How Much Do Puppies Cost At Petland? + Top 5 Best Petland Puppies To Buy

Puppies at Petland can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000. Puppy prices at Petland are high compared to those of animal shelters and other pet companies like Petco, but there are reasons why this is so.

Key Takeaways:

  • About Petland
  • Petland Puppy prices
  • Why are Petland puppies so expensive
  • Top 5 Best puppies to buy at Petland if you’re a first-time owner

About Petland

Petland is a privately owned pet store franchise that was founded in the year 1967 by Ed Kunzelman. There are currently 131 Petland stores in the US, and it also has branches outside the US in countries like Canada, Japan, China, etc. (for instance Petland Canada Inc. was founded in 1975). Petland headquarters, however, is located in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Petland is popular for the sale of puppies, although it also deals in cats, dog/cat food, dog toys, and other pet supplies. The company is well known for selling pure-bred puppies, with great customer warranty. Their puppies are also known to be quite expensive compared to most other pet stores or franchises. Petland has always been caught up in controversies over its acquisition and sale of puppies. Some accusations claim that the company obtains puppies from puppy Mills: Petland, however, has always made it known that they only obtain puppies from USDA-licensed breeders and animal rescue organizations.

Petland Puppy Prices

Petland Puppy prices vary but generally fall within the range of $2,000 and $10,000. The main factor that determines the price is the breed of the dog. Rare breeds cost a lot more (and the extra-cute breeds as well). Other factors that affect the price of a puppy include the location of the Petland store and the length of stay of the pup (new arrivals cost more than pups that have been in the shop for a while).

Why Are Petland Puppies So Expensive?

Some people have termed the prices of pets at Petland to be outrageous since prices are usually 10× what you get in pet adoption centers for the same breed. However, here are the reasons for the high costs of pets at Petland.

Why Are Petland Puppies So Expensive?

Reputation & popularity

For a company that has been in over 50 years in the business, Petland has gained quite a reputation. Their uniqueness in focusing on pure breeds makes them all the more exclusive. Petland is known for producing standard-quality, cute puppies. You can’t expect a company of such standing to sell its pets at the same price as animal shelters. In addition, Petland is also known to be home to popular dog breeds like bull dogs and pure German shepherds. Popular breeds like these cost more, even at regular animal shelters or pet shops: they go for really high prices at Petland.


Petland offers a variety of dogs for customers to choose from, unlike most other pet franchises. At Petland, you know what you want and get just that. For instance, if you want a German shepherd, you get an authentic German shepherd (not a mixed breed); likewise, if you want any other breed. Most pet stores don’t offer much variety, and even when they do, it’s only a matter of chance that you’ll find the particular type of dog you had in mind. Stocking up a variety of puppies and caring for them is no small task, so Petland prices their animals high.

Pure breeds

Pure-bred dogs are those whose parents and grandparents are of the same breed. These kinds of dogs are desired due to their unique features; mixed breeding in either parents or grandparents reduces or eliminates some features in offspring. Purebred dogs are more expensive than mixed breeds. The only way to get pure-bred dogs is through private breeders. These breeders take care to breed these dogs while trying their best to eliminate genetic defects and diseases. However, finding a breeder for a specific dog breed can be difficult, so Petland helps solve this problem. Petland obtains dogs from private breeders and then displays them in their stores for people to buy. The costs involved in sourcing these specific breeds and acquiring them contribute to the high dog prices at Petland.

Pure breeds

High demand vs. Low Supply

Ever since the pandemic, there has been a recent increase in the demand for puppies in the US. More and more people want animal companions, and most of these folks don’t want stray animals picked by animal shelters but quality pure-bred dogs. The problem is that there aren’t many private breeders in the US, as the job can be pretty expensive and also requires some legal documentation. With the high demand for pure breeds against the low supply from breeders, it’s only natural that prices should escalate: it’s simply the law of demand and supply at play. In the end, pure breeds have become a luxury only the rich can afford.

Care and expenses

Caring for a live animal involves a lot of expenses, especially when trying to keep such an animal healthy for a customer to buy. Petland factors in their feeding, grooming, and treatment costs when selling pets: this is why most times, a store representative may not be the one to tell you the actual price, but the sales manager who has done all the maths and knows what fee will cover the expenses on that puppy. Remember that Petland sells pure-bred dogs, and some breeds have large appetites. Dogs also need veterinary care, and it’s no news that vet treatments are expensive. So you see, Petland needs to set prices that will suffice to keep the business up and running for future pups.

Top 5 Best Puppies To Buy At Petland If You’re A First-Time Owner

Certain dog breeds can be difficult to train or handle; as such, not all dog breeds are suitable for first-time owners. Here are the best dog breeds for first-time owners you can buy at Petland:

Cavalier King Charles SpanielSmall, active, playful, graceful, cute & elegant appearance, courageous, very trainable, non-aggressive
Shih TzuSmall, funny & perky personality, loves outdoor adventures, friendly with strangers, attention-loving, stays fit without much exercise
Golden RetrieverAmong the top 10 dog breeds in the US, very loyal, friendly, not easily aggressive, gentle personality, playful, attention-loving
BoxerProtective, patient, playful, sometimes silly, aloof to strangers, trainable
PoodleVery cute, eager to please their owners, energetic, adaptable, plays well with children

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