Reputable Dog Breeders In Melbourne

Here Is A Tabulation Of The Reputable Dog Breeders You Can Find In Melbourne, Australia:

Breeder NameDog Breed Of Focus
All the breeders are in the State of Victoria, and most of them are in Melbourne
Karazma KennelsBritish Bulldog
Caleebra KennelsFinnish Lapphunds
Bullpatchy Bull TerriersBull Terrier
Von ListonDoberman
Anican American Staffordshire Terrier Breeder
AugsrottGerman Shepherd
Takas VolkodavAnatolian ShepherdCentral Asian Shepherd
RumetumoveDogue De BordeauxShar Pei
DynabullBritish Bulldog
Mambilou KennelsFrench Bulldog
JodielassieLabrador Retriever
VonbiosGerman Shepherds
Ehana Finnish LapphundsFinnish Lapphund
BewtifulbulBritish Bulldog Breeder
FrencharmFrench Bulldog Breeder
Baston EdgeFrench Bulldogs
Vonbeauty KennelsGerman Shepherd
Gnic KennelMiniature Poodle
Aimfor TerriersSealyham TerrierCairn Terrier
Alltalk WhippetsWhippet
Kanyas KennelsScottish TerrierWest Highland White Terrier
Calleigh Jack RussellsJack Russell Breeder
IndavalebullBritish Bulldogs
YorkparkAiredale TerrierWelsh Terrier
Jonje Standard PoodlesPoodle
Arendt KennelsGerman Shorthaired PointerBasset Fauve De Bretagne
Everglo French BulldogsFrench Bulldog Breeder
Abbiestar VizslasHungarian Vizsla

Now, let us step out of the reputable dog breeders in Melbourne and into some info about the reputation of breeders.

Knowing If A Breeder Is Reputable

Out there, many breeders have great reputations. If you Google or Bing the question, you will be presented with so many positive comments. Breeders of repute work on raising healthy, well socialized, and sound puppies amidst all the difficulties. Quality breeders usually care about their productions.

Before anything else, you should know that getting the best pet depends entirely on you. Before you pick up your phone, get the homework done. You need to know the acceptable standards of the breed you are interested in and the nitty-gritty details such as traits, color, and size. This can be effectively done when you visit the AKC and UKC pages.

Since there are many dog breeds, you first need to know the specific breed you want to focus on. The Internet will be helpful, but you can make the search specific by visiting websites belonging to breed rescues. 

Now, you will go through some points that will help you identify a reputable breeder. If the person you are consulting does not meet more than 75% of them, do not buy any dog from them – JUST GO AWAY!

The Pointers Themselves

1. They Should Present You With Several Specific Health Checks That The Adult Dogs Have Already Gone Through

Before a reputable breeder put up their dogs for sale, they should have ticked the boxes against all of the following health checks: OFA (heart, hips), CERF (eye), BAER (hearing), and blood clotting (or the Von Willebrands Disease).

However, those may not be the only checks. Health checks are different with a difference in breeds. So, since you have a breed in mind, you need to know what health checks they should get. Then, you can compile a list and then present it as questions to the breeder.

Look away if the breeder gives a general statement like, ‘The dogs have all been vet checked.’ Since the dog’s problems are not general, the breeder should make their comments as specific as they can get.

2. The Breeder Should Be Ready To Take Back The Dog As A Sort-A Lifetime Guarantee

If a breeder does their job well, they should be very possessive about their pups. They should objectively tell you that you may return the dog if you cannot continue parenting. A breeder who spent their time bringing up a dog will not want it to end up in an animal shelter. The breeder will go ahead and prepare a document for the guarantee to be a contracted one.

3. The Breeder Should Make You Present A Formal Application, Either Online Or Written

Because the breeders put in a lot of work into bringing up their dogs, they should want you to sign up formally. They won’t just give out their pups like candy – they will want all your details in KYC (Know Your Customer) fashion. In the application, the breeder will be taking you through some screening to ensure that you have all it takes to care for the dogs. They will ask about your lifestyle, finances, and home conditions to know if you’ll be a good pet parent.

So, if you get a breeder who wants to give you the dog without taking you through some application process, look the other way and try another option.

4. The Breeder Will Attempt To Talk About The Different Needs And The Temperament Of The Dog

As you may already know, there are different dog breeds. Each breed has some specific needs, and the requirements of one cannot be transferred to the other. For example, the breed you are interested in could be the drooling kind and one that has high predatory instincts. Those details should be given to you by the breeder. If the dog is strictly an indoor animal that needs frequent grooming, the breeder should tell you before you ask.

On top of that, the breeder should present balanced information. As they sing praises about the breed, they should also talk about its faults. If a dog is likely to become obese, the breeder should inform you explicitly so that you get to prepare.

You should look away if a breeder keeps insisting on the positives and just brushing through the negatives as if they mean nothing to the life of the dog.

5. The Breeder Should Guide The Purchase With A Contracted Mode.

The breeder should be ready to present you with a contract documenting items like neuter/spay requirements, health guarantees, and special suggestions for training and care. A quality breeder will house all the truths about the dog in the document.

6. The Reputable Breeder Should Show You Proof Of The Pup’s Clean Bill Of Health

The record you receive should have any of the following details: dates of worming or deworming, a description of each gotten shot, any health issues, and the date of whelping. All that information is essential because when you take the pup for a checkup, the vet will ask for the written information, which will make the medical attention smooth.

Look away if the breeder just pulls out of a piece of paper and writes some information. The details they may scribble down may not be very accurate.

7. The Breeder Will Work On A Careful Plan To Sell The Litter Before It Is Even Born

Sometimes, reputable breeders use the images of the litter’s parents for advertising. So, you may need to wait until you get the puppy. Also, breeders sometimes work with prospective clients. If they see good feedback about the litter’s parents, they will make arrangements and get qualified buyers. Then, they will start breeding when they get enough buyers. You may enter a list of prospective buyers if you make the cut.

If you are speedy about getting a dog, a breeder may dupe you and give you a backyard-bred or a puppy-mill dog.

8. The Breeder Should Get You To Their Place Of Business Or Their Home

Because they believe in their business and brand, a quality breeder will not falter or fidget when you ask about visiting them. You should get a chance to visit the pup’s parents. During those meetings, you will get an opportunity to see how the puppy you get will turn out. Also, you will assess the living conditions of the animals. The place of business of a reputable dog breeder should be friendly, healthy, warm, and clean.

A breeder who avoids taking you to where they do their breeding business is not worth your attention. Avoid breeders who ask you to meet at parking lots to close deals while showing you a few pictures.

9. Reputable Breeders Are Specialists – They Do Not Focus On More Than Two Breeds

If you paid attention to the table about reputable dog breeders in Melbourne, Victoria, you realize that a breeder has a focus breed. You know a breeder by the dog breeds they focus on. A reputable breeder who is serious about their job will focus on learning about the health, requirements, needs, heritage, and temperament of the breeds. So, this means that it would be overwhelming for a breeder to specialize in many breeds.

Backyard breeders and puppy millers will tell you they can get any breed you need. They will even deal with other pets like cats and hamsters. Those, my dear esteemed reader, is not to be trusted.

10. Breeders Of Repute Will Work On Puppy Socialization

Because a breeder knows that its pups will end up in human homes, they will try to socialize them. When the buyer gets its puppies, they will be ready to enjoy a home environment as they have already been accustomed to people.

The breeder should tell you if the puppies you’re getting have been socialized enough. Do not take a pup that has been isolated for the longest time. An isolated puppy may have aggressive tendencies throughout its young life and into its adulthood.

11. Quality Breeders Will Only Let You Have A Puppy That Is At Least Two Months (8 Weeks) Old

Since the breeder has records, you should know about the puppy’s age. A breeder will spend most of the eight weeks giving the pup space with its mother. A pup must live with its littermates to learn some doggy life skills.

You need to be aware of puppy millers and backyard breeders as they only see their animals as moneymakers. They will want to sell their pups as soon as they can. If you get a dog a little too early, they may develop long-term problems that may cost you a lot of vet money.

12. One Of The Qualities Of A Reputable Breeder Is Accessibility

A breeder of repute will not hesitate in giving out his or her contact details. On top of that, they should give room for questions. If you leave them a message, they will be more than ready to assist. As mentioned before, you should know where they live together with the puppies.

If you’re dealing with an elusive person who does not give you info about their area of operation, it would be best if you looked away. A responsible breeder will have nothing to hide and will always present themselves. Platforms like AnyWho will help you know if the phone number the breeder gives you is listed or available. Always look out to see if the breeder is trying to hide something. If you do, consider looking at other options.

Get Help From Your Local Rescue Before You Make Any Purchase

Rescues are institutions that have a particular interest in dog breeds. If you’re looking for a specific type of dog, getting to rescue will open you to the pups you want to get from a breeder. Once you take a look at them, you will know quality lines, and thus, you will know which breeder to trust.

How To Avoid A Backyard Breeder

Anyone who sets out to look for a reputable breeder may not have the information and confidence needed. In the end, you may end up dealing with the wrong person and living the rest of your life with a problematic pup. As you go shopping, the vital thing to know is where to draw the line between reputation and irresponsibility. What are the skills you need to have to identify an irresponsible breeder?

Sadly, many dog breeders lack the ethics needed to run a quality breeding business. Those people come into breeding with a commercialized mind and will do anything to get profits. The welfare of the animals will be the least of their concerns.

What Is The Definition Of A Backyard Breeder?

Many times, this term is used to describe breeders who have little knowledge and experience about the job. They bring together dogs and bitches without caring much about pedigree. Also, they have little concern about registering their dogs with the right breed club or kennel club.

As compared to people who run puppy mills, back yard breeders are not taken as unethical people. However, many people do not see them as responsible enough to be trusted.

Why Is It Essential For Back Yard Breeders To Be Avoided?

Although they claim to be bringing up purebred dogs, these breeders are always looking for money. They bring together dogs and let them reproduce without taking time to understand their backgrounds. They do not look at the overall health and genetic issues. So, they end up bringing forth puppies whose pedigrees are not very sharp.

As compared to breeders of repute, backyard breeders sell their puppies at relatively low prices, you know, the kind you would get at pet stores. These low prices are usually high because if you buy their pups, you would be promoting their shoddy work.

Many times, breeders who are all about the money do not offer guarantees for their puppies.

In some cases, someone may just accidentally breed dogs and got litters. Then, the person or the family may continue doing it for fun a few times. Those methods are not recommended in the breeding world because the resultant puppies may be unwanted and unhealthy. Actually, if someone sells their puppies without following the proper procedure, they are engaging in unethical practice.

If you get a puppy from a breeder who lacks the appropriate knowledge, things down the road may not be as good. You may end up going to the vet many times because of an unhealthy dog. If you have no problem with getting a pup that doesn’t have a pedigree, you can go to rescue groups or local shelters. Although the puppies or dogs there may not be the best, they are already subjected to vet check and are thus healthy.

Avoiding Backyard Breeders And The Unethical Ones In General

If you’re looking at getting a purebred dog, you may first need to engage in a search for a reputable breeder. If you don’t find things like parental information and papers important, you can try adoption.

Start by visiting rescue groups that deal specifically with the breed in question. Also, you can look at an animal shelter near you. Starting with these institutions will help you stay away from bad breeders.

They say the worse thing – as compared to bad breeders – is getting your pup from a pet store. Generally speaking, a pet store is like a Target or Walmart stacked with cats, hamsters, and puppies. A pet store owner is less likely to care for individual pets; they may only be after the profits. When you get into a pet store, you are seen as a business promoter and not a future pet parent.

For anyone going for dog breeders, you need to see some references. Talk to previous clients and make visits to see those dogs. Check if the breeder is part of the local or national breeding club.

Final Subsection: The Questionnaire To Give The Dog Breeder You Meet

A good breeder should give you room to ask all the questions without having any issues. Actually, they will appreciate the fact that you are concerned about the dog. While you may be having the questions you want to ask, this section will open you up to some specific ones. They will help you to know if you’re dealing with a caring breeder or a quack.

1. How Long Have You Been In The Business Of Breeding Dogs? Then, How Long Have You Specifically Bred This Or That Type Of Dog?

You expect to be dealing with an experienced breeder. So, when they say a couple of years, you should be delighted at the info. It would also be a plus if they talked about a mentor they had been working with. If they mention tutelage, you should have confidence in their work.

2. Do You Sell Any Of Your Dogs On The Internet, To Wholesalers, Puppy Brokers, And Pet Stores?

If they give you an affirmative answer, you should leave their presence. Whatever he is doing is probably shoddy work.

3. Can You Talk About The Grandparents And Parents Of The Breed?

A reputable breeder will have no problem talking about the history of the dog you want to get. If they go back a few generations, it means that they have been monitoring the breed for a long time.

4. Are There Any Health Issues That The Parent Dogs Are Tested For Before Breeding Happens? 

This was mentioned earlier, but there is no harm in repeating it. First, you need to know the tests that are specific to the breed. If the breeder is yet to test them, you should neither give them your money nor your attention.

5. Are There Any Registration Papers Available?

The breeder should be able to present breed registration papers for both the parents and the puppies. If they can’t, you should just look the other way.

6. Are There Any Vet Records?

Vet records are essential. Both the parents and the puppies need to have gone through some procedures. You can be patient with a breeder who plans to deworm or vaccinate the dogs. If they don’t look very concerned, you can leave without the pups.

7. What Will Happen If The Pup You Sell Me Gets Diagnosed With A Genetic Disease?

This question should open you up to the breeder’s guarantee plan. Don’t just take their word for it, contract with them. Set your terms – you may want a part of or the entire fee if such a thing happens. Also, they should be present as the dog gets treated. A reputable breeder will not have any problems if you present such terms.

8. Can You Give Me Contacts Of Pet Parents That You’ve Already Worked With?

If they make confidentiality claims, you should persist on the issue. Talking to previous clients should give you a hint at their reputation. If you can’t speak to previous clients, ask if you can engage with the breeders’ mentors (this is a good option if the breeder you’re dealing with is new to the industry).

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