Top 10 Raw Cat Food Recipe Books

Cats are ours – we love our feline friends to the moon and back. Moreover, we want them to have the best food they can to remain healthy and full of life. In this first part of this rather lengthy article, you will get shown into the word of cat food recipe books. While the focus is on raw cat food, these books – which are available on Amazon – will get you acquainted with the A to Z of dietary planning and healthy feline nutrition. Check the following table out:

No.Title (As Captured On Amazon, Et Cetera)Availability (Kindle, Hardcover, Spiral Bound)
1.Purr-fect Recipes for a Healthy Cat (Amazon): 101 Natural Cat Food & Treat Recipes to Make Your Cat Healthy and Happy: 101 Natural Cat Food & Treat Recipes to Make Your Cat HappyKindle & Hardcover
2.Cooking For Cats: The Healthy, Happy Way to Feed Your CatKindle and Hardcover
3.Cooking for Two – Your Cat & You!Kindle & Hardcover
4.Feline NutritionKindle & Paperback 
5.Cat Food Recipes – for Cats with Health ProblemsKindle and Paperback 
6.Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide – Natural Health for Dogs & CatsKindle & Paperback 
7.Feline Fine!: Homemade Cat Food & Treat RecipesKindle & Paperback 
8.Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats – The Ultimate DietKindle, Paperback & Spiral-bound
9.Dinner PAWsibleKindle & Paperback 
10.How to Make Homemade Cat FoodKindle

What You Should Have In Mind

Before we even delve deeper into the discussion about the best treat guides and cookbooks, we shall briefly discuss the factors we should be mindful of.

The most crucial thing is understanding that what cats need to live healthy lives is a wide range of nutrients. Since the felines are obligate carnivores, their dietary requirements are different in that they require meat-based proteins, not the plant-based ones.

The balanced diet must have the following food items: 

1. Meat-based or fish-based proteins (primarily)

2. 12 essential amino acids that include arginine and taurine

3. Fatty acids such as Omega-3

4. Mineral and vitamins

5. Proper hydration – the cats can get this from canned (or wet) commercial foods. Also, they can get them from tap water.

6. A relatively small measure of carbohydrates – the measure should be little to prevent a calorie overload that could make the cat overweight.

If you pick a recipe, you should include many of the nutrients mentioned above. Because it would be difficult, it is recommended that homemade dieting be a secondary option. Commercial foods save you the hustle of having to balance all the nutrients. 

Anyway, that was just a little detour. The table captured in the previous sections will now be broken down. All the books will be presented and a couple of details given. In the end, you will have too much that you’ll be spoilt for choice, and your cat will enjoy the homemade meals that you will make it.

The Extension – Top 10 Raw Cat Food Recipe Books

1. Perfect Recipes For A Healthy Cat

This first edition of this recipe book was published in April 2011. Lisa Shiroff is the master of authorship, and she accurately and powerfully presents a treat guide that doubles up as a homemade cat food guide. Atlantic Publishing Group Inc. is its publisher. The versions available sum up to 280 pages of details every ticking second.

The author presents 101 cat meal and food recipes that are lip-smacking to the core. The one good thing with these recipes is that they use a mere handful of ingredients. Also, they are easy to prepare – and everyone loves easy!

On top of the 101 recipes, Lisa Shiroff also offers some excellent guidance on making your pick when looking at commercial cat foods. Also, it handles the nuances that come about with issues around mealtime behavior.

On top of the previous topping, the author throws in some how-to information for handling the diets of felines with special needs. It the overall best raw cat food recipe book.

2. Cooking For Cats: The Healthy, Happy Way To Feed Your Cat

The first edition of this pet-related book was published earlier this year in February. This makes the book among the latest in the market. The name behind the book is Debora Robertson, a journalist, a food writer, and a renowned pet enthusiast. The book was published in England by the Pavilion Press.

The entire textbook is of 100 rather odd pages. In inexpensive and straightforward terms, the book shoots 20 treats and dinners your way. What’s more, is that the dinners and treats are not challenging to make. If you have a cat recovering from illness or a sick one, this cookbook has beneficial advice on executing sufficient nutrition intake for those cats.

Unlike other cooks books, the book also presents you with some basic craft projects. These are aimed to better the life of your cat, and they include how to make:

a) A scratching post

b) A fishing-pole toy

c) A catnip mouse

d) An indoor kitty garden

e) A cat pillow

f) A cat playhouse made out of cardboard

3. Cooking For Two – Your Cat & You!

In October 2015, the first edition of this book was dished out to the world by Brandon Schultz. The book is anchored by the contribution of Lucy, a cat that is (or was) a connoisseur for food. The publisher of the book is Skyhorse Publishers.

Schultz’s book has over 150 pages. What is unique about this book is that Brandon adapted human food recipes and made them fit for cats. One of the perks of owning this book is that you enjoy easy-to-follow instructions. The list of ingredients for both felines and humans is captured.

The author, Brandon, goes out of their way to capture a list of unsafe ingredients that your feline shouldn’t have. Also, he makes suggestions on the resources you need to make daily cat food.

If you love the humorous style of writing with illustrations, this read will entertain you in that way, shape, and form.

4. Feline Nutrition 

Having been published in July 2011, this is one of the many authored by Lynn Curtis. The woman author is a veterinary technician (professionally-trained). Also, she founded the FNAE, or the Feline Nutrition Awareness Effort. The book, Feline Nutrition, is published by the firm called CIPP or the CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

This book is more of a science textbook than a cat food cookbook. If you’re looking for something intricate that has the complicated specifics, this is yours to take.

Since you must interact with commercial foods, the book guides you through tips of label interpretation. Also, you get the much-needed help when picking the best raw food or commercial treats for your furry friend.

The book isn’t entirely scientific – you get a chance to go through two raw-food recipes (beginner level).    

5. Cat Food Recipes – For Cats With Health Problems 

Having been around for close to five years, this book is a popular health food and cate recovery guide. Its author is one Rupert Robertson. The publisher is the same as the one who produced the previous book (number 4) – CIPP.

The recipe guide has around 75 pages that capture around 50 recipes that are easy to follow. The focus is mostly on cats with special needs, such as heart and kidney diseases, and other ailments. If your pet is very unhealthy, obese, or aging, buying this book will prove very useful to you and them.

The best thing about this recipe book is that the recipes given are fresh, natural, and safe. They are free from flavor enhancers, dyes, added preservatives, and other unwanted and potentially harmful chemicals.

The book is presented in a humorous, easy-to-follow, and anecdotal style. The fashioning of words makes the guide as entertaining as it is informative.

6. Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide – Natural Health For Dogs And Cats.

The fourth edition of this book was produced in March 2017 by the Pitcairn couple, Richard and Susan. It is a masterpiece traditionally, and its author (Dr. Richard) founded the Oregonian ANHC or the Animal Natural Health Centre. Also, he is a pioneer in taking up homeopathy and holistic methods and giving them utility value in animal treatment.

If you want a resource that will soothe your heart regarding animal health, this should be your to-go book. It has been around for close to 30 years.

The book has around 500 pages of pure details. It provides homemade and holistic diets to both dogs and cats without mentioning anything about commercial products.

This current (fourth) edition includes updates on natural pet health. Also, research on the perks of pet vegan diets had been presented in the book. If you buy it, you will get pet food recipes that are nutritionally complete. As a topping, the book includes info on general nutrition, behavioral issues, and a more humane approach to the care of pets.

7. Feline Fine: Homemade Cat Food And Treat Recipes

This is one of the latest books, as it was published in January 2019. Having the authorship mark of Daniel Humphreys, this is yet another of CIIP (CIIP has published two other books). There around 90 pages of the book. Between the pages, the focus is on creating nutritious and balanced treats, snacks, and meals for cats, regardless of their age.

If you’re an amateur at the following recipes, the one captured in this book will be easy to follow. The one caveat with the book is that it presents very little information on dietary and nutritional breakdowns.

You will love the book because it is written with a conversational tone. Also, it has vibrant photographs and illustrations that will help you follow the recipes.

8. Natural Nutrition For Dogs And Cats – The Ultimate Diet 

This is one of the old and most popular food guides on the shelves produced in 1999 (first edition). The author goes by the name Kymythy Schultze, and they are a certified AHI (Animal Health Instructor) and a CN (Clinical Nutritionist). The author is also an editor of a popular publication known as ‘Holistic Dog and Cat Newsletter.’

The words of the book have been fashioned into 160 pages of pure detail. The cookbook captures at least 70 recipes that are easy to follow. The recipes help to prepare raw and cooked diets. One of the perks of getting this book is that you’ll have an item that suits cats and dogs of all species and ages.

Also, each of the at-least 70 recipes has cooking tips, nutritional information, and detailed instructions. Between the cooking details, you will find some anecdotes that will amuse you.

The one drawback with this book is its year of publication – 1999. Between that time and now, there have been developments in cat food information. 

9. Dinner Possible

The year of production of this book is May 2015, and its authorship is under the name of Susan Thixton. You may know her through her website, Also, Dr. Cathy Alinoyi is part of the authorship, as the book is co-authored. The doctor is one of the most famous pet vets.

If you have cats and dogs, this is your to-go recipe book. There are over 200 pages and at least 50 dog and cat recipes. Getting this book will expose you to exotic cooking guidelines that need fewer ingredients.

This book is highly credible as it uses nutritional requirements that have been recommended by two agencies, the AAFCO and the NRC (National Research Council).

The one caveat is that some recipes have so many ingredients. You may find yourself having difficulties following through them.

10. How To Make Homemade Cat Food

Having been published in January 2013, the book is a short and sweet item written by F. W. Isner. You can finish it in one sitting as it is only 50 short pages. Whether your cat is a kitten or a senior feline, this book has simple recipes that will provide the needed nutrition.

The one particular thing about this book is that all the recipes have their basis on what feline ancestors took. To sweeten the book, the author adds some cat treat recipes that are delectable to the core.

Also, this 50-paged masterpiece focuses on the necessary details of using feeding cats with a homemade vegetable and meat diet.

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