Is CertaPet Legitimate For Your Pets?

Looking at the numbers, CertaPet is on the up and up – genuine and recognized, and I’ll guide you on how I get to that belief. The best way to know whether CertaPet is legitimate or not is to look at the feedback it has received from previous clients. While there is a small number who report that they have gotten scammed on the platform, many CertaPet clients say that they got served well and their ESA letters got to them. I am saying this after sampling feedback from TrustPilot, Yelp, and the CertaPet’s review section, which is on their website. Other platforms such as BBB and dark-web forums for nerds report very little criticism on CertaPet service deliverables.

What Previous CertaPet Clients Report

Satisfied clients laud CertaPet as having taken them through an exciting experience. CertaPet processes approvals for ESA quickly, especially if you already have a mental diagnostic report. The clients say that the platform links them up with certified therapists who write them ESA letters that are acceptable in multiple spaces.

Other clients who have engaged with the platform for over 36 months say that the lettering process is nothing but streamlined and straightforward. Also, CertaPet’s customer service is exceptional, and their response time is quick. They respond to emails and even send follow-up emails on the ESA request made. Also, they provide multiple resources on the ESA subject to let you know more about the lettering process.

CertaPet’s professionalism and compassion are unmatched, and the therapists they link you up with are kind, caring, and understanding. Apart from giving ESA letters, they also give you other means of dealing with your mental issues. So, the experience is medically beneficial.

Also, CertaPet’s online platform is super-organized and very user-friendly. After finishing your online assessment and payment, they deliver the digital letter via mail to your address without fail. On CertaPet, you not only get a reliable and recognized document, but you also discover more about your mental state.

Who Is An ESA?

ESA stands for Emotional Support Animal, although you should have figured that out by now. If your pet is an ESA, it means that it provides for your medically-diagnosed emotional needs. The animals stay with their ‘patient’ taking care of them in terms of support, warmth, and comfort every day. An animal can only become an ESA if its owner has gotten a letter from an LMHP, or licensed mental health professional. The professionals who usually take up the LMHP title are either psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, or psychotherapists. Customarily, the ESA must not have any unique training. However, if you own an ESA, you need to make sure that they remain well-behaved in public, much like service dogs.

If you have an ESA, you get afforded some individual rights. The most popular one is the ability to live with your ESA in a complex that is not pet-friendly. This right gets addressed under the Fair House Act. Also, an individual with an ESA can travel with the animal in flights, thanks to the Air Carrier Access Act. The ESAs are of great value to their owner. You need to know that a pet is not necessarily an ESA, and putting out your animals as ESAs while they are not is illegal and unethical in a good number of U. S. states and Canadian provinces.

How Many Types Of CertaPet ESA Letters Are There? (150 Words)

CertaPet provides two types of ESA letters that are in line with the two legal acts. The types are:

1.ESA Housing Letter: If you need to bypass your landlord who says ‘no pets allowed’ to you, this letter is the one to go for immediately. It anchors on the Fair Housing Act and other regulations that are relevant to your state. With the document, you can take your ESA into and out of complexes that have placed restrictions on pets. The letter also helps you to avoid charges or deposits that come with having a pet in a no-pets-allowed area. CertaPet charges you $149 to get the ESA letter. This fee also covers the consultation fees, since you will talk to a licensed therapist who will approve the report. The other items that the fee covers are:


2. Evaluation

3. Treatment planning

4. Check-ins

5. Free shipping, since the letter gets delivered to your mail, but only if you are in the United States.  

2. ESA Travelling Letter: The name of this letter explains it. It takes care of your flying needs, making it legal for you to carry your ESA into the plane. While all domestic airlines of the U.S. approve of this letter and therefore let you take Doggie, Cattie, or Pettie with you, other airlines do not accept the CertaPet ESA letter. How much is it? $149 – same as the other letter.

CertaPet makes it possible for you to get both letters at a 66% discount – a total of $199. Getting each document separately would cost you up to $298. Crazy, right?

Here Are The Benefits Of Having The CertaPet ESA Letters:

1.You get a full year of going wherever you want, entering and exiting almost all complexes without restrictions.

2. You get to adopt Pettie, where otherwise, you wouldn’t get the chance.

3. Your pet won’t stay in the cargo hold and will sit right on your laps if you’re on a flight.

How about that? CertaPet makes it very easy for you to move around with Pettie without anyone stopping you. I love the sound of that. You, too, should

How To Get An ESA Letter From CertaPet

Only two authorized groups of people can prepare ESA letters:

1.An LMHP (licensed medical health professional) – psychologists, social worker, psychiatrists, psychotherapists et cetera 

2. A trained and certified medical doctor

The groups of people always evaluate the patient (the pet owner) to understand whether they need an ESA or not. Once done, the letter, which contains the details of the emotional support animal, gets prepared.

So, who qualifies for an ESA? Anyone with a mental health issue and wants to get petted by a pet (see what I did there?).

What Is The Quiz Asked In The CertaPet Online Pre-Screening Test? (150 Words)

After clicking ‘Yes’ on the first page, here are the questions that will appear (in order):

This first part contains questions about you and your pet.

1.What is your name?

2. Where do you live? (you choose between the United States and Canada)

3. Do you have a pet? (Yes takes you to question 4 while no takes you to the first question of the second part)

4. What type of pet do you have? (dog, cat or other)

5. What is your pet’s name?

This second part is about how you have been feeling, experiencing, and behaving lately. Answers to most questions in this section are on the scale of never-rarely-sometimes-often-always. Also, you get asked based on how you have been feeling in the past two weeks.

6. Have you had little interest or pleasure in doing things that you usually like to do?

7. How often have you felt sad or depressed?

8. How often have you felt angrier or more irritated than usual?

9. How often have you felt worried, anxious, or on edge

10. How often have you felt afraid or panicked?

11. How often have you had irregular sleep patterns? (Sleeping too much or too little)

12. How often have you been acting impulsively? (Shopping too much, sudden use of drugs or alcohol, feeling like you’re ‘on top of the world’)

13. How often have you avoided situations that make you nervous?

14. How often have you heard things other people couldn’t hear and see?

15. How often have you felt paranoid or fearful you are in danger?

16. Have you had thoughts of suicide (yes-no question)? Choosing yes takes you to question 17, and selecting no takes you to the end of the pre-screening.

 17. Did your thoughts include a plan or intent to commit suicide (yes-no question)? Choosing yes takes you to CertaPet’s suicide resources page. No takes you to the end of the session.

In the end, CertaPet will ask you to enter your email so that they display your results. Depending on your answers, you will get a message that says whether you are a candidate for an ESA or not. If you are a viable candidate, you can proceed to get started with the letter application. If that is not your wish at that moment, you can choose to read more about ESAs first.

CertaPet requires all the questions answered and done genuinely and correctly. The reason why this is important is that they want to give you a reliable diagnosis and a good recommendation.  

Can My Landlord Deny My ESA?

While it may not be reasonable for a landlord to reject your ESA letter, it happens many times to many people. The reason why it does is that most landlords are unfamiliar with the regulations in and around the ESA business.

To handle a problematic landlord, make sure you read and understand what the law says about emotional support animals. One know-it-all landlord may ask you to produce private medical documents to ascertain that you have the mental issues you claim you do. You should not obey that request because it violates the relevant act. So, yes, do not give in to that kind of pressure.

Inform them about the ESA laws. That way, they will get to understand the ESA business better and treat other pet-loving tenants and visitors in the best way possible.

To make it better for the landlord to accommodate you, get a copy of the letter delivered to them. The document is enough proof, and he or she will let Pettie warm you up whenever you want.

Can I Have More Than One ESA?

Yes, you can! The law does not have a clause or a statement that restricts the number of ESA someone can have. Since therapists agree that the animals are with you for a good reason, you can have as many of them as you want. Make sure that the pet ESA has no set restrictions in the state or local area, or your ESA will get overlooked, and your pet confiscated.

If you’re getting more than one ESA, make sure that you address their wellbeing and health. The ESAs, just like service animals, need feeding, grooming, and proper veterinary care. If your budget allows for that, get as many ESAs as you want.

However, don’t buy three horses. No landlord will allow three full-grown stallions into their complex. The point here is that you need to be reasonable in making the decision.  

Should My Landlord Ask For Extra Rent Because Of My ESA?

No! There is no such thing as an extra pet-rent or pet-security fee or any deposits. Any landlord who asks for these fees should face Judge Judy. Remember, not many landlords know the laws in an around ESA lettering. Make sure that they get informed before you decide to press charges.  

What Animals Can Be ESAs?

Most domesticated animals that qualify as pets can be ESAs. They include:


2. Cats

3. Ferrets

4. Hamsters

5. Guinea pigs

6. Birds

7. Fish

8.Turtles and tortoises

9. Monkeys

10. Rabbits

11. Snakes

You can add any other animal which has pet status in your country. All pets qualify to be ESAs.

How Can I Tell A Fake ESA Letter?

If you want to check whether an ESA letter is artificial, use the following guide quiz. If the answer is NO to all or most of the questions, the chances are that it is the fakest letter ever written in the history of ESA letter writing.

1.Did an LMHP write it?

2. Does it have an LMPH’s official letterhead?

3. Is the LMPH who wrote it from your state of residence?

4. Does the letter capture the license number of the LMHP?

5. Does the document have on it the contact details of the LMHP?

6. Does the report include the date when it got issued?

7. Does it contain wordings such as medical diagnosis, ESA prescription, or statement of treatment?

8. Does it use ‘emotional support animal’ instead of ‘service animal’ or ‘therapy animal’?

Those questions will help raise red flags and know the legitimacy of the letter. Another thing is this – if a pet agency says that it wants to register Pettie as an emotional support animal, the chances are that they are illegitimate. The letter gets prepared not for your pet but for you, and there is no nationwide ESA database that Pettie should get registered with so that the document gets processed.     

Can I Get An ESA Letter For Free?

I highly doubt that. If you go online and see that someone is giving free ESA letters, take that as a red flag for you not to go that way.

Is there an instance that an ESA letter can be free? Yes! If you see an LMHP for consultancy and tell him you need an ESA, he will organize it for you with no extra charge. But, that option is not entirely free since you have to pay the consultation fees. Unless the LMHP is your relative, then the lettering will be free.

CertaPet Versus Other ESA Online platforms

ESA PlatformFeatures (Rating Out Of 5)
Ease of Navigation on website (where 5 mean easiest)Pre-screening process (where 5 means very detailed)Customer Service (where 5 means excellent)Approval RatingsRisk-free Trials (where 5 means 100% money back guaranteed)Total
My ESA Doctor4.
Emotional Pet Support3.
Real ESA Letter3.

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