Does Irish Spring Soap Keep Mice Away?

The question to this answer depends on who you give attention to. Reports have it that some people have engaged in their own experimentation on the issue. They have found out that the soap does not repel mice that much. In fact, they say that the deodorant soap becomes food for them.

A homeowner who saw it first-hand reports that when he left pieces of the Irish Spring soap around his house, it had chew and tooth marks on it. Many people swear that Irish Spring soap is effective against mouse invasions but is only a temporary fix. Once the mice stop seeing the soap as a threat, they will go past it and enter your home.

And mice do not behave that way only to Irish spring soap; they do so to other home remedies. Mothballs, like bobcat pee, also work temporarily. The mice will only be scared of the soap for a short period. Here is a testimony from someone who put the deodorant soap to the test:

“I took a bar of the deodorant soap known as Irish Spring soap then cut off a small 1-inch piece. Then, I cut the piece into a square measure of 1-inch square. I took the square piece of soap and put it in the places I had seen droppings. I also put it in the vehicle since the mice were also invading it. I then watched in waiting. Apparently, the Irish Spring soap has a powerful smell that repels rodents. No rats nor mice have come near our home and vehicle again. So, I can confidently say that it works well. If you want to keep mice and rats away from your sheds, garages, and house, give the soap a try.”

The Irish Spring Soap And Dealing With Mice: A Helpful Guide

In the starter, we have established that there are both supporting and opposing views on the effectiveness of the Irish Spring Soap on mice. This section has chosen to support the view. Here, you will get all the guidance you need to deal with mice using the soap. You need to know that you will not use the whole bar in one place since that would be a waste of money. You do not need to use many bars in one small place to affect the mice in your house significantly. It would help if you cut the Irish Spring soap into small chunks. Then, it would help if you spread the pieces around the house. With that, you will get better coverage, that is, for the short term.

If you cannot find any Irish Spring soap around you, try and get some strong perfume scents, and they may help you out. Mice and rats hate the fragrances produced by the perfumes and will try to avoid them. If you want to avoid the deodorant soap and turn to an eco-friendlier means of deterring mice from entering your house, go for garlic and herbs. These have strong odors that work well both outside and inside – they take care of every nook and cranny of your home.

Mice And Irish Spring Soap: Do They Hate The Smell Of It?

The most straightforward answer is yes – yes, they do. The soap, as you may already know, has a strong fragrance. Mice have a very sharp sense of smell, and the scent will irritate them a lot. But, it won’t be a problem forever as it is not a permanent fix.

Let’s talk about mice in your RV. If you camp and travel a lot in different areas, you can take advantage of the effects of this soap. The mice will not have that much time to get used to the soap’s odor, and they will likely stay away from your RV.

As alluded to in multiple places before this point, the soap may not work for a long time if you stay in one spot for weeks or months on end. To deal with the mice effectively, you will need to combine the Irish spring soap with menthol-smelling items and lavender. These will give you an advantage – a three-pronged attack – against the mice that want to explore your RV and your home.

Why Does The Deodorant Soap Keep A Mouse Away?

Since the Irish Spring cannot launch an attack on the mice, the smell is the only thing that will keep the critters away. As mentioned earlier, the soap is not a permanent method and will only deter mice for a short while. If you choose to combine the soap with other products, ensure that the other products do not contain harmful ingredients that can harm small children or pets. Ensure you check the safety information and components of the other products before getting any rodent-repelling products.

Away From The Soap: The Dry Sheets That Can Keep Mice Away

Bounce is among the best dryer sheets that you can use in this kind of situation. Apart from having a repellent odor, it is a more humane way of dealing with a rodent infestation. For some reason, mice usually find it unpleasant and may not want to be around it. The critical thing is to change the Bounce dryer sheet and not leave it in one spot for too long. Once it loses its fragrance, the mice may start nibbling into it and make their nests out of the sheets. If you want to start using these strong-smelling sheets, you need to locate the mice’s entry point.

Other Scents That Keep The Mice Away

As you may have already picked out, there is no particular scent that executes the trick of keeping mice away effectively. You can have a tropical breeze fragrance, a circus one, and so on. The bottom line is that what drives mice away is not the type of scent but its strength.

Irish Spring Soap 101: Using It For Mice

There are proper ways that you can use deodorant soap as a repellent for mice. First, you can choose to cut the bar into small 1/2 –inch cubes. Then, you can spread them out through your home or RV at strategic points. The other option is using them in very breathable fabric pouches. Then, you will let airflow to do the business of fragrance distribution. This has the potential of making the mice stop eating the soap cubes when you’re not paying attention to them.

So, Is It Irish Spring Or Zest For Mice?

It does not matter the brand of soap that you decide to use. The same goes for the sheets. Brands don’t really affect mice repellence. Whatever does the trick is the fragrance. If you get a Zest bar that gives out a strong odor, it will probably accomplish the mission. That applies to all off-brand soap bars and any other brand names. As we have reiterated throughout the article, an essential thing in mice repellence is using a strong and unpleasant odor to drive the mice away. If there are some herbs or strong-smelling spices, crush them or use them whole.

Tips To Help You Avoid Mice In Your Home Or RV

If the Irish Spring soap or any other soaps do not work, you can turn to granules or sprays to ensure that the job is done. Some granules actually have poison in them, so you need to handle them with care. On top of that, keep your pets away from them since they could get sick by eating them. Granules work by emitting a strong and foul odor to keep all rodents away.

A spray with various strong fragrances can discourage mice from coming into your house. You can pick a mint spray because it works just like the garden mint plants. As you can see, there are some alternatives to using the Irish Spring soap. So, if the deodorant bar of soap can’t help with mice repellence, what exactly can it do? Keep reading to find out.

Other Uses Of The Irish Spring Soap

In this final section, we will look at what the Irish Spring Soap can do. The following table summarizes the functions noted in this portion:

Uses Of The Irish Soap
An air freshener
As sachets in drawers
To control soot
To deodorize footwear (shoes)
To lubricate toughened zippers
To sew a pincushion
To fix a sticking drawer
To treat stains on clothing
To fix a wall’s hole
To calm your legs if they are restless
To stop a door from squeaking
To remove fog from a mirror

A. As An Air Freshener

The soap can help to improve the air situation in your home effectively. Your rooms will become clean and fresh, like a whistle. There are more resources online that can help you to make your own air freshener.

B. As Sachets In Drawers

Linens and clothes are susceptible to developing musty smells, and they can also become stale. You can either tuck the soap bar (or any other brand) into a drawer. Whenever you open the draw, the scent coming out will keep every fabric there smelling super fresh.

C. To Control Soot

Do you use a skillet or cast iron pot over an open fire? If you do, you must know that the item can quickly become sooty. To prevent it from happening, water a bar of the Irish Soap and run it on the bottom of the pot or skillet. This should be done before you place your cooking item on the burning coals.

D. To Deodorize Footwear (Shoes)

Have you ever sniffed into your sneakers and picked out a not-so-fresh smell? Well, we’ve all been there. What can help you is a fresh Irish Spring soap bar. What you need to do is take two fresh bars and tuck them inside each shoe. Then, leave the ‘mixture’ overnight.

E. To Lubricate Toughened Zippers

If there is one thing that can put a damper on your otherwise good day, it is a stuck zipper. To lubricate them, rub a dry bar of the Irish Spring Soap along the zipper’s teeth. Ensure that you get the teeth coated below and above the stuck areas.

F. To Sew A Pincushion

If you’re altering, crafting, or sewing a garment, stick needles and pins into a bar of soap. Since the soap has oils, the sewing item will get a smoother gliding through the fabric. Also, the soap’s fragrance will be a bonus.

G. To Fix A Sticking Drawer

You can use any bath soap or the Irish Spring soap to lubricate a wooden drawer. It would be best to rub the soap bar over the specific areas where the dresser meets with the drawers.

H. To Treat Stains On Clothing

Ensure that you have a bar of Irish Spring soap in your laundry room. Wherever you find your clothes having oily stains, you can rub the soap directly. Apart from oily stains, soap works well on crayons, cosmetics, and sweat stains.

I. To Fix A Wall’s Hole

If you have any naked nail holes, you can use this deodorant soap to patch them up. Before you rub the soap over the hole, ensure that it is dampened. While covering the hole, rub until it disappears from view.

J. To Calm Your Legs If They Are Restless

RLS, or the Restless Leg Syndrome, can keep someone tossing and turning throughout the night. If you are losing sleep because of leg cramps or RLS, try and tuck the bar soap under your sheets. If you can’t get Irish Spring soap, you can use Dove, Ivory work, or Dial. So, you can try out any brand to see which one works best.

K. To Stop A Door From Squeaking

If there is a noisy door that keeps making you feel nuts, stop it with the Irish Spring soap. Take the bar and rub it thoroughly on the hinges’ crevices. The soap rubs will get the hinges greased, and the squeaking will quieten.

L. To Remove Fog From A Mirror

When you’re cleaning your bathroom mirror next, ensure that you follow up with some Irish Spring Soap. First, rub the soap’s bar across the mirror’s surface. Once you’re done, wipe it all off with a dry and soft cloth. A light layer will be left to help fog from covering the mirror, especially from the shower stream.

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