What Happens When A Dog Knots You?

Knotting is a sexual phenomenon that happens to a male dog when it intercourses with a bitch. So, unless you’re engaging with a dog sexually, there is no way that knotting will happen. But what if the unthinkable happens? What if you get it on with a dog? Hey, I’m talking to you, girl! And even you, boy (we all know that the anus is an entry point and an erogenous zone).

Let’s imagine that a dog knots any of your entry points. The experience will be similar to that of a dog knotting inside a bitch. When the dog’s penis enters, the swelling will start, and the dog will attempt to lock itself inside. If yours is a large one (like a Rottweiler or a Great Dane), you could get damaged in the rectal area. Since those big dogs mate furiously, the bone-like thing in their penis will make it very painful for a human to keep up with the session.

If anyone decides to mouth the penis, the knotting can also happen. Actually, things can get ugly because of the penis’ hardness – it can cause soft tissue damage to the throat area.

And forget about the knotting for a while; what about dog semen? Since dogs constantly ejaculate when mating and even after knotting, you may drown in the liquid. Indeed, that sounds too disgusting and should beat you out of the whole curiosity about knotting.

So, to avoid the eew-ish subject, let’s talk about dogs and what happens during mating. From this point onwards, this read will focus on why dogs get stuck and knotted during sexual activity. Stick around till the end because I’m sure there’s info here that’ll knock you off!

Dogs And Getting Stuck During Mating

If you’ve ever witnessed intercourse between a bitch and her mate, you know that things don’t usually have a happy ending. The scene becomes a little too scary since one of the dogs starts acting like they are stuck – and it is typically the male, mostly.

If you’re a breeder, you can get anxious when you see the dogs in the glued, awkward position. For humans, there is nothing to do rather than sit and watch things happening. But you needn’t feel weird, worried, or any kind of I-need-to-do-something feeling. Things eventually normalize, and the dogs get their freedom from each other.

The knot, or what some sources call the copulatory tie, is a biologically normal thing that you’ll understand as you read between the lines that follow:

Why Does Knotting Happen?

Because it does – that’s why. Anyway, dogs get stuck because it is the main stage in dog intercourse, and an organ is at the center of all the attention: the bulbus glandis.

This organ (an erectile tissue) sits at the base of the doggy penis. It has one primary role: keeping the ejaculate in the female’s system. For that to happen, it expands (while inside the uterus) and gets locked there. This is a natural adaptation to ensure that conception occurs.

When you see a dog knotting another, smile; nothing terrible is happening, and everything is just going according to plan.

While Mating Happens, How Long Does The Male Knot The Female?

Well, butts will rub each other for anything between 5 and 15 minutes, so it can be a long while before the action dies. Sometimes, the knot will last about 30 minutes before nature calls it off.

But it depends on how the dogs are behaving at the time of the tie. If both of them are calm, the bulbus glandis will contract, and everything will be over. If both dogs are whining and trying to pull each other, well, the position will last.

There is one rule to follow for breeders or anyone who is witnessing the mating position: DO NOT INTERRUPT. You only need to wait for about 20 minutes without making any move, and viola, things will normalize. Once the male dog ejaculates, the bulbus glandis will experience a period of toughness before it starts to relax.

Take your walk; the two love birds (or dogs, haha!) will be done in no time!

Knotty Stages: How The Sexual Tie Evolves

For many canines (wolves, dogs, et cetera), the knot is a vital part of the sexual business. When those animals mate, some stages follow, and getting stuck happens either during or after the dog has ejaculated.

1. The Male Successfully Mounts The Female

When the female starts its flirtatious moves (of showcasing her genital area), the dog gets appetized. It will stop whatever it is doing (playing with toys, et cetera) and move closer to the bitch. Then, the dog will rise to the occasion (literally).

2. The Male Moves Into The Vulva

While on top, the dog needs to make readjustments until it has located, identified, and penetrated the vulva. If the dog is having sex for the first time, it may need help from the human or breeder in charge.

3. The Male Climaxes In The Female

The dog does not hump too much. Once it successfully locates the vulva, ejaculation follows shortly after. The fluid that comes out includes semen together with the prostatic fluid.

The Male Knots The Female

This stage has not been placed in order since it can happen anytime around the ejaculation stage. During the knotting, the dog’s penis is enlarged. After ejaculation occurs, the penis shrinks, and the knot contracts. Eventually, the dogs’ butts get off each other.

Something Worth Noting: Pain During The Copulatory Tie

When the male knots the female, things can be pretty painful. For example, if breeding is happening for the first time, the sexual process and the knotting stage can knock the dog off. It is because of the breeding inexperience that the dog develops confusion. If the dog does not position itself well, it will feel uncomfortable and painful until the very end of things.

Final Words: When A Dog Knots You, What Do You Do?

Before I even kick out this topic, you should know that a dog knotting a human isn’t socially acceptable. I mean, many will find it scandalous when you ask such questions, but I won’t. Actually, many forums open you up to the bottomless pit that is human curiosity.

But off with the judge-y tone. If your dog knots you, remain calm. The dog (which will be male) will try to pull itself out, and one of you needs to get things together. So, if you can, relax, even if the experience is painful. It won’t be long until the dog is done. We’re done here.

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