What Are The Most Adorable Kinds Of Pet Tarantulas?

Whenever we talk of spider pets, perhaps the first or only thing that pops into the mind of anyone are Tarantulas. Apart from being cute, exotic, and hairy, these creatures are known to be extremely docile; plus, they hardly bite. Another thing that pet Tarantulas are known for is their long lifespans: These spiders can live for up to 25 years; however, they need proper care to live this long in captivity.

What Are The Most Adorable Kinds Of Pet Tarantulas
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Tarantulas can make a perfect pet for people looking to own a unique pet that’s easy to care for, and won’t ruin things in their homes as dogs and cats do. As appealing as it would be to own a tarantula, deciding on which one to buy can be an issue since there are more than 850 different species out there. So in this article, we carefully compiled the best, most adorable pet Tarantulas for you.

What Are The Most Adorable Kinds Of Pet Tarantulas

Here’s a comprehensive list of the top 7 most adorable pet Tarantulas.

1. Mexican Redknee Tarantula

This Tarantula species are found in Guerrero, Mexico. It is the most popular specie of Tarantula in Mexico, due to its attractive appearance. The Redknee Tarantula is easily identified by its bright orange-red coloring on its knees and parts of its legs.

You can easily find these species in pet stores anywhere in the world, except, of course, they’re out of stock.

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2. Green Bottle Blue Tarantula

When we talk of Tarantulas that are beautiful, whether in the tank or the forest, you can’t fail to mention the “Green Bottle Blue” Tarantula. This Tarantula is multicolored, having a mixture of green, blue, and orange on its body, with royal blue legs.

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The cuteness of this species makes them highly sought after by pet owners. They are brightly colored, quick, and skittish. However, though they make very good spider pets on display, they aren’t very docile.

The Green Bottle Blue is a good choice for first-time spider owners, and it may cost up to $100.

3. Curly Hair Tarantula

What makes the curly hair tarantula very adorable is its very docile and calm nature: these spiders have no problem sitting on your arm all day. They are named for their long, brown, slightly curled hairs that cover a major part of their body.

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The curly hair tarantula is native to Costa Rica, and they are ground dwellers. They are great for first-time owners as they aren’t very expensive and don’t require too much space or attention.

4. Chilean Rose Tarantula

This Tarantula is native to Chile and is known to have varying colors ranging from light tan to rose-colored brown. If you’re seeking a cute, low-budget, low-maintenance Tarantula, this is the species for you. They have similar patterns to the Redknee Tarantula, but aren’t so beautifully colored as the Redknee Tarantulas.

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The Chilean Rose Tarantula is a docile and submissive species, but they don’t quite like to be handled too often. However, they’re good entertainers in their tanks, and can survive harsh temperature changes.

5. Antilles Pink Toe Tarantula

The most popular pet Tarantula is the Antilles Pink Toe. These spiders are loved for their unique appearance: most of its body is black or brown with shades of blue or magenta, but the tips of their legs have a bright pink or orange color. They are naturally tree dwellers native to Martinique, though they’re mostly bred in captivity.

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If you’re considering getting a Pink Toe Tarantula, you should get a tall tank with a few tall trees or branches in it. Also, you should maintain a high humidity of 70 to 80 percent. Apart from this, Pink Toes are generally docile and easy to care for.

6. Mexican Redleg Tarantula

The Mexican Redleg Tarantula is another adorable species from Mexico. They are named after their red or orange-colored legs. Unlike the red knee, this specie’s entire leg is colored red while having a black or brown-colored abdomen. Redlegs are not so popular, but they are very docile and rarely bite.

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If you need a pet Tarantula that requires little or no maintenance and tolerates frequent handling, the Redleg is a good choice. They aren’t too skittish or creepy, but they’re usually active; you may find them burrowing into their substrate or hunting for food in their tanks. Redlegs can live for up to 30 years and can cost as much as $70.

7. Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula

This list won’t be complete if these spider species are left out. The Zebra Tarantula is native to Costa Rica and is rightly named due to its unique color pattern. Their uppermost body is black or brown with a white color surrounding its edges where the legs meet the thorax, their abdomen is mostly brown or purple, and their legs have black and white contrasting colors with stripes in some cases. The resulting appearance makes it look like a zebra in spider form.

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These spiders make a very good exhibition. But apart from being cute, they are also very durable, adaptable, and docile. Zebra Tarantulas are easy to care for, and their venoms aren’t dangerous to humans. To top it all off, you can get these adorable spiders for as little as $25.

8. Arizona Blonde Tarantula

This spider is also known as the desert blonde. They are mostly found in Arizona, in the southwestern United States. This spider is usually brown or black with blonde colorations on its face and front legs.

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Arizona Blondes are very easy to find, as they are a US species. They make good pets and are well-suited for beginners. If you’re looking for a small-sized, docile pet Tarantula that’s easy to care for, the Arizona Blondes are a good choice.

Most Dangerous Tarantula Species You Should Avoid

Not all Tarantulas are docile and cute for you to pet. Some are incredibly hostile and venomous. Here’s a list of some Tarantulas you should avoid:

Tarantula name/specieSizeTraits/Characteristics
Fringed OrnamentalVery LargeHighly venomous, fast runner, good climber, attractive
Orange baboonMediumBeautiful orange color, grows fast, fast, aggressive, powerful venom, drums with its front legs
Chinese Bird TarantulaLargeMost venomous Tarantula (causes muscle paralysis), very aggressive, Black coloration
Queensland Whistling TarantulaVery LargeHighly potent venom (can kill a dog), makes a hissing sound,
Blue Sapphire TarantulaLargeVery rare, bright blue color, extremely painful bite, very potent venom

Do Tarantulas Make Good Pets?

Yes, they do. However, not all species are docile, and some are quite poisonous. One thing that makes tarantulas great pets is that they are fun to watch in their tanks, and they’re cheap to buy and maintain: A Tarantula can be fed only once a week, and it’d be just fine. If you wish to have a pet Tarantula you can fondle or play with, go for a docile specie. All the species listed in this article are docile, adorable, and very suited for first-time owners.

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