purpose. By adopting a pet, you’re legally recognized as its owner and guardian, unlike buying a pet, where it’s simply nothing but a commodity you can throw away or sell at any time.

Another advantage of adoption is that when you adopt a cat, dog, or any other animal, you’re helping reduce the number of poor, homeless animals seeking a lovely home. PetSmart stopped the sale of pets long ago and instead partners with many qualified shelters to make these kinds of animals available for adoption.

How Do I Adopt A Pet At PetSmart?

Adopting at PetSmart is quite easy. You can simply walk into any PetSmart store and pick any of the animals you’d like to adopt. More than 1600 PetSmart stores offer adoption services. Adoptable animals are kept and catered for in these stores, so you can browse through the available pet options and pick any pet you wish to adopt.

You’ll be told the adoption fee, and then guided through the necessary steps. There’s always a mandatory 2 weeks adjustment period, where you’re allowed to return your pet if it isn’t the right fit for you or your home.

Alternatively, you can adopt a pet online, with Petsmart’s online pet adoption tool. All you need to do is go, select the kind of pet you want, enter your city zip code and then search. You’ll be redirected to “PetSmart charities” and shown the available PetSmart adoption centers near you.

Note: PetSmart’s online adoption process (or websites) may vary depending on the adoption group involved. But in any case, after filling out the form online, you’ll be set up to meet with the animal you intend to adopt and pay the adoption fee.

PetSmart Adoption Fee For Dogs, Cats and Small Pets

PetSmart Adoption Fee For Dogs

PetSmart adoption fees for dogs range from 30 dollars to 100 dollars. The adoption fee for a particular dog will depend mostly on the age of the dog: puppies are always more expensive than adults. A puppy mostly costs around $100. Prices of dogs may equally vary from shop to shop (or center to center as the case may be).

Note, prices for dogs may fall very low and discounts as much as 50% may be given on special pet adoption events.

PetSmart Adoption Fee For Dogs

PetSmart Adoption Fee For Cats

Adopting a cat from PetSmart can cost you anywhere between $50 and $120. Kittens are always on the high side, say, $80 – 120, while adult cats may be as low as $50. Most often 2-6 months old kittens cost $90 – $120, while those over 6 months cost around $80.

Just like with dogs, adoption costs will also vary depending on the rescue shelter involved with the adoption, Petsmart’s own additional fees, and of course the location of the adoption center or shop.

Cats’ adoption prices also fall very low at special pet adoption events: you can get an adult cat for as low as $17.

PetSmart Adoption Fee For Cats

PetSmart Adoption Fee For Animal Pairs

Getting pets in pairs is a good way to ensure your pets don’t ever get lonely. Adopting a pair of a particular type of pet (e.g a cat) will cost a little less than double the original price of one. For instance, if the adoption fee for a kitten is $100, and you decide to adopt a pair, you’ll most likely be charged $150.

But then again, actual prices will vary depending on the adoption group involved. Sometimes you can even adopt a pair of cats for the exact same price you would adopt a single one.

PetSmart Adoption Fees For Small Pets

Unlike cats and dogs, PetSmart doesn’t give small pets up for adoption. Rather they sell these pets. However, these pets are still given quality treatment just like their adoptable counterparts.

You can simply visit the official PetSmart website and order any small pet of your choice. Prices range from $7 to $100, depending on what type of pet and age.

Mice, squirrels, rabbits, and hamsters are usually on the low side, while guinea pigs are usually more expensive.

PetSmart Adoption Fees For Small Pets

What do PetSmart adoption fees cover?

Adoption fees at PetSmart cover all of the following.

  • Testing
  • Vaccination
  • Microchip
  • Spaying
  • Neutering
  • Deworming
  • Insurance

Considering how some of these procedures (like deworming and neutering) can be really expensive at a local vet, it’s safe to say that adopting a pet at PetSmart is a real money-saver.

Pros and cons of adopting a pet from PetSmart

Important services like neutering and spaying are carried outNo health records available to review
Adoption is more affordable than buying from selective breedersFew options to select from
The practice helps reduce the number of homeless animalsBaby animals like kittens are usually scarce and expensive
Animals put up for adoption have been well catered forAnimals may have developed bad habits from previous homes/experiences
There’s room to test your compatibility with the animal, after which you can return it if unsatisfiedThe adoption process can sometimes be rigorous or time-consuming.


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