Best Tasting Dog Foods For Human Consumption

A dog is a man’s best friend. They can be so loyal to the point that they would not eat food given to them by anyone else other than their owner. Well-trained dogs can eat whatever their owners eat, but some picky eaters may not want to taste a new dog food or even touch it, not until their owners have convinced them to. And this most times will entail eating out of the very food you intend to give the dog. 

Now you may be wondering if it’s a safe practice, and whether or not dog food will cause complications in a human’s digestive system. The truth is that dog foods are made with human ingredients (like meat, fish, grains, and so on), and some contain no chemical additives whatsoever. So the chances of you falling sick from eating your dog’s food are very slim unless the food is overloaded with chemicals. 

The problem, however, with eating your dog’s food will be how good or how bad it will taste in your mouth. 

Best-Tasting Dog Food For Humans

Tasting Dog Food For Humans

Generally, the best-tasting dog foods for humans are those that are termed “human-grade”. These types of dog meals are made with such premium ingredients that even a human being will find the taste good. Foods like these are usually well-balanced in nutrition as well, containing quality components like beef or chicken (maybe fried, grilled, or cooked), fruits, vegetables, and so on. 

So even though dog and human nutritional requirements differ, a person can still get some quality nutrition from such a dog meal. 

Human-grade dog foods may be wet or dry. The dry ones are packaged and sold in stores, while the wet ones are usually pre-ordered. This is because these wet human-grade dog foods are meant to be freshly prepared, with fresh ingredients. The food is mostly cooked and made in such an appetizing way that another person seeing it will want to eat it. 

Which Type Of Human-Grade Dog Food Tastes Better

Fresh human-grade dog foods are usually expensive, but they are worth it in terms of nutrition and taste. So if you’re looking for good-tasting dog food, then you should definitely go for a fresh one, rather than a dry one. 

There are quite a number of brands that offer freshly cooked dog food of this nature, but here are some very good ones you can try. 

Best Brands To Get Good-Tasting Fresh Dog Food 

Nom Nom

This brand is known to provide fresh human-grade dog foods, made with quality ingredients. Their foods are said to be “restaurant-quality”, meaning whatever you are getting for your dog is something you yourself can eat and enjoy. 

In fact, the main ideology of the company is that you shouldn’t feed your pet what you wouldn’t eat.  So they put their best in formulating each meal to standard while taking care to satisfy your specifications/preferences as listed in the pre-order form. 

Every Nom-Nom meal (single serving) must be pre-ordered, and each meal is customized based on the order. However, no matter the order, all Nom-Nom meals contain essential nutrients like calcium, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin D, potassium, etc. The protein content of each meal is about 44%. 

Nom-Nom foods aren’t just tasty, or high-grade, but very nutritious as well. Customers always testify to seeing improvements on their dog’s coat and energy levels a few weeks after using Nom Nom. 


This brand provides custom-designed dog foods specifically made to suit customer prescriptions. Details such as dog size, breed, allergies, and other things are filled in the pre-order form. 

They offer about 4 recipes with different protein sources (Turkey, beef, chicken, and lamb). These meats are only sourced from the US or Australia, and no matter the recipe, the quality, and taste remain exquisite. 

Ollie guarantees that the food you’re ordering will be “bowl-licking good” or they’ll issue a refund.

The Farmer’s Dog

This is a subscription-based food service that provides real, fresh food for dogs. Their meals are made with human-grade ingredients, and every meal is tailored to suit the dog’s breed, age, weight, etc. Recipes available include Turkey & parsnip, Beef & lentils, Pork & Sweet potato. 

The minimum protein content for each meal is about 32%. 

Nom-Nom Vs Ollie Vs The Farmer’s Dog (pros and cons)

Nom Nom fresh foodVery TastyHighly nutritious
Cooked in a restaurant-quality fashion
ExpensiveDelivery and customer service issues
OllieHigh-quality taste guaranteed to produce a “bowl-licking” experience
Up to 4 different recipes
Meats used in production are of high quality, only sourced in the US and Australia
More expensive
Customer service issuesDelivery takes time
The Farmer’s DogHigh-quality taste
Plenty protein
Most expensive
Only 3 recipes are available
A subscription is necessary to place an order

Best Brand For Human-Grade Dry Food

The Honest Kitchen

This company is well known for its dry dog food, and its products are all made with natural, human-grade ingredients like meat, fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables. 

One notable thing about this brand is that they make their foods in human-grade facilities. Not all pet foods that claim to be human grade are made in human-grade facilities like those of this brand. 


1. 100% human grade food

2. Made in human-grade facilities

3. FDA approved

4. Foods are dehydrated (not cooked) so they retain most of their nutritional integrity

5. Several recipes available, each packed with proteins and vital nutrients


1. Since food is not cooked (only dehydrated), it may cause digestion problems when eaten by humans

2. Taste isn’t so great 

Final Notes

So there you have it, these are the choice dog foods for your human taste buds. 

Whether you are tasting these foods to encourage your dog to eat, or you’re just curious to know what dog food actually tastes like, or you just want to cut costs and eat pet food, these brands surely won’t disappoint you. 

The fresh ones are more advisable because you can point out any preferences you’ll like in the food, as well as any ingredient you’re allergic to, and many other things. But you won’t have this liberty when it comes to the dry food, cause what you see is what you get. 

These foods are sure to taste good. At the very most, you’ll only need to add a little more salt, since these foods are made with very low, or no salt content (this is because salt isn’t very good for animals).

But other than that you’re sure to have a good time both taste-wise and nutrition-wise. 

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