Best Dog Clippers For Poodles

Trimming the fur of dogs is something that has become a common practice, especially when it comes to dogs that don’t shed their fur. Although some owners may just do trimming to make their dog appear more adorable, there are many ideal reasons to trim a dog’s fur. For one, it helps dogs through heat waves or hot weather conditions (as they might get very uncomfortable from the heat), and it also makes it easier to check for lice, ticks, and other parasites that love hiding in the fur of dogs. 

Poodles have special fur (very thick and long, with no shedding) and as such need special clippers that will do the job without fail. As much as you would like to get a trusted clipper that will do the work of grooming your poodle without any issues or letdowns, there are still some factors that you should consider in your decision.

How Long Is The Fur

How Long Is The Fur

In purchasing a clipper for trimming your dog, you have to consider the length of the dog’s fur. This will determine if you are to go for a clipper with short blades or a clipper with long blades, or even scissors. Some good clippers, however, come with a combination of different size guards and even scissors. To be on the safer side, it is advisable to go for multifunctional dog clippers that come with extra necessities (combs, oil, scissors, extra blades), especially when dealing with poodles. This is because most times you may need to use a scissor to cut down the fur first, before going ahead to shave.


From $20 to $250 and above, dog clippers come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. So you may want to consider your budget before going for the trending poodle clipper you saw online. There are several clippers at different price ranges that will still give you a good result, so go for the clipper you can afford. 

However, it is still advisable to go for a high-quality set of clippers and blades, as these are guaranteed to last longer than the more economical products and save you money in the long run. 

The Top Pick (Best Clipper For Poodles)

Oneisall Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric Shaver Clippers

With over 48,000 reviews on Amazon alone and a user rating of 4.5, this clipper is the number one pick for poodle owners all over. Its outstanding performance, multifunctionality, durability, and positive reviews have earned it Amazon’s No.1 choice for poodle clippers. And the best part is that it goes for an affordable rate of $33. 

Why You Should Pick This

Multi guard combs and scissors

This clipper comes with 6 detachable guard combs of different sizes (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm) to suit your poodle’s hair length. Furthermore, there’s a scissor just in case you may need to cut the poodle hair before shaving. With this kind of versatility, you don’t need to worry about additional scissors or combs. You get an all-in-one package. 

Safe, Sharp, And Detachable Blades

This clipper consists of a stainless steel blade and a ceramic blade (for improved safety), so you can be sure that there’s little chance of cutting your dog’s skin in the process of shaving. The blades are very sharp to provide an awesome cutting performance and are also guaranteed to last long. What’s more, they are detachable, meaning you can easily remove, clean, or change your blades with no hassle. 

Ultra-quiet, With Low Vibration

One thing that can upset dogs and make them shy away from shaving is the sound and vibrations that clippers make when in use. Some dogs may even get scared and run away amidst shaving. But with the Oneisall clipper, you are guaranteed that your pet will have no cause for alarm, and will even enjoy the shaving process. This is because the clipper makes very low noise and vibration during operation (50 decibels).

Wireless And Rechargeable

Outdoors or indoors, power and no power, it doesn’t matter when you have this clipper. Its built-in battery makes it versatile. You can simply change it and use it later or even use it while charging. 

Affordable Price

Compared to some other clippers that claim to do the same job, the one is all clipper is the best option when it comes to affordability. At 33 dollars, it doesn’t just come as a standalone clipper with excellent features but also has combs and scissors as part of the package. Several other clippers do not come with these extra accessories, and yet you may be startled to see how outrageous their prices are compared to the overall clipper. The funny thing is that the quality of some of these high-priced clippers may be frail in comparison to this one. So if you want the best buy for your money, then go for this clipper. 

Adjustable Blade Distance

The one is all clipper is equipped with an adjustable blade distance. You can set the distance between blades to be 0.8, 1.1, 1.4, 1.7, or 2.0, depending on how you want to shave your poodle. This is one feature that distinguishes the overall clipper from others of the same category. You can always adjust the blade distance to suit your needs. All you have to do is rotate the black knob. 

Tested And Trusted (Even By Amazon)

If you are one of those people who like to purchase products that have only been verified and certified ‘OK’ by others, then you have nothing to fear with this clipper. Since it started selling in 2016, the clipper has sold thousands of pieces and has over 40,000 reviews on Amazon, and is rated about 4.5 out of 5 stars. What’s more, this clipper has been labeled Amazon’s choice for shaving poodles. So even if you don’t trust user reviews, you can trust Amazon when they tell you that this is the best clipper for shaving your poodle. 

5 Star User Reviews

Check out some testimonies of users from the U.S, as reviewed on Amazon

“These clippers are amazing! My dog is a Markie (Yorkshire terrier/Maltese). His hair is really fine and resembles human-like hair. Every clipper we used will not cut. But these, they cut like nothing. We didn’t even need the guards on it………..” Sara (Jan 11, 2019)

“Really quiet and really powerful!” Maria Lynn (June 17, 2017)

“I love this clipper!!…….” tH (Feb. 5, 2019

There are several thousands of 5-star reviews of this product. You can check it out for yourself on Amazon. From these reviews, you can tell that the oneisall clipper is not just the best choice for your poodle, but can also do wonders when used for other dog breeds or even cats. So when you purchase one of these clippers, what you’re getting is actually multiple packages in one. Read these reviews, at least you’ll hear from the horse’s mouth, to confirm the quality of this product. 

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Star RatingPercentage Of Users
5 Star74%
4 Star15%
3 Star5%
2 Star2%
1 Star3%

Total overall rating – 4.5 out of 5

General Product Details

Weight1.28 pounds
Date first availableJune 30, 2016
Battery TypeLithium-ion battery
Charge Time80 minutes
Run time80 minutes
Rating4.5 (49,000 reviews)

Other Top Picks

Andis Pro Clip 2-speed Detachable Blade Professional Dog Hair Clippers

Coming from a company that is one of the most well-known brands for dog grooming, these clippers (best for poodles and golden doodles) are quiet and effective, featuring about 120 volts. It gives the perfect cut for thick poodle coats and also features a detachable blade design. 

The clipper also features a two-speed rotary performance motor, so you can adjust the motor speed to give your dog professional grooming. It is powered by a 14-inch heavy-duty cord and has a comfortable handle which aids maneuverability. It is an excellent choice for poodles and golden doodles. 


It Is A Quiet Dog Clipper: The Andis Pro clip operates with low noise and vibration. The higher motor speed gives off more sound and vibrations than the lower motor speed. But even at either speed, the sound is still very low and tolerable for dogs.

Equipped With Adjustable 2-Speed Rotary Motor For Better Performance: Want faster cutting? Simply switch to a higher speed. These adjustable speeds make for a more professional shave, as certain dog body parts may be best suited for low motor speeds.

Highly Reputable Brand Name For Dog Clippers: If you are a dog owner or pet groomer, you must have probably heard the name “Andis”. With over 10 years in the business, this brand has carved out a name for itself in the world of dog grooming. 

Popularly Used By Professional Dog Groomers: Due to its good reputation, the Andis brand of clippers is popular among professional dog groomers.

Detachable Blades: The Andis detachable clipper blades make for easy cleaning and maintenance. 


1. No provision for batteries, so it can only be used when it is connected to a power source.

2. No additional accessories (combs, scissors, brush, etc are not part of the package).

General Description

Name Andis Pro clip 2-speed detachable blade professional dog hair clippers
Date first availableSept. 9, 2003
Rating4.5 out of 5 stars (3549 reviews)
Weight2 pounds

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Pet Clippers

Coming from another popular brand in the world of dog grooming, this Wahl Animal Bravura Clipper combines power and durability. The clipper comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, that charges to full capacity in just one hour. At only 8.8 ounces, this clipper is extremely lightweight and very comfortable to handle and maneuver during grooming. Its easy-to-grip handle and cordless design, make it extremely flexible during shaving. 

The amazing thing about these Wahl Bravura clippers is that they come with 5-in-one blades (#9, #10, #15, #30, #40) that can be adjusted to different cutting lengths. As if that weren’t enough, this clipper also comes with 6 plastic guide combs, a cleaning brush, an instruction manual, a charger and charge stand, a soft storage case, and blade oils, all in one package. These accessories are very vital for every dog groomer, and it makes the Wahl Animal Bravura Clippers one of the best deals out there. 


Fast Charging: The Wahl Bravura charges to full capacity in only 1 hour. This is very impressive, considering the fact that it has a total runtime of about 120 minutes after a full charge. 

Cordless Design With Lithium-ion Battery: One thing that really favors maneuverability in clippers, its cordless design. Nothing is more annoying than having to position your clipper in certain ways, to make allowance for the cord. The Wahl clipper’s cordless design makes it an easy-to-use clipper, and what’s more, it has a lithium-ion battery, guaranteed to last a long time. You can connect the charger and use it while charging it, or charge it first, and then use it later. 

5-in-one Blades With Multiple Sizes And Adjustable Lengths: This clipper comes with something you’ll hardly see in other clippers – A 5-in-one blade system. You can be sure that the cutting experience you’ll get from it will be one of a kind. 

Lightweight And Excellent Maneuverability: The fantastic cordless design, the lightweight nature of this clipper, and its comfortable handle make it a champion when it comes to ease-of-handling/maneuverability. 

Several Additional Accessories: Very few clippers out there will boast of combs, a cleaning brush, an instruction manual, a charger, a charging stand, a soft storage case, and blade oils. This clipper beats hundreds of others when it comes down to accompanying accessories.

Automatic Speed Control: No need for 2-speed motor control. The Wahl clipper is smart enough to automatically increase speed and torque in tough areas and, and reduce it when shaving delicate parts too. 


1. The Wahl Bravura Clipper may be too small or too light for some users

2. Price may be too high for some users

3. No detachable blades

General Product Description

ManufacturerWahl Clipper Group
NameWahl Professional Animal Bravura Pet Clippers
Rating4.7 out of 5 stars (2892 reviews)
Date first availableOctober 19, 2012
Weight8.8 ounces

Oster Golden Two-speed Grooming Clippers

This clipper boasts a 2-speed motor, with the high motor setting at 2,700SPM and the low setting at 2,100SPM. The lower speed offers greater precision and quieter operation (best for trimming sensitive areas like eyes), while the high-speed releases maximum power to enable faster trims (best for full-body shave downs).  It also has very low noise and vibration levels compared to most other dog clippers.

One phenomenal thing about this clipper though is its unbreakable and chew-proof body/casing. The Oster Golden Two-speed Clippers are made with materials that make it very very difficult to break, whether they get smashed or get chewed on by aggressive dogs. So you are guaranteed its durability. 

This clipper also comes with detachable cryogenic #10 blades, and the clipper is made in such a way that it is also compatible with other Oster A5 detachable blades you may have, or you may buy in the future. 


Two Speed Motor: Oster Golden’s two-speed motor makes more allowance for precision shaving. Simply increase the speed and cutting power as you wish, to match the area or part of your dog being shaved. 

Low Noise And Vibration Levels: Noise and vibrations are very minimal with this clipper, and so you can be sure of a hitch-free shaving session.

Detachable Blades: The Oster Golden clipper offers detachable blades, so you can clean, maintain and replace them more easily. 

Highly Durable And Unbreakable Body: Let it get smashed on the floor, or let it get chewed upon by your dog during a shave, this clipper will still come out undamaged. Made from rare materials, this Oster clipper won’t break from situations or circumstances that would’ve damaged other clippers. If you want a long-lasting, unbreakable clipper, then you’ve found the right choice. 

Made In The U.S: If you can’t trust the quality of products from other countries, at least you can be sure of products from the U.S. This clipper is a U.S product. As if this weren’t enough, this clipper also comes with a 1-year warranty. 


1. It only comes with a #10 blade

2. It has no provision for batteries

3. It doesn’t come with any additional accessories like scissors, brush, combs, etc.

4. Very poor maneuverability

General Product Description

ManufacturerJarden Consumer Solutions
NameOster Golden Two-speed Grooming Clippers
Weight2 pounds
Date first availableDecember 7, 2003
Rating4.4 out of 5 stars

Comparison Of All For Top Picks

Feature/PropertyOneisall ClippersAndis ProclipWahl Animal BravuraOster Golden Clippers
Rating (Amazon)4.5 (49,000 reviews)4.5 (3549 reviews)4.7 (2892 reviews)4.4 (1708 reviews)
Weight1.28 pounds2 pounds0.55 pounds2 pounds
Runtime80 minutesNull120 minutesNull
Charge time80 minutesNull60 minutesNull
Detachable bladesYesYesNoYes
2-speed motorNoYesNo (automatic speed)Yes
Cordless designYesNoYesNo 
Additional accessoriesYesNoYesNo
Low noise and vibrationsYesYesYesYes
Adjustable blade distanceYesNoYesNo

Tips For Excellent Grooming

Don’t ever start shaving your pet without first bathing and drying their coat. Also, inspect the skin for any sign of cuts or lumps, and remember to oil your blades before and after using them (this will help prevent cuts while shaving, and also extend blade life). Take care while shaving your dog, and try to make the skin/fur surface smooth, to reduce the chances of cutting your dog’s skin.

Final Notes

Grooming poodles is a must-do, to keep them in a comfortable and presentable condition. The truth is that ideally, these lovely adorable dogs have to be groomed every 7 to 10 weeks, for them to maintain their adorable looks and stay comfortable. Poodles don’t shed, so their owners have to take it upon themselves to trim their coats from time to time. Taking your poodles to professional dog trimmers every time may leave a dent in your pocket, so the wiser choice is to purchase a clipper and use it to shave your poodle yourself.

Of course, you won’t want to run into the problem of getting stranded while shaving your dog because of a faulty or ineffective clipper. That’s why we’ve handpicked the best poodle clippers and presented them to you in this article. Each clipper reviewed here is guaranteed to do a superb job. However, your choice may vary depending on your budget, your preferred brand, the versatility of the clipper, and other personal factors. 

But be rest assured that whichever one you pick, you and your poodle will surely enjoy the shaving experience.

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