Can You Buy Someone A Pet On MSP?

No, you can’t. Pets are among the items that can neither be wished for nor gifted. If anyone wants you to get them a pet, tell them that they should try it themselves. It is an in-game feature that cannot be altered.

In MovieStarPlanet or MSP, there is a system known as gifting that enables players to buy and give animations, items, clothing, or backgrounds to other users on the same platform. For you to gift other users, you need to upgrade your profile by purchasing any of the VIP membership options available. The other alternative is by making it through to level 6. Per day, you cannot give more than 25 gifts. After that, you need the number to replenish before you can show off your generosity. This happens at 8 PM Eastern Time.

The Methods Of Gifting

MSP provides two gifting methods, which will be explained here:

1. Gifting Through The Wish Lists, which is a place where users can keep their room or clothing items that they can’t afford but wish other buyers to get for them. Your wish list cannot hold more than 12 items. You can get the wish list by going to your profile and tapping on the ‘Gifts’ tab. At any moment, you can delete items from your wish list.

2. Normal Girting- It involves you sending items from your personal wardrobe at no cost. On your mini-profile, you need to click on the ‘gift’ button. If you are using a mobile phone, any categories within the shops have the wardrobe.

Gifting-Choice Particulars  

1. If you are a non-VIP member, you cannot get gifts from VIP members.

2. Of the many items, you cannot wish for or gift the following:

a) Diamond items

b) Pets

c) Currency

d) Diamond items

e) Fame

You can gift designs (backgrounds) and rare items to other users.

In-Game Caveats (Bugs)

If you’ve already gifted 25 items, the game will still say Bought, which is not what you have done. Also, VIPS can get the ability to give VIP-status items to non-VIP users. These caveats exist with the patched form of the games.

Pets In MSP

In MovieStarPlanet, the pets existing there go by the names ‘Boonies’ and ‘Bonsters.’ The difference between the two items is this: while Bonsters are pet lookalikes – reals ones such as dogs, unicorns, and cats – Boonies are tiny, feisty, and fluffy furballs. Boonies have their planet that is identified by their name, BooniePlanet.

Getting a Bonster or a Boonie is possible, and you can purchase them. Once you do, you will find Bonsters in boxes and Boonies in eggs, that is when you are doing room editing.

Upon making the purchase, place the egg or the box (or both). Then, save the changes. Clicking on the egg or the container will have the Boonie and the Bonster popping out, respectively. Always remember to give any of your pets a unique name.

The game requires that you care for your Boonie or Bonster. The way to show tenderness is to feed or wash it. If you don’t, you may be prompted to seek medical care for the pet.

Diamonds In MSP

The one and only premium currency on MSP is diamonds. This section will explore everything in and around these unique means of transaction.

In the ‘Shopping’ section at the Diamond shop, you get to use diamonds to buy exclusive items, clothing, and animations, among others. Here are some specific details:

1. There is something called a “Diamond Ride” that you can do by using 15 diamonds. Something happens in a chatroom – 1000 star coins rain down, giving other users a chance to collect them. Whoever bought the “Diamond Ride” gets 1000 star coins in their bank. Technically, the 15 diamonds get 2000 star coins.

2. If you have an online friend you want to give a greeting, you can use 15 diamonds. When the greeting happens, each of you gets 500-star coins. On top of that, you both get 3500 fame points.

Other Diamonds Specials Are Explained As Follows:

No.SpecialNumber Of Diamonds 
1Fame Booster5
2Fame Wheel4
3A Shopping Spree25
4Diamond Status1
5Diamond Profile15
6Pet growthDependent on the level of the pet  
7Pet changes 

Getting Diamonds

At the moment, the most popular way of getting diamonds is when you purchase any VIP type. Then, you will receive them. The other options are as follows:

1. Buying a package of diamonds

2. Buying a coded magazine, the code including diamonds

3. Winning competition contests

4. Reception as part of the daily reward – this only applies if you have the Star/Elite VIP (from the piggy bank)    

Diamond Particulars  

1. Diamonds came to play around mid-2012, then they became part of the game.

2. Any items or clothes bought by diamonds cannot be traded, gifted, or recycled.

Boonies And Bonsters

1. Boonies

Of the two pet-like types on the game MSP, Boonies are one. If you’ve played MSP long enough, you know that they used to be older Boonie versions. These days, the old versions are not sold. As mentioned earlier, Boonies have their platform, which is the BooniePlanet.

Taking Care Of Boonies

If a couple of days pass without you having taken care of your Boonie, it may become sick. This may force you to get medicine for it, which is not free. You will need 20 star coins to get them. You have to take care of the medical issue before you look at any of the following items: 

1. Regular food – costing three coins, to be fed to the pet every six hours

2. Candy, going at a diamond’s number dependent on the level of your Boonie

3. Washing the pet, which is at no costs – you do it by using the soap icon and doing some back-and-forth icon hovering

You should know that you can engage your pet Boonie in a game of soccer. Your engagement with your pet contributes, and they get to level up. 


These types of pets are those given to players who successfully complete, in a related event, all the quests. The Bonnies become no longer obtainable once an event comes down to a close.

Error And Glitches 

1. If you’re on the mobile app, you will see that some pet Boonies show up in the game’s later stages. The belief behind this is that the app may be using files from advertisements that are related.

2. Once you bring a pet Boonie into a room for gaming, you will be able to move it around.


1. If you’ve noticed, the pop-up messages use Boonies.

2. “Boonies” is a reference for ‘Boondocks’ or ‘a type of party.

3. 100 is the Boonie’s max level.

4. In Booniestarplanet, you will find evil counterparts of Boonies that are known as Gloomies.

5. If you are operating the game on the mobile app, you can get coins just for showing love to your Boonie while you are in your own room.

6. Old Boonies can only be recycled.

7. A Boonie that levels up gives the player a certain number of star coins. These coins will be equal to the Boonie’s level.

8. Before later updates, you would see flies buzzing around an unwashed Boonie.

9. When you get to level 41, people who pet Boonies get 5-star coins.

2. Bonsters

Apart from Bonnies, MSP has Bonsters. In December 2013, Bonsters were injected into the game to replace PetPets, which are now retired.  Diamonds can level up these types of pets. 


1. The only VIP Bonster is the Lion-like one. It is the only pet that you can find in the shop.

2. Some of the Bonsters have a resemblance to real-life species.

Throwing Back – More About Retired Boonies

Before the new Boonies replaced them, retired Boonies used to be part of MSP. For 900 star coins, players would get them in MovieStarPlanet’s pet section. The retired ones came in there types: evil, VIP, and good ones. Some Boonies had a random set of ears, eyes, and fur patterns.

The high scores board and the diamond shop support old Boonies. So, players who did have them before they got retired have a chance to keep using them the way they always had been doing. 

Retired Boonie Care

The retired ones need feeding and washing. They need 20 coins, just the same as the new Boonies, to stay in shape. If you have the Bonnie having flies flying around it and you wash it, the game rewards you with 3 star coins.       

The Growth Of A Boonie

When a Bonnie hits the 9-food-point milestone (one above each level’s max), they will grow into a new stage. The stages are four: the baby, which is the default one, the child, the teen, and the adult. With each step, there is a slight and necessary change. The adult stage is final, and a Boonie cannot grow beyond that. However, it will still need to be fed.

You can bypass the stages by using 12 diamonds for each step. This means that you will need 36 diamonds to get the baby pet to adulthood.  

To Level A Boonie

To level up your Boonie, you must get a pre-set number of points, which is the same mechanism of earning fame. You gain the points when you engage in games of volleyball with your pet. Each of your clicks on the ball will make you 1 point, or two if you are a VIP. These will get added to the final score for that particular game. The game ends when the ball hits the floor.  Each of the ten levels of play and their points’ milestone has been captured in the table below:

Level Of PlayNumber Of Play Points

Each level includes a new trick that your Boonie can do.

Error And Glitches 

They are the same as those experienced with new Boonies.

One outstanding detail is that in the pet section and on the mobile app, retired PetPets (next section) and Boonies come up as different retired pets. Some of them are even seen as plants. This is the unpatched version of the game.


Among the new Boonies, there is one that has a striking semblance to the white and pink-horned good Boonie.

Retired PetPets – MSP Fandom

These types of pets used to be part of MSP up to when they got retired. Bonsters are the ones that replaced PetPets. To purchase one, a player had to use 900 star coins and the relevant pet store in the MSP’s pet section. These pets that were retired were in three different types:

1. Pupz

2. Dracos

3. Furballs

While Dracos used to be VIP pets, the other two were non-VIP. All the pets came with a randomized accessory set. I’m talking about ears, eyes, and skin design, and color.

The board (high scores) and the diamond shop are in support of the PetPets. So, players who had these ‘retirees’ can still use them in their usual way. As mentioned earlier, the difference between Boonies and PetPets is subtle – they are almost the same.

The Growth Of A PetPet

Most details about the PetPet is the same as that of the Boonie. The mark of 9-food-points is the same, but the developmental stages are different. A PetPet grows from being a baby to a teen then to an adult. The ‘child’ stage is absent. Like with Boonies, each step has a distinction from the other one.

There a set number of points to reach before leveling to the next stage. The table that appears in the Boonie section is very-much applicable here.

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