Dog Barking Recording Devices

Barking comes naturally to dogs, and they can’t be blamed for doing it – even in excess. And dogs bark in different styles, as this read reveals. Since barking can be uncontrollable, what are some of the dog barking recording methods or devices that one can use? To stop nuisance barking, you can use positive reinforcement, toys for distraction, ultrasonic devices, spray collars, and vibration collars.

This read is going to look at those devices (or methods). You will get an insight on how to deal with dog barking if it becomes too much for you.

Now, let’s roll!

Stopping Nuisance Barking

Barking is not nothingness in the form of sound – it is how dogs communicate. There are various types of meaning, each one pointing to a different message:

Territory-Marking BarksAlarm Barks
Attention-Drawing BarksWelcome Barks
Compelled BarksVicarious Barks

As the table notes, your dog could be barking because of an alarm, compulsion, or even attention. Even the excess barking can point out something significant – something worth your focus.

But seriously, excessive barking can get into someone’s nerves. If you reside in an apartment building with a barking dog breed, you will likely get into trouble with your neighbors. You will agree that there is no peace in too much barking.

But I’ve got good news. You can use some dog barking recording devices to deal with the nuisance. And the method you go for will depend on the dog’s temperament. For example, if the dog is anxious and barks whenever you leave, it needs to feel comfortable in aloneness – say, using something like a toy. On another occasion, a dog that barks when bored needs physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Now, you will be introduced to some of the methods and devices to deal with dog barking recording. Be advised to maintain high levels of patience since it may take some time. In the background, always remember that you are dealing with an underlying problem, and the barking is just its manifestation.

1. Using Positive Reinforcement

This is a classic in behavioral psychology which has proved reliable over the years. With positive reinforcement, you reward your dog for doing something else that isn’t barking. With the reward, the dog learns to outgrow excess woofing and becomes calmer.

You can use toys, cuddles, and treats to get a quieter dog from a too-much barker.

One of the methods tied to positive reinforcement is called clicker training. Once the dog stops barking, you can sound the click and then give the treats. This will make the dog associate the non-barking behavior with the click, after which a reward follows.

But before you start using it, I advise that you talk to a pro trainer. They are likely to notify you of the reward’s timing – when the dog becomes silent. No silence, no reward!

2. Toys For Distraction

Dogs, like many other pets, love toys. If you want your furry canine friend to stop barking at random people or things, throw in a fluffy toy. You can always check this article to get the list of toys for dogs.

For the toys to work effectively, you first need to master the triggers. For example, if a knock on the door is what gets your Rottweiler or Akita Inu barking, toss the toy once someone approaches the porch. This way, you will have stopped the bark before it even started.

If you work away from home, your dog is likely to develop boredom-related barking. But there’s no need to worry since toys can keep the dog busy. For example, if you choose a food-dispensing toy, you will have provided the dog with a puzzle to solve. It will spend its day figuring out how to get the food instead of barking.

3. Ultrasonic (Or Unique Noise-Making) Devices

By dog barking recording devices, I presume that you were looking these up. And what do they even do? Ultrasonic devices produce sounds that are undetectable to humans but which dogs can pick. For the most part, the tone of those sounds is usually annoying and can move them out of something, say barking. So, when the dog starts woofing, you can play the sound. It won’t be long until the dog boils down and becomes silent.

The machines are pretty technical, and so you may need the help of a pro trainer. One of the tips on using the device is to keep the dog within range. Also, the dog should face the machine’s mic whenever it starts barking. Lastly, ensure that the device is on until the dog becomes silent. It shouldn’t be long before the ultrasonic sounds put the dog off.

4. E-Collars And The Vibration Ones

These types of dog barking recording devices employ the psychological method known as negative reinforcement. First, you need to buy the dog collar before you adopt this method. And believe me, it ought to work.

The vibration collar picks out your dog’s bark and vibrates, therefore putting the dog out of position. So, the dog will be discouraged from barking because the vibrations will be pretty uncomfortable.

On the flip side, e-collars will detect the barks and produce a slight shock. Your dog will automatically be moved to stop with its woofing. If you have heard about NePoPo training, you’re in know what I am talking about.

Since these devices introduce some undesirable effects, you need to get expert advice. As you organize the collar, ensure that it fits properly; it should not be too tight nor too loose.

Then, some of the devices come with intensity settings. So, ensure that the level you set is not too high. Otherwise, the dog may get traumatized by the shock or vibration.

5. The Spray Collars

Like the e-collars and the vibration ones, these spray collars operate using negative reinforcement. And how do they really work? Well, they emit a spurt of citronella and air when the dog barks. And the air doesn’t come out gently – it may sound like a blast or a hiss, something that the dog will find annoying. In that case, the collar stops the dog’s bark once it kicks in.

As you go to the market, pick a spray collar that will accurately detect your dog’s bark.

Final Words

Well, there you have them – the best dog barking recording methods. You can go with any that impresses you, provided that you operate it well and treat the dog gently.

For most of the devices captured, you are advised to talk to a pro trainer. And as you go shopping, you should look for the best collars and toys. For example, going for a spray collar means getting one that can be refilled. The point is: you should do proper research before making any move or taking up any suggestion from this article.


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