Is Science Diet Good For Pets?

Multiple sites and sources report that, yes – a science diet is good for pets. The yes is resounding because all the brand’s formulas (Hill’s Science) are inspired by nature. They have also been subjected to lots of biological tests, meaning that their goodness and wholesomeness are scientifically accurate.

The developers of the Science diet do a lot of research. The brand has invested in looking into the best. The fruits of this investment are that you get food that is life stage-specific and breed-specific. Hill’s Science provides you with formulas for toy dogs, large breed, adults dogs, and even puppies.

The engineering of the brand’s recipes is geared towards promoting muscle, coat, skin development, improved mobility, and allergy and weight management. These are in addition to the nutritional benefits that the dogs get.

Even with the several recalls that Hill Science has initiated, the recipes that the brand prepares are highly reputable, and many vets still recommend them. This is because the formulas provide excellent results – they make dog owners see the value in spending and improve the quality of their dog’s lives.

Since we have already established the answer to the question, we shall advance on the topic. This article will look at the ins and outs of the science diet, explicitly focusing on Hill’s Science brand’s formulas and recipes. You will also get to know the history of the brand. In the end, you will have wrapped your head around the subjects of the science diet and the brand. Let’s get dieting!

Some Scientific Details On Nutrition

The meal plans, recipes, and formulas referred to as ‘science diets’ are those that focus on your body’s physiology. Food is organized into categories that highlight its level of importance in our lives.

Let’s talk about caffeine, which has about 500 calories. That calorie detail is one that many people wouldn’t consider a healthy one. So, the advice by nutritional experts is that you replace all caffeine sources with foods that have fats. The best example is carrots, as they are an excellent dietary fat source. You can also get the fat from chicken fish, potato chips, tomatoes, and broccoli.

You may have heard about Omega-3 fatty acids. They play a significant role in insulin production and cellular membranes. The lipids that are found in nuts and oily fish contribute immensely in dealing with diabetes. Also, fatty acids help in reducing the development of cancerous cells. A science diet should have food like vegetables to help a pet’s immune system.

If the science diet is supposed to be rich in amino acids, it should have tidbits of fish and red meat. These help the various pets to develop fast and stay in shape. Thus, their general health improves immensely.

In any diet, carbohydrates are essential since their levels will affect the pet’s metabolic rate. So, it important to understand their functions and importance. Glucose, for example, is taken as an essential nutrient for a body to function normally. Glucose is vital in energy production, and insulin is the element that controls the blood sugar level. Glucose also produces fats, which combine with carbohydrates to facilitate the production of insulin. This means that glucose, carbohydrates, fats, and insulin are in an entanglement.

The other thing about the science diet is knowing about the good fat sources. You can get these from animal meats, fish, pork, and eggs. In our society and that of animals, these are the essential and primary bodybuilders. They all have omega-3 fatty acids. They provide animals with a balanced diet to reduce the risk of sickness and cancer development.

With the science diet, the pet needs to get the correct amount of required fats in the form of supplements. The supplements are the ones that give you the essential fats – they are the essential fatty acids, and they assist you to remain healthy.

With every day that passes, you and your pet need to have enough dietary fat amounts. It should be not only an energy thing but also something to maintain your health. These fats are required by the body to heal from ailments and function properly.

Nutritional Information Of The Science Diet

In the science diet, the five highlighted and included ingredients are powdered cellulose, whole grain corn, whole grain wheat, chicken by-product meal, and brewers rice. Here are further explanations of the five components:

1. Chicken By-Products

You may be thinking that this is what you serve to people during dinner, but not exactly. Chicken by-products are the parts of the fowl that dogs like, such as the heart, intestines, head, feet, and liver of the chicken. In his articles, Dr. Lee (who works for Hill’s Science Diet) notes that all the meat that the company uses comes from within the United States. This means that the science diet is rich in protein.

If you are not a fan of those food items, you have nothing to worry about. On their website, Hill’s say that in the near future, they are looking at doing away with the chicken. They wish to eliminate the ingredient in favor of another protein. At the moment, the first ingredient is the chicken by-product meal.

2. The Brewers Rice

In Hill’s science diet, this is the second ingredient. This type of rice comes from the rice milling industry and is a by-product. The AAFCO or the Association of American Feed Control Official say that this about the brewers’ rice: there are fragments of rice kernels that are small-milled and have been separated from the larger ones.

Basically speaking, this type of rice does not have many nutrients in brown and whole ground rice. This means that it is reduced in quality and is mostly used in pet foods. So, if it is of little or no quality, what exactly is its purpose in the science diet?

The rice is a good source of fiber to the dog foods as it helps to add texture and structure to the pet food, but little nutrition. As you probably know, fiber is essential in digestion. Hill’s science diet presents it as the second ingredient.

3. Whole Grain Wheat And Corn

These two items are the third and fourth food items or ingredients in the science diet. If we look away from what Dr. Lee says about the diet, your dog cannot digest whole grains. But a dog will find it easier to digest ground wheat or corn. The only way your dog can break the entire grains is if they were simmered all day and in low temperatures.

4. Powdered Cellulose

While the diet’s master appraises powdered cellulose, there is a slight problem. The cellulose used in the making of the science diet comes from maple trees. Like brewers’ rice, this is yet another source of fiber. Looking at the ingredients up to this point, one could say that the food has a lot of fiber.

The other ingredient which may be a not-so-good one is the soybean mill run. Many people do not like giving their dogs food that has soybeans. Also, the diet contains animal fat, which is low on the list. The brand does not mention the source of this type of fat.

About The Company

The company that makes the science diet pet food is known as Hill’s Pet Nutrition. The company is part of the Colgate-Palmolive Company. You know Colgate as a company that organizes and sells oral health products.

The diet itself is the brainchild of Dr. Mark Morris. When the science diet was developed, the vet worked in Edison, New Jersey, at the Raritan Hospital back in 1968. When it was developed, pet owners could only get the formula and recipe from pet professionals and vets. The doctor (Dr. Morris) and his son (Dr. Morris Jr.) continued dealing and working with the food. They started to create foods specific to the condition of a pet and others that handled pets at different life stages. At that time, the brand names used were Science Diet and Prescription Diet.

Fast-forward to today; the company has at least 60 brands of pet foods. This number includes cat prescription foods that can only be gotten in pet pharmacies and through vets. At the moment, the Science Diet pet foods are sold through pet specialty stores and veterinarians. It was only until 1976 when the company – Colgate-Palmolive – bought Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Now, the products can be found in up to 90 countries around the world. By 1999, the company sales had reached a whopping $1 billion. Although the brand has faced a couple of hiccups, it has continued to excel and be successful. So, how has the journey been? Have they ever recalled any of their products?

Recall History Of The Hill’s Science Diet Products

Five products of the Science Diet line and one of the Prescription Diet food were recalled in 2007. These recalls were initiated because the foods had melamine, a product used in making products. The FDA initiated the food recalls, and the tainted wheat gluten was from China.

There are other recalls that the company has voluntarily initiated. This means that Hill’s Pet Nutrition keep checking its recipes to see if they are the best of the best. 


In 2010, in Kansas, Emporia opened a 500,000 square foot manufacturing plant that used state-of-the-art technology. In the same state in Topeka, the company has three other facilities: the canned-pet manufacturing facility, the Pet Nutrition Center, and the company’s international headquarters. At the moment, Hill’s has seven manufacturing plants. The bulk of the – five, to be specific – are in the United States. The other two are in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. The LEED-certified plant in the Czech Republic was launched in 2009.

An Overview Of The Product

As implied multiple times in this article, the diet provides food for dogs depending on their life stage and their state of health. If your dog has any medical issue, there is an excellent possibility that the Science Diet has something for it. If not, a vet can prescribe one of the brand’s Prescription Diets.

The regular foods from these diets are quite expensive, and Prescription Diets are quite costly. Even though dogs that feed on these foods thrive, many people still question – by looking at the ingredients – if the foods are good.

Science Diet – A Good Thing For Your Pet Dog

This section appraises the science diet and mentions the much that it can offer. Dog owners and pet enthusiasts are more inclined to follow a diet and see if it is right for them. They need to ensure whatever they feed their dogs has been prepared well.

As you have already seen, science diet foods have most of the needed ingredients to make the dog thrive. With a science diet food, your dog will get a balanced diet, and the food will taste just right in their mouths. Before you decide to go for the science diet, you need to wrap your head around how it works. This will help you to know if it is suitable for the dog or not.

On top of the main ingredients given in this article, here the ones contained in many of the science diet products: oats, coconut, vegetables, and fruits. Also, the meals feature unique extracts from herbs, minerals, and vitamins. These additions help in nourishing and strengthening the immune system of the dog. 

Why Go For The Science Diet?

The foods prepared in this diet have the right minerals and vitamins. This implies that they are quality foods that will serve the best interest of the pet. The richness of the foods is assured; they are pure and safe for our pets. Do not worry if your dog is in love with the science diet; it will cause no harm to their digestive system.

One notable thing about the foods is that they are low in calories. So, if your dog or puppy is obese, you can use the science diet to initiate weight loss. As the dog’s owner, you won’t have to worry about the dog gaining weight. For dogs, the ideal diet is based on high protein content. As captured before, the first ingredient in this science diet is the chicken by-product. This means that the dog will get all the protein it needs.

The reason why people choose to use the science diet is that it gives dogs all the necessary nutrients. Also, the makers of the recipe and the manufacturers of the food ensure that all the ingredients are natural. This means that dogs living on this diet will remain active and alive for the most part.

During manufacturing, there are no chemicals used. This implies that the body of your dog will not be subjected to any harmful effects. The lack of additives in the food rules out any possibility of the diet being unhealthy.

Those are enough reasons for you to go for science diet dog food – it has the best ingredients and the best combinations. Compared to many dog foods out there in the market, it is more nutritional. While it may be a little expensive, it is worth every penny it costs.

Is Science Diet Really The Best Dog Food?

Well, critics of dog foods have put it out that the diet is good, but it may not be the most excellent one out there in the market. As mentioned in the kicker, there were reasons stipulated about the science diet food not being the most ideal – things like too much fiber and limited protein.

The best way to judge if a dog food is the best is to look at its ability to give the pet all the essential nutrients. These are the nutrients needed for a dog to be fit and healthy. While critics have claimed that the science diet is not the most beneficial of foods, the following question comes up: why would the manufacturers of the diet allow their products and recipes to get to pet stores and supermarkets?

Essential nutrients – proteins – are what gives the critics strength to talk against the science diet. Do not expect that science diet has a label indicating the protein level in their food. While this does not imply that the food is a bad option, you should know that it doesn’t have enough protein levels. This means that the dog will not be able to create lots of amino acids to help in the building of healthy tissues and cells.

Also, the other issue that comes with the science diet is its cost. As compared to dog food, the science diet is a little over the top. You will get it around $50 a bag in stores – a price higher than other brands. The cost can be justified because if you compare it with the other dog foods, it does not have additives and preservatives.

As you go to make your purchase, you need to ensure you know everything about it. If you are ready to spend on your furry friend, you can overlook the weakness of the science diet and purchase it. Many people who have used the products on their pets say that the dogs’ health improves immensely, and they rarely get sick.

The Science Diet As The Vet’s Recommendation And Weight Loss

While this diet might be a little on the expensive side, many vets recommend it without wobbling or faltering. Because of the quality of its ingredients, it is a great supplement to help an overweight dog deal with the problem. The three essential elements contained in the science diet will help the diet well.

If you want a dog to become brawnier and lose fat, you should focus on every food item it eats. The science diet combines protein with complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids to ensure that all the missing nutrients are recovered. The protein contained in the science diet helps in burning all the excess fat.

The other thing that makes vets recommend this product is quality assurance. The manufacturer has subjected the product to meticulous testing. The final products have excellent textures and taste, meaning that individual dogs will enjoy the foods.

The natural herbs contained in the science diet help the bodies of the dogs to stay free from toxins. Another area that natural herbs help to improve is the muscular compartments. 

Of The Many, Which Is The Best Food You Can Give To Dogs?

Before any response to this question is given, you need to know that various manufacturing establishments create a difference in pet foods. No two pet foods will offer similar benefits. If you get one dog food, the best bet is that others are better than your discovery. Others are likely to react awfully with your dog – making it sick. The best food should be the healthiest – one that has no chemical details and can offer all the essential nutrients to the dog.

Our observation has brought us to the following conclusion: the best dog food is the science diet. As we have already established, that is an arguable thing, and critics have so much to say about the products. So, if it not the best, it is one of the best. In the science diet lies the right ingredients. A dog will get all the nutrients they need from a science diet while enjoying the different flavors of the food. A dog owner is open to choosing a product (of the science diet) that can appeal to the taste buds of their dog.

The science diet is a product line that you can find faith and trust in. It will help you to ensure that the dog lives a quality life in terms of health. All the needed minerals and vitamins are in the food, and they achieve great results. If you are done giving your dog processed food that is chemically-laced and full of additives, pay special attention to the science diet. This is the formula that you won’t go wrong with. You and your family will not be disappointed with the choices you make. Finally, all pet owners should embrace the value of the science diet.

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