Can You Rent A Pet Cat? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Cats make very adorable pets, and they’re also cheaper to afford and maintain than most pets. Some people keep cats simply for their cute and lovable nature, while others keep them for their rodent-hunting abilities. However, adopting and raising a cat with all its troubles can be overwhelming at times. This is one reason why some folks prefer keeping a cat only temporarily. There are some circumstances too that would make you want to rent a cat pet – for instance, mice infestation and animal therapy. 

Can You Rent A Cat Pet?

Rent A Cat Pet

Yes, you can rent a cat pet. Though it isn’t common, renting pets is done in several countries by individuals who need them for a short period or a specific purpose. There are many means by which you can rent a cat, one of the best methods is via pet rentals. 

What Are Pet Rentals?

Pet rentals are companies that rent out pets such as cats and dogs to people, at a specific rate, for a certain period. Animal rights advocates often criticize companies like these, and the practice has been banned in a few states. However, it doesn’t change the fact that pet rental companies serve a useful purpose. 

Other Ways Of Renting A Cat Pet

Ways Of Renting A Cat Pet

Pet sitting

Many households and pet companies are looking for somebody to spend time with their cats and look after them for a few hours. This could be an excellent way for you to spend time with a cat. You don’t have to be concerned with its full-time care and accommodation. 

It also provides you with the possibility to make some money. You may find a variety of online businesses, as well as Facebook groups, that can assist you in finding pet-sitting roles. 

Cat Cafés 

Visiting a cat café is the simplest way to rent a cat. You can spend as much time as you want with a cat. All you have to do is pay the café owner according to their prices. A cafe will save you all the stress and paperwork you would’ve done at a pet rental. 

However, it is only available at a limited number of locations. Another factor that makes renting a cat from a café tough is the high cost. 

Borrowing A Cat From A Friend

Yes, borrowing a cat from a friend for a few hours or days is a cheap and convenient option. But it’s only conceivable when you have a neighbor with cats as pets. In most cases, this can be done as a favor without costing money. 

However, it would be best to offer your friend a small fee in exchange for this service.

Situations/Circumstances That Warrant Renting A Cat

Renting A Cat

1. Loneliness

Cats have a way of never making you feel lonely. These little furry babies can wake you up on your bed every morning with their gentle purrs, and they’re naturally made for petting. If you’re renting a new apartment or lodging somewhere for a while, and you need a cat to keep you company, renting one would be the ideal choice. 

Also, if you don’t have the luxury of keeping a cat at home with you, you can pet-sit one at your local cafe or from a friendly neighbor. 

2. Change In Routine

Let’s say you got a new job that keeps you working till late hours. It’ll be a bad idea to keep a cat at home, as it’ll die of malnutrition and may tear your home apart when you’re not there. In this case, renting becomes the only solution. You can rent a cat to stay with you on your work-free days.

Another scenario is when you have to leave your home for a new place for a while, and you can’t take your beloved cat. It’s only natural that you rent a cat for the meantime since you have a cat to return to at home. 

3. Catch Mice 

That’s right; you read that correctly. If you have one or two mice in your home, one option for getting rid of them is to rent a cat from a reputable rental company. It should be noted, however, that you will need to rent a cat that has been specifically trained to capture mice. 

It’s possible that borrowing a typical cat from a friend to do the task will not be a good option. If you want to rent a cat, you can choose from several well-known pet rental providers. 

4. Landlords Do Not Allow Pets In Your Home

 Another reason why individuals choose to rent cats is that they are living in a home where pets are not permitted. Typically, properties are labeled as pet-friendly or non-pet-friendly. However, this does not imply that everyone who likes pets or cats will be able to locate a landlord who will allow them to live on their property. 

In such situations, spending time with cats in specific locations for a few hours is a viable strategy to consider.

5. Animal therapy

In animal therapy, sometimes known as pet therapy, animals are used to help individuals cope with and recover from a variety of physical and mental health disorders. Patients get to choose from a variety of animals, depending on the function of the therapy. Animals that can be used include dogs, horses, cats, and birds, among others. Cats make excellent love pets, and so they’re commonly used. 

Most times, animal therapy only lasts a few weeks or months, so adopting a pet won’t be so favorable. It’s always best to rent a therapy animal for fast and efficient treatment. 

How Much Will It Cost To Rent A Cat?

The cost of renting a cat can range anywhere from nothing to a few hundred bucks. It all boils down to where you’re getting your cat from. Usually, cat cafes are the most expensive. Cat rentals may offer a subscription plan, or pay-as-you-use (you pay based on the number of days you rented the cat). 

Pros and Cons Of Renting A Cat

You get to explore different cats to find your perfect matchToo many owners can make the pet incapable of loving people
It can be very convenient in certain conditions and circumstancesIt is a practice frowned at by animal rights activists, since animals are treated as a commodity
It saves you the trouble of raising a catIt can be very expensive
You get a pet that’s well trained and suited for the purpose at handRental cats often get inadequate care since they’re just commodities to be sold
You can do away with your pet anytime you feel like itRented cats may have behavioral/health conditions that would be otherwise absent in self-raised cats

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