Getting A Pet Kitten At Petco: Costs, Expectations, Perks, and More.

The cost of adopting a kitten at Petco generally ranges from $40 to $100. This price is affected by a number of factors, such as the animal shelter involved and the breed of the cat.


  • How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Kitten At Petco?
  • What Do Petco Adoption Fees Cover?
  • Factors That Affect Petco Kitten Prices
  • How To Spend Less When Adopting A Kitten
  • Top 10 most popular cat breeds kept as pets

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Kitten At Petco?

Petco doesn’t sell or rent animals; rather, they give them up for adoption. Adopting a pet at Petco involves a special fee known as an adoption fee. For a kitten, the adoption fee can range from $40 to over $100. Kittens are usually more expensive than older cats, so while you may spend $100 or more for a kitten, you’ll most likely spend $40 – $70 for adopting an older cat at Petco.

What Do Petco Adoption Fees Cover?

Adopting a pet kitten at Petco comes with some perks. Here’s what the adoption fee would normally cover at Petco:

What Do Petco Adoption Fees Cover?


This is the process of removing the reproductive organ in female cats. It helps prevent against breast cancer and also saves you from the trouble that comes with a feline on heat and unwanted kittens. Overall, spayed cats live healthier and longer lives.


This is the name given to the process of removing the reproductive organ in male cats or dogs. Just like spaying, it helps prevent cancer in males (testicular cancer). It also saves owners from the trouble of male dominance during puberty (when a cat becomes territorial and sprays urine all around the house).

In essence, neutering and spaying are necessary to help kittens live longer, healthier lives.


Deworming pets, especially young pets like kittens, is very necessary to kill the many parasites in their system. Too much worms can cause intestinal/health complications or even death.


This is the process of implanting a chip beneath the skin of your pet to prove you’re its owner or parent. The chip gives your pet a unique code, and it can also be scanned and matched to your account details.


This procedure is essential for kittens, as it helps to prevent some easily communicable diseases that would have otherwise required costly treatments. Specific shots are given to vaccinate your kitten against specific viruses or illnesses.

Factors That Affect Petco Kitten Prices

Factors That Affect Petco Kitten Prices

Store Size/Location

The size and location of the pet store may affect the price of kittens. Pet stores try to factor in expenses and the cost of keeping the store running when selling pets or giving them up for adoption. So you may find the exact cat breed being priced differently in different Petco stores.

Animal shelter involved

Petco doesn’t breed its pets for adoption: rather, it works hand-in-hand with animal shelters and rescue organizations to give animals a new home. And so, the animal shelter or organization involved with a particular cat/kitten will determine how expensive that cat will be to adopt. If the shelter decides to charge a large fee, Petco will have no choice but to charge you high. Usually, shelters charge adoption fees so they can have money to take care of other pets.

Petco Expenses

The final adoption fee will depend on Petco’s incurred fees/expenses. Petco will surely factor in any expenses incurred while transporting the kitten or vetting it to make it ready for adoption. And so, if a shelter was to charge $50, Petco may add $20 to cover up for their losses, making a total adoption fee of $70.

How To Spend Less When Adopting A Kitten

Adopt Two

The price of adopting two kittens at once is relatively low. You may spend just an extra 50% of the cost of a single cat. For instance, if a kitten is $100 and you adopt two, you may spend just $150 for the two. Sometimes Petco can even give you a second kitten for free!!!

Wait for a discount

Petco offers periodic discounts as well as coupon codes for customers. Utilizing these discounts can significantly reduce the cost of adopting a kitten. You can wait for these specific dates when discounts will be available before going ahead to adopt a cat at Petco. Sometimes you can even get a 50% discount!

Wait for a discount
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Go directly to a store.

Most times, it’s better to go directly and adopt a pet from a pet store than to order one online. This is because online purchasing may attract shipping fees (making you spend more). The only time adopting a pet online should be chosen over physical store adoption is if the price is quite low compared to what you’d normally expect, or if there’s a discount running.

Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds Kept As Pets In The US

In case you’re not sure what type or breed of kitten to buy as a pet, here are the most popular cat breeds amongst cat lovers:

  1. Persians
  2. Ragdolls
  3. Siamese cats
  4. Bengal
  5. Devon Rex
  6. British shorthair
  7. American Shorthair
  8. Scottish fold
  9. Abyssinian
  10. Russian blue

Is it worth getting a pet at Petco?

Yes. All things considered, getting a pet kitten at Petco is a great choice. Firstly, you have the assurance that what you’re getting is a legit cat, not something stolen or wild.

Then there’s the assurance you’re not getting a sick or infected cat, as Petco would never sell pets to customers without first verifying their health status. Furthermore, you can test for compatibility with the animal to see if it’s right for you.

Last but not least, Petco offers some necessary treatments or services like deworming and chipping as part of the adoption fees.

Normally, doing these treatments on your own at a local vet would cost a lot, but for the sake of adoption, all these services are rendered almost free of charge.

Here’s a table of what it would typically cost to carry out some of Petco’s adoption treatments on your own:

Medical treatment/procedureExpected Costs ($)
Spaying200 – 500
Neutering100 – 300
Vaccinating20 – 80
Chipping40 – 50
Deworming20 – 100

So you see, adopting a pet at Petco is a win-win situation for both the pet and you.

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