What Do Vegans Feed Their Dogs?

Going vegan is quite a significant move in anyone’s life. I mean, the sound of living a meatless life is a little shaky. But vegans are there, and when they decide to go meatless, they often want to pull their pets to their side. From this read, I picked out that one Lagusta Yearwood adopted a dog – the Mexican breed called the Xoloitzcuintli. She makes a homemade vegan mix with flaxseed oil, orange vegetables, pinto beans, quinoa, and some other supplements as a vegan.

And that begs the question – do vegan pets exist? Since dogs are carnivorously omnivorous, it is easy to switch their diet from a meat-based to a plant-based one. There’s always more to something, which is why this article has been prepared for you.

This read has the low-down on feeding dogs a vegan diet. So, stick around till the end to get answers to some critical questions. See you at the last period!

Can Our Furry Canine Friends Cross To The Meatless Side?

Many people assume that dogs are carnivorous because of their ancestry. They came from wolves, and the basic understanding is that wolves eat meat. But dogs have evolved – they have come a long way to be the canines we know today.

From a scientific point of view, dogs are omnivores. They can break down both meat and plants, and here are some of their digestive details:

1. Dogs can get essential nutrients from plants. A dog’s body can create vital nutrients such as a whole range of amino acids plus vitamins C and A.

2. Dogs have an elaborate digestive system that can process plants. A dog’s intestinal capacity is not limited; it can break high-protein fruits, grains, and veggies. Their tract is more extended, meaning that the dog can take in a more varied diet.

3. A dog’s teeth are not for flesh-eating only. Yes, it goes without saying that a dog has flesh-ripping canines. But also, it has a rigid set of molars. This means that your furry canine friend won’t have any problems breaking down plant material.

A Side-Bar Question: Can Cats Be As Vegan As Dogs Can?

At this moment, one can confidently say that a dog’s eating style is flexible. But what about that of cats? Can they eat anything other than a carnivorous diet? Well, no, and here’s why.

Cats are obligatorily carnivorous or obligate carnivores. This means that a meat-based diet for them is mandatory for survival. This can be traced back through history as cats have been feeding on meat-rich diets for years. Actually, cats can even break bones down, seeing that their stomachs are highly acidic.

But a cat’s metabolism wasn’t built to process dietary fiber and carbohydrates. That is why it can’t go vegan – it would die because of lacking a wide range of amino acids.

What Are Some Vegan Foods That My Furry Canine Friend Can Eat?

If you’ve chosen to start your dog on some vegan feed, congratulations. But you need to jump in with a workable formula. You can’t just pull out the leafy greens freezing in your fridge and present them to the dog. You should first know the good, the bad, and the ugly in terms of flora.

Remember that some foods like onions, garlic, and chocolate can lead to death when fed to a dog. This implies that you should check every non-meat food item you should go for. To help with this process, I have prepared a table that captures the never-ever-ever-feed-your-dog types of food:

YeastXylitol And Other Sugar AlcoholsSalt
Onions, chives, and garlicNutsMushrooms
Grapes and raisinsCoconutCitrus
ChocolateCaffeinated beveragesAvocado

So, What Should I Do – Buy Or Make The Vegan Food?

If you want to be deeply involved in your dog’s transition from a meat diet to a meatless one, I suggest that you make the food yourself. It is recommended that you use ingredients like lentils, soy, rice, and sweet potatoes.

The following table gives you some fruits, veggies, legumes, and grains. You can combine them to prepare the best vegan dog diet. Remember, the idea is to give your furry canine friend the most nutrients.

Sweet potatoesApplesBanana
QuinoaPinto beansChickpeas
Lima beansBlack-eyed peasSpinach
CarrotsCabbageBrussels sprouts

For your dog to enjoy a nutrient-rich diet, be advised to mix and match the tabulated options. 

And I understand if you’re finding it a little hard to come up with a meal. Now, try doing it this way: combine a grain (like quinoa and rice) with some greens, lentils, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Then later, you can use tofu in the place of lentils. Essentially, what you would be doing is to create a protein-rich diet.

For the veggies, I advise that you chop and steam them. And yes, I know that introducing the steam will make the plants lose their nutritional value. But see it this way: when you break down and steam the veggies, the dog will absorb the nutrients maximally.

If you’re not ready to start mixing and matching, you’re just fine. I advise that you go for any reputable vegan dog food brand. After making rounds on Amazon’s website, here are the best that I could find:

1. Natural Balance Dog Food, Rice, Oat, Barley & Peas – Vegetarian

2. V-Dog Vegan Kibble Dry Dog Food with Plant-Based Protein

3. Halo Holistic Vegan Dry Dog Food – Plant-Based, Protein-Rich, Vegetarian, for Adult Dogs

Final Words – Vegans And What They Feed Their Lovely Pets

If you take a walk through some pet forums, you will note that many people don’t like the idea of making dogs or cats vegan. Those pets do not have the mental capacity to perceive the difference, let alone make those choices.

But let’s focus on cats for a while. If you own any felines, let them stick to their high-protein diet – the protein should be coming from meat. For the cats to be healthy and happy, they need to have what they are meant to eat. Once you deny them meat and move to a vegan diet, the cats will suffer immensely. But that does not imply that vegan cat food doesn’t exist. In fact, here are some that I lifted from Amazon:

1. Wysong Vegan Feline/Canine Formula Dry Dog/Cat Food

2. Benevo Vegan Adult Cat Food 2kg

3. Evolution Diet Vegan Dry Cat Food, Sunflower Seeds, Peas, High Protein Kibble

But it doesn’t mean that you should go for vegan cat foods just because they exist. Try to give your cat a steady and sufficient supply of proteins and ensure they are of good quality.

With your dog, however, you can explore all the available vegan options. The blend of fruits, grains, and veggies should supply them with the needed nutrients.

Finally, if you’re unsure which way to go, talk to a vet or an animal nutritionist. They will help you even to pick vegan pet foods to try out.

And now, the ball is on your court.


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