Where To Buy A Dog In NYC

If you’re here to read this, you are living in New York City and want to get a canine to warm your days here on earth. Probably, the subject of getting a dog has come up in some discussions which you’ve had with your friends and family. By the end of this read, you will know anything and everything there is to know. Then, you can buy Mr. Doggie. Well, here is a list of places you can buy dogs that are non-kill and humane, right here in New York:

1. Animal Care Centers of NYC

2. ASPCA Adoption Center

3. City Critters

4. Bideawee

5. Animal Haven

6. Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition

7. Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

8. Social Tees Animal Rescue

9. The Humane Society of New York

10. Petfinder

11. Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center

Now, let’s look at each of the places as mentioned above in details:

1. Animal Care Centers Of NYC:

Animal Care Centers Of NYC

In ACC, you will get a comprehensive package that includes the following items:

a) Spay/neuter services

b) Vaccination

c) A certificate for an unpaid exam

d) A microchip that will help in tracking and tracing your dog in case it gets lost

Since you are looking to buy a dog, you will get a collar, a heartworm test, and a leash. If this one awes you, you can click and browse through their catalog.

2. ASPCA Adoption Center

ASPCA Adoption Center

When anyone mentions ASPCA, the one thing that comes to mind is pet adoption. For many years, ASPCA has been at the forefront, taking care of pets of all shapes and sizes. Since you’re here to pick a dog to warm up your life, make sure that you look at their online catalog. There, you can be sure that a little furry person will steal your heart.

3. City Critters

City Critters

This platform will help you find your new best friend. Here, you will get the occasional pup. Have it in mind that your interview and application will be as thorough as it can get. The reason why? The organization will want to pair you with the best match. If you’re not ready to become a pet parent and commit, you should try City Critter – they will help you start your fostering journey. 

4. Bideawee


For at least a hundred years, Bideawee has been in operations. This longevity mark means that it is one of the most reliable shelters. Go to Bideawee and browse their online directory. There, you can get dogs of different breeds. If you’re neat Manhattan or Westhampton, you will see dogs that are up for adoption in centers near you. Once you have the dog you want in mind, there are some adoption requirements that you will need to fulfill. This way, you will move a step closer to becoming a pet parent.

5. Animal Haven

Animal Haven

How can you even say no to the cute face of Doggie! This haven of furry animals stands out because it cares for all kinds of pets. Adopting a dog from Animal Haven means that you will be answering your call. They want to find their dog a perfect home, and yours is one of them. 

What you should know is that all the animals taken in by Animal Haven have no history of aggression. So, if you pick your dog there, be sure to get a calm canine that won’t snap at you sometime in the future.

6. Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition

Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition

This organization is two things: no-kill and non-profit. This coalition is the perfect place to look for any Brooklyn family that is looking to take up a dog for adoption. On their website, there are impressively detailed descriptions of every animal. These details help you to know whether this or that pet is good for you and your family. So, go BARC and get a barker (I hope you see what I did there)!

7. Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

This shelter has the attitude it needs. I picked that from BBAR’s motto, which says that the rescue shelter saves badass dogs from humans who are idiots. That is such great energy! This place has been saving dogs for the longest time, and you can help them give more life by adopting a dog there. Be of assistance to them so that they keep supporting other homeless dogs.

8. Social Tees Animal Rescue

Social Tees Animal Rescue

For this shelter, their dogs are not onsite. They are homing in with foster parents, who are holding them before anyone steps up to be a pet parent. The reason why STAR stands out among other shelters is that it will give you an idea of the temperament of your prospective pet. Also, STAR is known for taking in injured or ill animals, or those that have special needs. It has some programs to take care of those unfortunate animals.   

9. The Humane Society Of New York

The Humane Society Of New York

In NYC, this society, like STAR, has been taking in abused, injured, and ill animals. This society has been in operation for at least a century, making it a very experienced one. Animals who are brought to this organization receive more than shelter – they get healthcare and a great ambiance. 

10. Petfinder


In the United States, Petfinder is one of the biggest online adoption platforms. It works like a matchmaker – pairing you up with the right dog. The benefit of Petfinder being a national organization is that you can get to buy an out-of-state dog. 

11. Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center

Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center

In Huntington and right outside NYC, you will find this shelter. Before any dog is adopted, it will either be spayed or neutered. Of the many shelters that are part of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals, this shelter is one of them, and it is a non-NYC one. How about that!

Must-Ask Questions Before Buying A Dog In NYC

Now that you know the places you can get dogs in NYC, you need to prepare yourself before you make the purchase. In this part, we will address some questions that will help you get ready to approach a shelter and make your request.

Buying a dog is not an easy decision, and that is why you need to weigh the pros and cons of getting one. It would help if you got the dog at the right time so that you exercise your parenthood effectively.

Now, go through these questions and tips, and by the end of the read, you will surely be in a different place.

1. What Will Be The Size Of The Dog You Get?

Well, the dog’s size matters more than you even think. The more sensible thing is to get a small dog since it will fit a small space. In some cases, however, getting a big dog is okay, even if the room is small.

You can get a Great Dane or Mastiff that is just fine for your sizeable space. The dog has no room in its mind to know whether the area it lives in is small.

However, if you feel like a pup is what you want to live with, go for it!

2. Do You Time To Be A Pet Parent Or Money To Pay A Dog Carrer?

Dogs are active animals. Most breeders, societies, and shelters recommend that a dog should go for walks every day. Dogs are not like other animals that want to sit down and nap. Your pet will want to play, relieve itself, and run around.

If you have a 9-to-5 job, your dog will be alone for most of the day. Even worse is when you have a tight schedule that makes your nights as times of work. If you are to take a dog and live with it with such erratic work timelines, the dog will probably become depressed.

If you are not living with anyone else and you have crazy schedules, think of getting the dog to be with a friend. A new dog should get every bit of warmth.

It is all a matter of sacrifice – if you don’t have the time, consider paying for a dog walker. What you should ensure is that the dog you buy will receive the attention it deserves. 

3. Which Dog Breed Will Fit Your Character And Situation?

While some dogs adapt quicker to staying alone, others don’t. Are you single and go to the gym a lot? If so, getting a small dog breed like a Yorkie or a Shih Tzu is a great way to go. That way, you will get a companion to fit that space – you will be in a relationship with your dog.

Read widely on dog-man compatibility, and you will get the best pet.

4. How Will You Deal With The Dog’s Bathroom Issues? 

Your dog will need ample training, which is simple, especially if you’re employing potty pads. However, it takes lots of patience to get a dog potty appropriately trained.

You can always get many pads on your floor so that the pup will go in them when they want to make a doody. The other option is buying a special cage. To reinforce good bathroom behavior, give Doggie some snacks. Keep at it until the dog gets control over their systems.

Once the dog gets the idea of using the pad, move it nearer to the door, or even outside. That way, you can avoid having a house that had ‘special’ dog smells, which are not scented – at all.

5. Will You Be Allowed To Live With Your Dog In Your Building Or Apartment? 

If you have a landlord, you need to ask them whether there are any restrictions when it comes to pets. Here are some limits that get stated by building owners against all, some, or any dog:

a) Small dogs that are up to 25 pounds are the only ones allowed.

b) No dog with an aggressive reputation shall enter this building. Examples are the pit bulls and Rottweilers.

c) You cannot have more than one dog here.

d) For any pets, payment needs to be made to facilitate their entry.

Regardless of the many restrictions, you can sign your pet up as an ESA. That way, you can enter any building of your liking. You wouldn’t like to leave the new dog you adopted outside, right?

6. Can You Afford The Dog? 

Dogs are not cheap – that’s a fact. And this question is not just about the price of your dog. It’s about the costs that come with having a dog. I’m talking about veterinarian care payments (neutering or spaying, shots, vaccines, medicine), chipping, special diet (dog food), a bed, toys, potty pads, and others.

Some people have spent almost $400 for neutering only, and with every extra visit, they pay $95. Grooming is another cost since dog hair snowballs. In Manhattan, the lowest grooming goes for $65, more than the price of a haircut!

If you’re too busy, you will need to pay for dog day-care, which is not free. To save on this cost, consider getting a friend who owns a dog. That way, your dog can stay there, and you can appreciate your friend with a token.

7. Finally, Will The Dog Make You Happy, And Will You Make The Dog Happy?

I have deliberately put this as the last two-part question so that it sticks in your mind. While it may sound like a not-so-smart question, it is the most important of all. A dog is supposed to make your life better, not worse. The only way you can know the ‘happy’ value of the dog is by weighing all the pros and cons. When you find that you have more reasons to get the dog, go for it. The dog will undoubtedly improve the quality of your life.

Also, will the dog’s new life improve, or will the animal be subjected to torture, neglect, and mistreatment? Will your neighborhood choose to lynch the animal when it makes a small mistake, or will they act calmly and tell you to take responsibility? Study your family and your neighborhood. This way, you will understand whether buying the dog will be a good or a bad thing.

Think about it.

Dog Name Stats: NYC Edition

Once you decide to get your dog, you will need to give it a name. I have prepared several tables to show you popular and rare dog names and the numbers behind that data.

Most Popular Female Dog Names
No.Dog NameNumber Of Dogs With The Name
Most Popular Male Dog Names
No.Dog NameNumber Of Dogs With The Name
Most Rare Male/Female Dog Names
No.Dog NameNumber Of Dogs With The Name

Now, you have a good number of options to choose from (rare) and others to avoid (most common). Have fun making the decision!

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