How To Get Dog Poop Off Your Shoes – Quickest, Cheapest, And Most Effective Methods

If you are ever fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough) to get dog poop on your shoes, the first thing that comes to mind, is that you need to act quickly. No matter how small the poop is, the quicker you get rid of it the better, to avoid long-lasting stains and an embarrassing poop smell on your shoe. 

Quickest Way To Get Dog Poop Off Your Shoe

The quickest way to get dog poop off your shoe is by using a high-pressure hose to flush off as much of the poop as possible, and then using a small brush (maybe toothbrush) to remove any leftover residues. Flushing with a water hose will force the poop off your shoe, while brushing will remove any other minute particles that may still be left. 

Certain shoes may respond easily to cleaning, but some others that are quick to absorb moisture may pose a problem, as most of the juice from the poop may have been absorbed already by the shoe’s material. 

If the shoe is of water-resistant material, then flushing alone will suffice. But for shoes like suede that quickly absorb moisture, scrubbing with a brush is a must. 

Whilst working with a water hose and a brush may be the fastest way, it may not always be doable in times of emergencies, or in times when you don’t just want your shoes to get wet. If that is the case you can also use another quick method which may not be as effective as the first, but is by far cheaper and will come in handy during emergencies. 

Cheapest Way To Get Dog Poop Off Your Shoes

Cheapest Way To Get Dog Poop Off Your Shoes

If you’re walking down the road and suddenly step on dog poop, at that moment you may not have access to a water hose, a brush, or even a tissue. The quickest and cheapest solution here is to get a stick, some grasses (or leaves), and sand. 

The sticks are for picking or taking out the poop, the leaves will do the work of a brush in cleaning off residues that the stick couldn’t, and the sand will act as a final wiping agent and smell remover. 

This method is very effective for poops that are stepped on. You can simply find the nearest grassland and scrub your shoes on it vigorously, and afterward go to a very sandy ground and repeat the same thing. Though this method may not seem to be the most effective, if done right it can leave your shoe up to 90% poop-free with no smell at all, all at zero costs.

Most Effective Way To Get Dog Poop Off Your Shoes

If you want your shoes to be 100% clean from dog poop, then no magic will work here, you just have to go ahead and wash the shoe thoroughly with soap and water.  Brushing and scrubbing is advisable here, for best results. No matter the type of shoe material, or the location of the poop on the shoe (whether on top, inside, or under the sole), this method is guaranteed to leave your shoe absolutely poop-free, with almost zero chance of smelling afterward. 

Although this method may take time and may entail your hands coming in contact with poop water, it is your only option if you really want those spotless shoes back.

Other Methods You Can Try

If you want to remove dog poop in a way that doesn’t involve brushing, washing, or wetting your shoe, then you can try these methods. 

Use A Handheld Steamer

This method is similar to the hose method, but since it uses steam, it is more effective in breaking up dirt (in this case poop) lodged in between cavities in the sole of your shoe. Unlike the hose method where you’ll likely need a brush to remove the poop lodged in the cavities of your shoe soles, this method needs no brushing, as it will break up and wash off these particles. 

This method has fewer chances of smelling also. 

Dry & Scrape Off

If you’re so disgusted by the fresh poop and you’re not sure you can endure brushing or washing the shoe as it is, then this method maybe your best option. 

In this method, you sundry the shoe until the poop has turned to a crisp, and then you simply scrape it off. 

This method may seem time-consuming, but it is very effective for leather and rubber shoes. 

For some shoe materials (for instance suede) however, this method may not work so well, as you may end up scraping some of the shoe’s material along with the poop. 

A letdown with this method is that final cleaning or brushing may be necessary to remove smells or stubborn poop particles after the whole process. 

Freeze & Scrape Off

The idea behind this method is similar to that of sun-drying. You just need to get remove the poop in its crystallized form. This method can come in very handy in situations where there is little or no sunlight. 

Of course, you can’t put a shoe in a freezer, much less a shoe with poop on it. So, to carry out this method you’ll have to wrap up the shoe in a plastic bag and place it in your freezer. Within a few hours, the poop would have solidified, so you can scrape or chip it off. If there are any residues in any cracks or cavities, simply use a brush. 

This method, however, may not be so effective at removing smells, so additional treatment will be required to remove the poop smell. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each Method

Flushing with a water hoseFast and cheapEffectiveThe chances of having residual poop particles are highPoop smell may still linger
BrushingCheap and easyMust be used alongside another method
Not very effective at removing smells
Sticks, leaves, and sandCheapest method
Quick method
Best for emergencies
High chances of having residual poop particles
Poop smell may still linger
Overall Washing and DryingVery efficient method
High chance of eliminating poop smell
Best method for any shoe type and any poop location
It’s a very hands-on method that may involve soaking your hands in poop water.
Washing with a handheld steamerQuick and effective
Better at removing poop articles lodged in-between cavities
Expensive methodPoop smell may still linger
Dry and scrape off Cheap Good chance of reducing the poop smell
Less disgusting
May not be suitable for certain shoe types Can only be used when good sunlight is availableMay require additional cleaning afterward
Freeze and dry off Less disgusting
Can be accessed and used anytime compared to sun-drying
Time-consumingPoop smell may still linger

Best Methods To Use Depending On Poop Location

Poop LocationBest Methods
Sole of shoesFlushing with water hose, brushing, washing with a steamer, overall washing, and drying
Top of shoesFlushing with water hose, overall washing and drying, washing with a steamer, dry & scrape off, freeze & scrape off
Inside of your shoesOverall washing and drying

The effectiveness of some of these methods will greatly depend on how long the poop has stayed on your shoes. The longer it stays, the more difficult it may be to remove completely, and the stronger it may smell. 

So like they always say, the earlier, the better.

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