Can Dogs Eat Goldfish?

Quick answer – yes, they can. I mean – dogs have a mouth and a set of sharp teeth, don’t they? However, as much as they can eat, they are not supposed to down too much Goldfish crackers.

You and I love the crunchy and delicious taste of Goldfish crackers. They get so tasty until you feel like your furry-furry friend should also taste them. But, hey – hold up! Now, let us look at the nitty-gritty details of this underwater snack (is it really?).

They say too much of something is poisonous, and that is the relationship between dogs and Goldfish crackers. Although the Goldfish crackers are safe for Doggie, you should not allow the dog to consume a lot of it. In the subsequent sections, I will explore this subject’s nuances. Also, I will show you the human snacks that Doggie can eat and those that shouldn’t get anywhere near his muzzle. Or don’t you feel you should know all that? I believe you do.

Well, let’s crack this (see what I did there?)!

What Do Goldfish Crackers Contain?

Here is a table that captures the content in goldfish crackers:

Ingredients used to make Goldfish Crackers
Ingredient Macro DetailIngredient Micro (Specifics )
Unbleached and enriched wheat flourFlour
Reduced Iron
Thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1)
Riboflavin (vitamin B2)
Folic acid
Cheddar cheesePasteurized and cultured milk
Vegetable oilsSunflower
Canola and, or soybean
Less than 2% of: SaltYeastSugarSpicesAutolyzed yeastOnion powder
LeaveningMonocalcium phosphate
Ammonium bicarbonate
Baking soda

What Could Happen If My Dog Eats Lots Of Goldfish Crackers?

The best way to answer this question is to look at the ingredients of Goldfish crackers. Looking at the table in the previous section, you see that of the many elements, the Goldfish crackers have onion powder. Also, salt appears twice – like the snack has two of them (*chuckles*)!

Onion powder, which the snack’s makers get from onion and garlic, is toxic to Doggie. If your dog downs a lot of onion powder, it may develop the following:


2. Bloody urine

3. Anemia

4. Hypernatremia, where the dog gets dehydrated

5. Swelling

6. Disorientation

7. Seizures

If you notice the above symptoms, get on the phone, and talk to your vet.

Let us now deal with the two salts. First, two salts are more than one! Dogs need it in their bodies, but not more than one. More than that makes the dog develops sodium-ion poisoning, and they experience the following symptoms:

1.Severe thirst

2. Excess urination

3. Lethargy

4. Diarrhea

5. Vomiting

If you look at those symptoms, they are severe, and Doggie would experience a lot of pain. If it gets to that point, contact a vet before the condition becomes a fatality.

The cheddar cheese that flavors Goldfish crackers is not healthy for your dogs, because they are artificial.

By that assessment, Goldfish crackers are not the best snacks for your pooch. Plus, do you have to feed them with goldfish? On the market, there are so many food treats that are safe for dogs.

But, since you’re interested in feeding dogs with human snacks, how about we look at a listicle on what human foods dogs can eat? Let’s go! 

What Human Foods Can Dogs Eat?

Now that Goldfish crackers are a little out of the dog-safe options, here is a listicle on other human snacks that Doggie can enjoy:

1.Dairy Products: You know – cheese, milk, plain yogurt, and the like. Let Doggie and Pooch have the products in small quantities so that they avoid digestive problems. Why – you may ask. Well, the enzyme that breaks down sugar milk – lactase – is at low levels in the dog’s system. When they take too many dairy products, the digestive system will get overwhelmed because lactase levels are limited.

2. Carrots: When you let Doggie chew on carrots dices, the plaque that grows on their teeth gets removed. Therefore, the carrots serve to enhance Doggie’s dental care. Also, you may know that carrots are a source of vitamin A. The vitamin improves the skin, coat, and immune system of your dog. As you feed Doggie with carrots, remember to do it in moderation because too much of the vitamin can be toxic. 

3. Cucumber: Is your Doggie overweight? Are you looking for low-calorie types of food? The answer is cucumbers. Also, they are rich in minerals and vitamins.

4. Apples: These beautiful fruits have both vitamin A and C, and fiber. The fiber makes Doggie’s digestion go smoothly, reducing the chances of constipation. Take care that Doggie doesn’t eat rotten or rotting apples, which can cause alcohol poisoning – a fatal condition.

5. White Rice: Yes, the one you cook and down with some stew. If Doggie has a stomach upset, the rice can help in improving digestion and stool binding. As Doggie and Pooch take white rice, take care that they do it moderately because it can raise blood sugar levels.

6. Fish: Talk about protein! All types of fish, whether shrimp, tuna, or salmon, have protein, and fatty acids (omega-3). These nutrients improve the shine of the dog’s coat and its immune system. Apart from that, fish also helps to improve the dog’s circulation of blood. Make sure that the fish gets cooked before Doggie eats it because if taken uncooked, the harmful parasites may clog Doggie’s digestive system.

7. Peanut Butter: What good sits in a scoop of unsalted and unsweetened pee-bee? Niacin, vitamins E and B, protein, and healthy fats. If you’re getting the sweetened type, make sure that the sweetener present is not xylitol. That x-thing is toxic (puts the x in toxic, get it?) and could pin Doggie down bigtime. If Doggie ingests it by mistake, make haste and contact the Animal Poison center.

8. Watermelon: To keep Doggie hydrated in the most natural and fruity way, let them nibble on a slice of watermelon. Make sure that all the seeds get removed, and don’t let Doggie chew on the tough rind to avoid stomach upsets.

9. Blueberries: Experts say that not only are blueberries sweet for dogs, they also have age-related benefits, thanks to the antioxidants present.

10. White (Or Plain) Popcorn: Looking for a for-human treat that is dog-friendly? Try unsalted, unbuttered, and sugarless popcorn – very nutritious. Keeping a dog healthier than healthy requires minerals like zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium, and all those are in the bits of popcorn. Popcorn kernels can choke Doggie, so make sure that they get popped before they get gobbled.

11. Chicken: To deal with stomach upsets, boil some chicken but do not add any seasoning. That will do the trick.

12. Pork: Just like chicken, boil some pork and leave it unseasoned. Then, feed it to the dogs. Make sure that Doggie eats it in small portions because it is fatty. If taken in excess, Doggie may develop pancreatitis. Strictly avoid bacon and ham – those have salt written all over them!

13. Duck And Turkey: Most dog foods have duck and turkey sprinkles. Feed Doggie a cooked and unseasoned turkey or duck that has all the fat removed.

14. Bananas: Make banana treats occasional because they supply Doggie with magnesium for strong and healthy bones. Why occasional? They have lots of sugar!

15. Green Beans: Whether raw or cooked, these beans are healthy snacks, and they contain proteins, iron, calcium, and vitamin K. Always makes sure that they get chopped up before Doggie gets to feast on them.

What Are The Most Dangerous Human Foods For Dogs?

From the start of this article, the discussion has lingered on how good (or bad) human food is to dogs. We somewhat discredited Goldfish crackers because of their particular harm and looked at the neat human snacks that Doggie can nibble. Now, the focus is on the ones that Doggie should never come across. Or, if they do, you need to limit the consumption. But, I advise that you shouldn’t let them eat. Check the table out:   

NO.Human Food/DrinksThe Anti-Dog Element In It/What It Causes In Dogs (Descriptive)EffectsNeed For Veterinarin Attention 5  Is ‘Very Urgent And 2 Is ‘Nothing To Worry About 4 And 3 Are Somewhere In Between.
1.AlcoholAlcohol poisoningSlowly respiratory rateCardiac arrestDeath5
2.Artificial sweetenersAspartameXylitolSaccharinFatal liver failure5
3.AvocadosAvocado pit, when it gets stuck in Doggie’s gutBlockage in the digestive tract4 (if dog swallows pit, but otherwise, avocados are beneficial)
4.Chocolate, caffeine, tea, and coffeeTheobromine/Xantheose – a bitter alkaloidDiarrheaVomitingIncreased urinationMuscle twitchingExcessive pantingHyperactive behaviorWhiningDehydrationDigestive problemsSeizuresRapid heart rate4 (if the chocolate bits get consumed in large quantities)
5.Raisins and grapesAcute kidney failureAnuria (lack of urine production)4
6.Macadamia nutsMacadamia nut toxicosisTrouble standingWobbly walkDepressionMuscle spasmsElevated body temperature and heart rateGeneral body weakness3
7.Peels from potatoes (with a green tinge)SolanineNervous system complicationsDigestive and urinary problems2

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