How Much Does A Pillow Pet Weigh?

It would be wrong to give a figure, seeing that pillows are different. The best response would be that the weight of a Pillow Pet will depend on its dimensions, the material that it is made of (stuffing and cover), and the tightness of the pillow stuffing. A reliable source has it that a Pillow Pet with the dimensions 13.3 by nine by 7.1 inches can weight around 1.11 pounds. 

A Brief On Pillow Pets

Of the many stuffed toy brands, Pillow Pets is one of the most outstanding. The stuffing is of Velcro straps – these items enable the Pillow Pet to become a stuffed animal while being a decorative pillow at the same time. Chenille is the material use to make the toys. Pillow Pets were an invention of Jennifer Telfer in 2003 (this will be expounded on in a later section).

These unique toy-pet-pillow items gained success when, during the close of the 2003 Christmas, Telfer went out and personally sold them. They became more popular through advertising, especially with the powerful slogan getting featured in every ad. The items have been used for crowdfunding and fundraising for charity. 

Pillow pets are designed not only for childhood but beyond that. They are washer-safe, and cleaning them is as easy as falling off a tree. Once you pop them inside the laundry machine, they will come out as good as new. Their fabric is super soft, and amazingly, it can stand the toughness of wear-and-tear. Also, it is machine-washable and parent-approved. 

The Story Behind Pillow Pets

Jennifer Telfer, the creator of the Pillow Pet, is a San Diego-based supermom with two children. She experienced the creative process while at her house. Her oldest son, who was seven at the time, wanted to sleep on one of his stuffed animals. To do that, he flattened the animals. For Jennifer, this was an eye-opener. Pillow Pets got conceived – the item would be a stuffed animal at dusk and throughout the day, and it would be a pillow at dawn and during the night.

As mentioned earlier, television advertising is what made the product explode into the world. Then, Pillow Pet products expanded into the binary of Glow Pets (2013) and Night Lights (2012). Together, they have been sold over 6 million times – that’s 6 million units together!

At the moment, the sales figure is at 30,000,000 units. Now, Pillow Peter leads immensely. It is known for its innovative products that have dual functions (pillow and Pet). Also, they have maintained their space by using materials of high quality. Pillow Pets continues to dish out fashion-forward items, and its fan base continues to impress year after year by staying loyal to the brand.

When 2018 was starting, Pillow Pets extended the Night Lights line by launching Sleeptime Lites. This was and still is a generation that features:

1. An impressively starry rainbow display

2. A uniquely glowing light cover 

3. Light display modes that are in 3 different colors (multi-colored)

4. A 20-minute timer – this meant that parents could set the pillow pet and forget about it 

An item that began as a dually functioning stuffed animal has become a famous wholesale and retail product. If you love napping everywhere at any time, a Pillow Pet is your ideal companion during those snuggly times. Also, they are the perfect travel buddies from airplane rides to road trips.

What draws the line between a pillow pet being one or the other is its strap. When the straps close underneath, it makes them the friendly pets they are. If the strap is opened, the Pet is now a pillow.

Top 14 Places To Buy A Pillow Pet

They are many stores that sell Pillow Pets, and I have organized 14 of the best. You can pick any, compare the prices of the item you want, and pick the one best for your pocket.

No.Shopping Platform 
1.Pillow Pets (their official website)
2.Bed Bath & Beyond
7Buy Buy Baby
10.Mr. Toys Toyworld
12.The Wayfair

You should choose the one that can serve you depending on your geographical location. Visit their official website, add the Pillow Pet you want to the cart and make the purchase.   

Have There Been Any Counterfeit Pillow Pets?

Yes – copying and reproducing is an eventuality, especially when something is successful. Many companies that manufacture toys have ridden on Pillow Pets’ roller-coaster ride. They have made counterfeit Pillow Pets. One of the companies noted for acting as an impostor is Concord Toys. With that occurrence, Miss Jennifer came forth and talked about using an authentic tag to separate the counterfeit items from the inauthentic ones.

Concord Toys were storing and selling their counterfeits from a New York warehouse. In 2011, marshals seized around 17,000 fakes. Concord Toys was prevented from manufacturing them by a signed injection.

A Pointer-Style Guide On How To Choose A Pillow Pet

Most pillow pets are similar, except for the different designs. As you go to make your pick, here are some criteria for you to put into consideration as you choose a Pillow Pet:

1. Price And Most Recent Reviews

The first thing you are likely to go for is the one that doesn’t hurt your pocket. Price is essential. But, reviews give you on-the-ground details. However much the item is priced – if it has terrible reviews, then it should not be on your wish list. Take your time – a little or a lot – to ensure that you read through the comments by verified purchases.  

2. The Demand Of The Pillow Pet

To know whether the Pillow Pet is in demand, look at the number of times it has been bought. It means that the item performs all the functions that it was designed to do. You see a good product by its high demand, regardless of how long it has been on the market.  

3. The Size Of The Pillow Pet

They come in different sizes. What exactly is your need? If you’re buying it for someone, what is their need? As you go through the reviews, see what people are talking about the size of the unit you want to buy. Also, check on the product dimensions.      

4. Color

This will be something you or your child should be delighted to see. The Pillow Pets come in different colors, even types. Is your baby a Star Wars fan who will fancy a Chewbacca type of item? If yes, get it as soon as possible!

The Two Best Pillows of 2020 – How To Cushion The COVID-19 *Chuckles*

After research, analysis, and testing, here are some of the best Pillow Pet picks.  If you like them, be sure to look them up at any store.

1. The Signature Snuggly Puppy

The plus-sized pup, which has become popularized recently, is the perfect bedmate for your kids. Here are some of its specific details:

  • It is impressively soft
  • It has more padding room to guarantee you extra comfort
  • Although its design is classical, it is also timeless
  • It is gender-neutral, and so it can be used for both girls and boys of all ages.

If the Pillow Pet is taken care of for just a bit, it will stay for long. Reviews have it that for smaller children, the fill might be a little too lofty. 

2. The Cotton Candy Unicorn (Sweet Scented Pet) 

Apart from smelling nice, this unicorn will be immensely loved by the kids. Sneak-peek: this unicorn has many magical scents. As the name suggests, the Pet smells like cotton candy, and that they are plush. This type is available in many adorable designs, which produce beautiful aromas such as gummy bears and cookies.   

Pillow Pet Care – How To Wash Your Furry Fluffy Friend

To remove minor stains, you need to wash your Pillow Pet routinely. This will help to maintain clean fur and its overall look. Most of the Pillow Pets can be subjected to the turns and turns of the laundry machine. Those that don’t, well, they may need your gentle hands to take care of them.

Whichever way you go, ensure that you warm up the Pet via air drying. This will help prevent the Pillow Pet’s fur from burning while in the dryer. Read on and get the steps:

If You’re Washing By Machine

1. Make Sure That Your Pillow Pet Is In A Pillowcase. Then, tie the ends of the case. The fiber of the Pillow Pet is delicate, and this covering prevents it from getting beaten up by the machine. This way, it will stay longer.

2. Use A Detergent That Is Low-Suds. Sudsy detergents have the potential of weighing your item down, thus making the drying process long. Also, high-suds detergents mat leave your Pet sticky and filmy once the dirtying is complete.

3. After Placing In The Washer, Please Switch It On And Turn On The Gentle Cycle. Remember – you don’t want your Pillow Pet to get beaten up. If you turn it on to a harsh process, damaging the item could be imminent. The gentlest setting is what you want to keep your item safe and alive for the longest time.

4. The Water Temperature Should Get Set To Cold. Do not wash the Pillow Pet with hot water. The high temperatures may damage the fabric. The cold water helps the item to preserve its textures and color. Make sure you have checked manually what the setting is.

If You’re Washing By Hand…

1. The Sweet-Scented Type Should Be Done By Hand. This step is dependent on the kind of Pillow Pet you have. As mentioned earlier, most of the Pillow Pets can be washed using a laundry machine. If yours is the Sweet-Scented Pillow Pet, be advised to wash it by hand to retain its scent. Preference should be made to handwashing if you are handling a specific area, for example, a blot of ink on the Pillow Pet’s ears.

2. Get Water Mixed With A Mild Detergent, Either In A Sink Or A Bucket. A mild detergent will get your item cleaned up without damage to suds overwhelming. Read the instructions to know how you are going to do the mixing. Avoid getting the water oversaturated by adding too-much detergent.

3. Get A Damp Cloth To Do Surface-Washing Over The Pillow Pet. This step is focused on washing that is done in a specific area. Get the cloth damp by dipping it in the solution, then wring the cloth to rid it of the excess water. In circular motions, press the cloth on the stained or blotted area of the Pillow Pet. The rubbing should continue until the fur is damp, and any stains are thoroughly rubbed off.

4. Rid The Pillow Pet Of Excess Water. Sometimes, washing the item could make it accumulate a lot of water. This makes the Pillow Pet take longer in drying, which could make it prone to mildewing. Push the item down – don’t wring it. The push should be gentle but firm to remove all the water.

Take a towel and use it to pat the Pillow Pet down. This will help prevent it from dipping excessively when you let it dry.

Now, To Drying The Pillow Pet 

1. Avoid Putting The Item Down In The Dryer. The extreme heat emitted by the draw may roast the Pillow Pet’s fur and damage the entire item.  The heat may cause it to melt or even to mat. Use air drying to ensure that the item remains in top condition. Avoid hair dryers – they emit too much heat.

2. Sunning Is Your Best Option. Finding a sunnily warm spot is sufficient for drying your Pet. This place can either be inside or outside of the house. Whichever it is, ensure that your Pillow Pet gets access to loads of sunlight. Avoid putting it out on a windy day – it may get blown away.

3. Hanging The Item Is Also A Good Option. To ensure that the drying happens evenly, let the Pillow Pet hang. Use rigid hangers to ensure that the item does not fall and gather dust or gets a stain.

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