Can Rabbits Eat Cherries?

Well, like oranges, rabbits can eat cherries. And it doesn’t matter the type – dark red, black, Montmorency – all these are a rabbit’s obsession. However, rabbit owners should mind the number of cherries given to the bunnies. Since rabbits have sweet teeth and will get hooked to sugary foods like drugs, cherries need to be limited. You wouldn’t want your rabbit refusing hay, yet it gives the essential nutrient, fiber.

Since you’re down to feeding your rabbit cherries, I recommend that you only give them to adult bunnies. Before you throw in whole fruit, provide a small portion to see how the rabbit will react. If the rabbit responds well over a couple of days, make cherries a regular treat. But, do not stuff them down the rabbit’s throat.

Too many cherries mean that the rabbit’s digestive system will be disrupted. The bunnies will develop GI issues like loss of appetite, diarrhea and stool changes, and even vomiting. Once you see the rabbit reacting negatively to the fruits, take them off the menu and get the bunny hydrated. Then, go back to the hay and the fiber.

Nutrition Facts For Cherries (Raw, Red, Sour)

Before you look at the numbered facts, you should know that cherries have a lot of antioxidants. This is because of their rich red color. Now, take on the following table:

1 Cup Serving Of Cherries (Together With The Pits)
Carbohydrates1 g
Fiber9 g
Protein5 g
Fat0.3 g
Vitamin A3 mcg
Potassium306 mg
Vitamin C7 mg
Vitamin B60.1 mg
Manganese0.1 mg
Magnesium2 mg
Pantothenic acid0.3 mg
Copper0.1 mg
Vitamin K9 mcg
Choline4 mg
Calcium9 mg
Phosphorus29 mg

Rabbits And Cherries: Questions And Answers

Do Bunnies Obsess Over Cherries?

As mentioned, many rabbits have sweet teeth. Since cherries are bright and sugary, rabbits will be head over heels for them. Your bunny will look at you with watery, weeping eyes when it smells cherries. But don’t give in too quickly. And if you do, limit the supply. Remember that a lot of sugar will trigger a series of GI issues.

How Many Cherry Fruits Should My Bunny Eat?

For older rabbits or specific rabbit breeds like the Flemish Giant, you should give more cherries. Young ones should be fed tiny pieces over a long period to see if anything adverse will happen.

Overlooking the rabbit’s age, you should start by giving a reasonable amount that won’t bring about any GI issues. Then, monitor the bunny for about 24 hours before giving the other serving. If everything else goes well, you should give the cherries a permanent position on the menu.

How Frequent Should A Bunny Eat Cherries?

In a week, give the rabbit not more than two cherry pieces. However, do not feed the fruits on the same day as other high-sugar food items. If you want to give your rabbit various fruits one time or one day, you should reduce their serving sizes. For every 2 pounds of your bunny’s weight, it should eat one teaspoon of fruit tops.

Remember that rabbits need a balanced diet, and they should not be overfed with sugary foods. Always offer your rabbit an unlimited hay supply because fiber is the essential ingredient. And of course, the hay should be served alongside the following food items:

1. Crunchy veggies and fresh leafy greens ensure that the rabbit’s diet is exciting and delicious. Every day, give the rabbit a tablespoon of the crunchy kind of veggies for every two pounds. Also, add a cup of fresh leafy greens.

2. Fruits: if you’re looking for special treats that your rabbit will enjoy, go for fruits. Cherries are one option, but you can go for others like oranges. If you’re feeding a high-sugar fruit, ensure that you limit the supply.

3. Commercial Rabbit Food – if you have limited access to hay, you should get commercial rabbit food. Apart from the grass, pet foods serve most of your rabbit’s nutritional needs. As you go for them, ensure that you get the feed that fits your rabbit’s age, breed, and weight.

On top of the food, remember that your rabbit will need fresh water every day. So, rinse the water bowls and bottles each evening and fill them up again.

And that’s not all. Like the members of the Rodentia order, rabbit teeth never cease growing – they stretch throughout the bunny’s life. So, get the rabbit the best chewing items, toys, or even wood pieces. Some options to consider include coconut shells and softwood sticks. Read here to know the safe and unsafe wood pieces for rabbits.

Aside From Cherries, What Are Some Other Alternatives?

If you can’t get cherries for your rabbit, you have nothing to worry about. The following table has a good number of fruits and vegetables that your rabbit will enjoy eating:

yu choyswiss chardspinach
romaine lettuceraspberriesradish tops
escaroleendivedandelion greens
cilantrocarrotscarrot tops
cabbagebutter lettucebroccoli
bok choyblueberriesblackberries
bell peppersbeet greensbasil

If you’re feeding any of the tabulated fruits to your rabbit for the first time, do your research. You must know the effects (good or bad) which can come out of bell peppers, snap peas, or even bananas. Since the rabbit’s digestive system is considerably delicate, everything that goes in should be vetted and approved.

As advised by this read, you should go for cherries – your rabbit will absolutely love them!

Rabbits And Cherries: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Cherries Safer Or Unsafe With The Pits?

Well, you need to remove the pits before they choke the bunny. Once you do, the fruit is in its safest mode. 

2. Can The Cherry Fruits Sicken My Rabbit?

Well, any fruit can sicken a rabbit if it is fed in excess. So, to avoid emergency vet visits, limit the rabbit’s intake of any fruit.

3. What About Cherry Leaves? Can Rabbits Eat Them?

A big fat NO – those leaves should not get anywhere near the rabbit’s mouth. The leaves have the toxic element cyanide, and surely, you wouldn’t want to get the rabbit poisoned, now, would you?

4. What About Canned Cherries? 

Another big fat NO – because they have added sugar and are cooked. A bunny’s digestive system is not wired to break down any cooked foods and so altogether avoid any canned fruits.

5. What About Frozen Cherries? 

Like canned cherries, the frozen ones are likely to have added sugar and other additives. I advise you to avoid any risks, and so, out goes the frozen cherries.

Final Words

No matter the breed, any rabbits will grab a cherry fruit with both hands and gobble it up. Cherries are sweet, and rabbits, well, are suckers for sweet things. But do not give too many cherries, especially regularly.

As reiterated, cherries are sweet, and sometimes, the sugar can be poisonous. Rabbits have delicate digestive systems, and a slight imbalance (caused by the high sugars) is likely to throw a bunny into turmoil. So, if you don’t want your rabbit to experience digestive troubles, be moderate about the cherries.

Now that we’re done with all the cherry business, why don’t you find out if rabbits can eat pistachios? Or even coconuts – you choose your next read!

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