What Animals Have 8 Letter Words For Their Names?

There are well over 5 million known species of animals in the world, and about a thousand more unidentified species. Each of these species has its own special characteristics, habitats, and names. Animal names are mostly related to their features, class, species, or habitat. For instance, the Nile crocodile is found in the River Nile, the flying squirrel flies from tree to tree, and so on. 

Do you want to know animals whose names consist of 8 letters? Then read on. 

Several animals have 8 letter names. From land animals to birds, fishes, crustaceans, and even insects, you find several animals with 8 letter names. Here are some of them.

15 Land Animals With 8 Letter Names


This small rodent is a close relative to the rat, and is known for its bushy tail and its fondness for nuts. There are various species of squirrels such as the tree squirrel, flying squirrels, and Chipmunks. Squirrels are primarily herbivores (they eat seeds, nuts, fruits, and green vegetation).

 However, when faced with extreme danger, squirrels also consume meat, so they prey on snakes, young birds, insects, and bird eggs. 



The kangaroo is an Australian mammal famous for its powerful hind legs which it uses for hopping and jumping. There are about 6 species of kangaroos. Another unique thing about kangaroos is the pouch with which they carry their young.

 Baby kangaroos can stay in the pouch of their mother for up to about 7 months. Kangaroos are very good kickers and boxers, and they’ve been known to kill predators and even humans with these powerful strikes. 


The platypus is an Australian mammal, well known for the unique shape of its bill, and its ability to lay eggs. Platypuses are the only mammals that lay eggs. Weirdly enough, this animal has the tail of a beaver and the feet of an otter. 

As if these weren’t enough, the mammal is also venomous (a trait you rarely find amongst mammals). The platypus is truly one of nature’s weird/unlikely creatures. 



Elephants are the largest existing land animals. They are found in Africa and Asia. Elephants are known to be peaceful, sophisticated creatures, but they are usually hunted by humans for their ivory tusks.

One fascinating thing about elephants is their trunk: They use it for breathing, smelling, drinking, trumpeting, and also grabbing things. Elephants are fond of felling trees or uprooting them. 


The reindeer is a species of deer found in the mountainous regions of Northern Europe, Siberia, and Northern America. They are unique for their large horns (called antlers), which can grow up to 4.5 feet long and 3 feet wide. Reindeers are prey to many wild cats, wolves, and foxes in the wild. 


The aardvark is an African medium-sized, burrowing mammal. They have pinkish or greyish brown skin, a short tail, and long ears. This animal is fondly called the ant bear, due to its love for ants: Although it somewhat resembles a pig due to its long snout. 


Pangolins are scaly-skinned mammals, that are sometimes mistaken to be reptiles. They feed mainly on ants. These animals are protected by tough, large, scales which make up body armor. 

When threatened, a pangolin will roll up into a ball, and roll away from danger. Pangolins are one of the most trafficked animals in the world, mainly for their meat and scales. 


Tortoises are slow-moving herbivorous land reptiles, easily recognized by their shell. Tortoises have over 60 connected bones in their shells. They are known to survive in multiple habitats (deserts, forests, mountains, etc.). Tortoises can live for up to 200 years. 


A hedgehog is a small mammal that can be found throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand. Their bodies are full of spines, and they usually curl themselves into a ball when threatened. 

Hedgehogs feed mainly on small creatures like frogs, worms, snails, insects, mice, and snakes. Some people keep this animal as a pet since it preys on household and garden pests. 


Mandrills are one very unique species of monkeys. They are the largest monkeys on the planet (after gorillas of course). They are very strong and fierce and use their incredibly sharp teeth to attack and injure people. 

They are found in African rainforests. Mandrills are very closely related to baboons, except for their very colorful face and butt which distinguishes them. 


This animal is a small carnivorous mammal found in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Mongoose is famous for being an unlikely predator of the snake. Several documentaries have been recorded of mongooses killing snakes in a fight. 

Studies have shown that snakes are one of their favorite meals, and they are efficient at killing snakes due to the anti-venom in their blood. Their regular preys however include crabs, birds, lizards, and rodents. 


Marmosets are small, fierce monkeys that are seen as one of the New World monkey Species. They can be found in Southern America, Central America, and Southern Mexico. These monkeys live in the canopy of Forrest trees and feed on insects, leaves, fruits, and tree sap. 

Marmosets are sometimes kept as pets, although animal experts strongly warn against this. 


An antelope is an even-toed ruminant found in various regions in Africa and Eurasia. The word “Antelope” is more like a family name used to refer to a number of species. There are about 91 species of Antelopes, and they all have similar coats (brown or blackish), with long straight or slightly curved horns.

Antelopes are close relative to deers. They are one of the major prey for lions, tigers, and other big cats. 


The anteaters are mammals commonly known for their fondness for eating termites and ants. They consist of about 4 species. This animal has an exceptionally long, sticky tongue which it uses to pick ants. They are fond of breaking termite molds to feast on the termites inside. Anteaters can feed very quickly, as they can flick their tongues up to 150 times per minute. They are native to central and South America. 



The anaconda is a boa species found in South America. It is one of the heaviest and longest snakes and can grow up to 17 feet long. They live in swamps, marshes, and slow-moving streams in the Amazon rainforests and Orinoco basins. 

Anacondas spend most of their life in water and mostly hunt there too. They are non-venomous snakes, so they kill by suffocating their prey. Anacondas can live for up to 30 years. 

List Of 8 Letter Fishes, Birds, and Insects

GoldfishPheasantFruit fly

Other Creatures With 8 Letter Names

1. Seahorse

2. Scorpion 

3. Hookworm

4. Tapeworm

5. Ringworm

6. Cirriped (sea crustacean)

7. Bullfrog

8. Dart frog

9. Bell frog

10. Harp seal

11. Halicore (plant-eating sea mammal).

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