Returning A Dead Fish To PetSmart? Here’s Everything You Should Know

Having a pet fish in a beautiful aquarium in your home can be a very lovely addition to the beauty of your home. A well-lit, well-decorated aquarium with beautiful fish swimming inside is something anyone would admire. This is why most people don’t mind getting rare or exotic pet fishes from stores like PetSmart and Petco to place in their home aquariums. Plus, fishes are not expensive to take care of. However, there are times when fish can get sick or even die due to certain circumstances. In this case, there’s no other option but to return the fish and request a refund or another live fish. But then, this raises the question of whether or not the company (in this case, PetSmart) accepts returned fish.

Can I Return A Dead Fish To PetSmart?

Yes. However, it depends. There’s a specific warranty period PetSmart offers on their fish: you can only return a dead fish to PetSmart within 2 weeks (14 days) from the purchase date. Anything beyond that and your fish will be rejected. Besides this time restriction, there are other terms and conditions for returning a fish to PetSmart.

PetSmart Fish Return Policy

PetSmart’s fish return policy allows you to return any fish to the story so long as it’s within 14 days of the date of purchase. This policy holds for any fish, regardless of its size or specie. PetSmart ensures that only healthy fish are sold to customers, and so they give a 2 weeks warranty.

Other things to know about PetSmart fish return policy

Will I Need A Receipt?

Yes. Before you’ll be allowed to return the fish you bought, you’ll have to present a receipt showing the day you bought it. Without a receipt, your fish will be rejected even if it’s still within the 14-day period.

The only time when a receipt may not be necessary is when you’re a familiar face at the particular shop you bought the fish. The staff there may easily recall you bought the fish there and may pull up your receipt from the database.

Can I Return A Dead Fish To PetSmart?

Also, when returning a fish, you must return it to the exact PetSmart store you bought it; else, it’ll be rejected.

Can I get a refund after returning my fish to PetSmart?

Yes. Basically, when returning a dead fish to PetSmart, you have two options: you can exchange the dead fish for a live one, or you can ask for a refund. Note that if you decide to exchange the fish, you’re allowed to choose either the same type/specie of fish or another type.

You can also request a store credit.

Can I return a Live Fish To PetSmart?

Yes. You can return a Live Fish to PetSmart so long as it’s within 2 weeks of purchase. If, for instance, the fish you bought reacts badly with other fish in the aquarium in your home, or it doesn’t look or behave how you expected, you can return it to PetSmart.

Note that it’s not mandatory to give any explanation for returning the fish: however, if you intend on exchanging it for another one at the store, you’ll have to tell the PetSmart staff why the first one wasn’t right for you. This way, they can help suggest a fish that’ll be perfect for you.

Can I return a sick fish to PetSmart?

Yes, you can return a dead fish to PetSmart. But then again, it must be within the stipulated two weeks period, and you must go with your receipt. Certain things can make a fish get sick: it could be a poor diet, an allergic reaction to the water or plants in the aquarium tank, or stress involved during the process of moving it to your home. This is why experts would advise that you quarantine any new fish bought from a pet store before putting them in a tank can with other fishes. Doing this will help prevent the spread of any sicknesses from the new fish to the previous ones.

Whichever way, PetSmart will accept your sick fish if returned on time.  

Can I return a sick fish to PetSmart?

Can I return an unwanted fish?

Yes, you can. However, PetSmart has a policy that advises customers to be sure of the fish they want to buy. Buying a particular healthy fish and returning it on baseless grounds will not work, especially if you’re looking for a refund. If you must return an unwanted fish for a refund, do so within 14 days. After the 14 days window, if you go to return the fish, PetSmart may accept the fish, but you won’t be given any credit, exchange, or refund. So when buying, take your time and make sure you select the fish that best suits you.

Some Types of fish sold at PetSmart

Cory Catfish4 – 10
Blood-red Parrot Cichlid20 – 27
African Cichlid7 – 13
Ghost Shrimp1 – 3
Lamp eye tetra3 – 5
Koi9 – 18
Goldfish1 – 5
Guppies3 – 20

How Does PetSmart Handle Returned Fish?

If you’re wondering what usually becomes of any dead or sick fish you return to PetSmart, the answer is simple. PetSmart quarantines any returned fish for about 1 week or more. They carefully observe the fish during this period, and when the fish shows no signs of illness, it’s transferred to another tank containing other quarantined fishes, and further monitoring is done.

If the returned fish is confirmed to be totally healthy, it will be put in its rightful tank on display for another customer to buy.

PetSmart Return Policy For Small Animals

Just like with fish, PetSmart has a return policy for small pets bought at the store. If you buy a small pet from any PetSmart store and it gets sick or dies, you can return it to the store you bought it and ask for a refund or exchange. You can also return an animal that doesn’t fit well or behave well in your home. However, as with fishes, returns must be done within 14 days of purchase. Also, you’ll have to come along with the pet in question and the receipt you were given.

Note that when returning animals, you may be asked some questions (for instance, you may be asked about how the animal died). But this doesn’t change anything; you just need to answer honestly; they’ll still honor your request.


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